The 1986 Pontiac Firebird, Firebird S/E & Trans Am


White Trans Am

TA Interior
Randy Gaster's white Trans Am has 70,00 original miles on it and in his own words is immaculate inside and out. The car was bought from the original owner a year ago. The car has the optional WS6 package with 16" tires and aluminum rims. It also comes with 5-speed and the 305 (5.0L) HO engine. This engine was discontinued early in the production run due to fuel boiling problems. Because of this only 26 86' TAs received this power plant making Randy's TA a pretty rare car. A 1 of 26. The car is completely stock and according to Randy a very powerful car for a 3rd gen TA. Randy is a veritable Firebird buff having owned 6 2nd gen TAs and 7 3rd gens. Wow that's a lot of cars. He hopes to pick up a 96' Blackbird next.



Black Trans Am (63185 bytes)

Black Trans Am (74183 bytes)

Black Trans Am (51115 bytes)

Carmine Red Interior (54048 bytes)

Black Trans Am (51126 bytes)
Wayne Peters owns this award winning Trans Am. Wayne writes:

     "My car is 100% stock and original including paint. This past year (1999) I took 2nd place at the Trans Am Nationals in "D" stock (82-92) class and 1st place in the Trans Am class (TA-3) at the AMES Pontiac Nationals in Norwalk, OH.
The car has 23K miles and I bought the car new at Axelrod Pontiac in Parma, OH (Cleveland Suburb) in January of 1986. It has the LB-9 305 (TPI), the 700R-4 trans, WS6 suspension package, T-Tops, air conditioning, power windows/locks, tilt wheel, AM/FM cassette, power hatch release, deluxe cloth interior, factory body side molding and GM floor mats. The factory black finish is flawless, as is the Dark Carmine interior. The car is only driven to local shows and cruise-ins and the Nationals in Dayton."

Current Awards:

  • 1999 Trans Am Nationals 2nd Place Stock Class D (82-92)
  • 2000 Trans Am Nationals 2nd Place Stock Class D (82-92)
  • 2004 Trans Am Nationals 2nd Place Stock Class D (82-92)
  • 2001 Ames Pontiac Nationals 1st place Stock Class T/A-3 (82-92)
  • 2003 Ames Pontiac Nationals 2nd place Stock Class T/A-3
  • 2004 Ames Pontiac Nationals 1st Place Stock Class T/A-3
  • 2005 Ames Pontiac Nationals 1st Place Stock Class T/A-3
  • 2006 Ames Pontiac Nationals 2nd Place Stock Class T/A-3
  • 2007 Ames Pontiac Nationals 2nd Place Stock Class T/A-3
  • 1st Annual Pontiac-Buick-Olds SuperNationals 2nd Place in 3rd Gen Firebird Class
  • 2006 Summit Racing Buick, Pontiac, Olds SuperNationals Top 30
  • 2007 Summit Racing Buick, Pontiac, Olds SuperNationals Top 40
  • 2005 Great Lakes Regional Firebird Gathering 2nd Place Stock 3rd Gen
  • 2006 Great Lakes Regional Firebird Gathering 1st Place Stock 3rd Gen

Current Mods:
SLP "Ram Air" air box w/ K&N filter (swapped for the stock box for stock class competition)
TPIS modified mass air sensor
TPIS  throttle body airfoil
TPIS Ported stock plenum
TPIS adjustable fuel pressure regulator
TPIS blue printed fuel injectors
TPIS Plug wires
Bosch plugs
Hypertech performace chip w/ 160 degree thermostat
Flowmaster 3" cat back exhaust system (cat gutted) with stock exhaust tips

Wayne's Trans Am has also been featured in the May 2007 issue of High Performance Pontiac. The ad was titled "Takeout T/A" and is an incredible achievement for any Pontiac owner. Congrats!!!

E-mail: Wayne Peters



Grey Firebird A typical Firebird of this year model. The wheels are aluminum and were an option. Base model Firebirds got a rear wing spoiler, Rally II wheels, Radial Tuned Suspension, anew lower body paint scheme, new seat designs and a 2.5L engine.



Red Kammaback Proto-type

Red Kammaback Proto-type
This is the GTA Kammaback. It was a concept car where Pontiac tried to design a Firebird with a station wagon style rear extension. It obviously never saw production but the car does have some fans out there and actually is not a bad looking car with a whole lot of functionality. This car may have been developed in an effort to take care of the most basic problem with third generation F-Bodies; a lack of space in the back end.



86ta15.1.jpg (60246 bytes)

86ta15.2.jpg (35422 bytes)
This 5.7L T-Top Trans Am belongs to Courtney Barr. Courtney writes:

     "I bought this car in the summer of 1996 after my '84 Camaro was totaled by a drunk driver. But I must admit I lucked out on the deal, considering how much more I enjoy the Trans Am! I've always thought that the 3rd generation Trans Ams have a much more attractive body design than the Camaro, being much sleeker. The car is painted black with a white double pin-stripe and a gray and red lower body paint strip. The interior is black and gray. I've done a lot of work on the engine, with the help of my father, but I'm trying my hardest to keep this car in good shape. I love this Trans Am, and I've named it Black Sunshine. My car fits my personality perfectly, and I think the Trans Am is the only car I could ever drive. I got pulled over once, and I think the cop was very surprised to see a female at the wheel of this monster! (of course I didn't get a ticket)."



Bright Blue Firebird

Bright Blue Firebird

The Stereo!!
This award winning Firebird belongs to John Themack. John writes:

     "I bought my firebird in 1994. It looked pretty horrible considering it had almost no paint on it at all. But being a firebird fan I knew I could help her out. The first thing I did was paint it back to the original color except a little bit of metal flake in it. Then next a STEREO!!! I am a stereo fanatic. Most people on this website are more of the speed demons, but me I have to have the system instead. I dropped about $3000 in the system so far but I am always adding on. It consists of a Clarion CD head unit, a Punch 500 m, and punch 40.2 amps, 2 12" punch subwoofers, a Rockford Fosgate capacitor, a Clarion 920 equalizer, 2 Infinity Kappa 6x 9's, and 4x6 plate speakers, and a Stinger 150 amp alternator. After the stereo I had the windows tinted to 95%, added a solar wing on the rear window, Flowmaster exhaust, 16 x 7 inch polished aluminum five stars, and some fender trim on the outside. On the inside I haven't done much yet, but I plan to in the very near future. I plan on getting the seats done in diamond pleated leather, and I have a friend who does neon lighting and Plexiglas work. I also plan on getting some ground effects, and a nice hood to put on it. As for the motor I have done really nothing but a rebuild because personally, I wouldn't waste my money on a 2.8. If I had an 8 cylinder I would though. I plan on dropping in a 350 eventually but I want to work on the rest first. I have won some trophies here and there at local and regional competitions with my baby, but I mostly only compete in the stereo competitions. I love my bird though I most likely will never sell it."

E-mail: John Themack



24K Gold Trans Am (34643 bytes)

24K Gold Trans Am (45708 bytes)

24K Gold Trans Am (30969 bytes)

24K Gold Trans Am  (57133 bytes)

24K Gold Trans Am (80614 bytes)
This truly incredible Trans Am is owned by Eddie Bara. Eddie writes:

These are the current mods I have performed on my '86 Recaro Trans Am:

The car originally had the lg4 4bbl 305. I took out the motor in Jan 1991 along with the computer and all the wiring. In June of 1991 I installed a GM triple z crate motor 350 345hp. In the motor is 9.8:1 pistons, double roller timing chain, .235/.480 lift cam. Aluminum heads I polished and ported the intake and re-jetted the carb so its up around 360 hp. The carb is a Holley 750 vacuum secondary all 24k gold plated with chrome linkage. Sitting on top is a custom made air chrome air cleaned made by Advanced Plating in Nashville Tenn. The intake is triple chrome plated. All the intake bolts are 24k gold plated. The valve covers are 24k gold plated. The distributor hold down bolt and bracket is 24k gold plated. I have a clear distributor cap and a Accel hi energy coil. That and the rotor are painted pearl white and the rotor screws themselves are 24k gold plated. I have white Taylor 8mm. wires with white looms. All my pulleys are 24k gold plated and the bolts are chrome. The water pump is triple chrome plated with 24k gold bolts. The alternator is triple chrome plated with 24k gold bolts. Timing chain cover is chrome. The thermostat housing is 24k gold plated. My throttle return spring is 24k gold plated. All hoses are steel braded with gold anodized ends. The overflow and washer tanks were designed by me and I had them made out of aluminum and they're 24k gold plated with triple chrome plated caps. Radiator support is chrome plated with 24k gold screws. I installed a 3 core aluminum radiator. I redid every piece of black wire loom in gold wire loom. The underside of the hood and the drivers side of the firewall are done in 22ga.mirrored stainless polished to an actual mirror finish. All firewall screws, all fan blower screws, wiper screws, every screw you can imagine under the hood is 24k gold plated along with all the fender bolts. The oil pan is chrome and the tranny pan is chrome. All my shifting linkage is 24k gold plated. The starter is 24k gold plated. The torque converter cover is 24k gold plated.

The cross member is chrome and all those bolts are 24k gold plated. My front sway bar and sway bar links are 24k gold plated with triple chrome plated brackets and bolts. Cerami-coated aluminum headers going into true 2 1/4 in. dual exhaust with glass packs and that's all polished to a near chrome finish. Strut towers and bolts are 24k gold plated. The hood struts are 24k gold plated and chrome hood hinges and hardware. There's not a part under the hood that's not gold or chrome and most undercarriage is also done the same way.

All the screws in the door jams are 24k gold plated. In the interior I installed a Cyberdine digital dash. A B&M Mega shifter and that's all 24k gold plated and the center of the steering wheel is 24k gold plated. I also installed a custom radio. All the screws for the aero package and under the tee tops are 24k gold plated. The rear hatch strong arms are 24k gold plated and chrome bolts. The rear end cover is 24k gold plated with chrome bolts. The rims are from A.R.E.16x8 black mesh rims with Goodyear Gatorbacks. The valve stems are 24k gold plated. All the emblems were removed and airbrushed. I installed a Daytona turbo hood. Rear smoked tail light covers and 5% tinted windows. The rear window has the Trans Am Phoenix sand blasted and colored to match the car. All the work and designing was done by me, all the plating was done by Advanced plating in Nashville Tenn. All metal work by JY racing New Milford Conn. All airbrushing done by Jimmy Halpin of Colortrix. The car was assembled with TLC, taped wrenches, toilet paper, paper towels and 7 years of work.

Winner of the Trans Am Nationals heavy custom in 1992-93-95
Best of show in 1996
1996 English Town Camaro/Firebird vs. Mustang 1st place Best of show
1996-97 First and best of show at Faulkner Pontiac
Grand champion in 1997

E-mail: Eddie Bara



Flame Red Trans Am (69022 bytes)

Flame Red Trans Am  (64017 bytes)

Flame Red Trans Am (69695 bytes)

Engine (79370 bytes)

Engine (92807 bytes)
This Trans Am is one of three 3rd Gen TAs owned by Jeff Schick. Jeff writes:

    "My '86 Trans Am is my first TA. This car is completely stock and has no modifications. Although the odometer's pushing 228K miles (100K+ on second engine), I'm only the second owner. The original owner took great care of this car; drove it until the day he passed away. I bought it from his daughter with 223K miles on it. The car is flame red with a red and gray cloth interior. It has a carbureted 5.0L V8 with a 5 speed and t-tops. I really like the pre-GTA diamond spoke rims (don't know their part code). They seem to be uncommon on mid 80s TAs."

As I said this is one of three. The other two TAs he owns are:
1989 20th Anniversary Trans Am which can be seen at Anniversary Edition Trans Ams Lot#2
1990 GTA which can be seen at '90 Firebirds Lot#1



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