The 1990 Pontiac Firebird, Formula, Trans Am & GTA


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This Trans Am is one of three 3rd Gen TAs owned by Jeff Schick. Jeff writes:

     "I always wanted a "blackbird" Trans Am and I love late 80s TAs, so this is the one for me. I think the 1990 Trams Ams had the best of both third generation features: late 80s body style with 90s conveniences like an airbag and cup holders and redesigned dashboard switches. My GTA has the 5.7L V8 TPI engine with automatic transmission. Additionally, it has a black leather interior to match its black exterior. Its current modifications include a GM fit Pioneer CD player, K&N air filter, K&N filter charger and a Flowmaster exhaust system. I'm the third owner on this car, but it only has 84K on it."

As I said this is one of three. The other two TAs he owns are:
1986 Trans Am which can be seen at '86 Firebirds Lot#1
1989 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am which can be seen at Anniversary Edition Trans Ams Lot#3



Only the 2nd '90 TA to be added to the site, they seem to be pretty scarce. This was the last year for this version of th3 3rd gen body style. This TA is owned by Crystal Walther. Crystal writes:

     "Hi. This is the 4th Firebird/Trans Am that I have owned. It is a work in progress and has more problems than mods, but I love the car. I know it isn't the prettiest example of Trans Am's on your site, but this car has had it rough due to previous owner's and I hope you add it to your gallery just for the fact that it has survived being owned for years by someone who didn't appreciate it and two bad wrecks. Since the last time I emailed you I have added dual Flowmasters and found a new wing in perfect condition. I'm hoping that paint will be coming soon. Still having mechanical issues though....engine light stays on, speedo does not work unless light goes off and then car runs worse...go figure lol. It's being looked at this week but, I don't have the stock chip, so good luck to them figuring it out. The car is an AT, 305 car with nothing done right now other than the exhaust and chip. Thanks for putting my TA on your site."




I've been running this website since 1997 and this is only the 3rd 1990 TA I've ever been able to add. They are not necessarily rare in the sense of dollar value but they do seem to be rare in how many are out there. Ryan Wren owns this one:

     "Here is my 1990 Firebird Trans-Am, 5.0L 305 TPI Automatic, T-Tops, 132k on the original motor. I replaced the stock rims with 17" Boyd Coddington Smoothie II's, I have always wanted a F-Body so almost a year ago I starting looking seriously for one. Initially wanting a late 80's Camaro, this Bird popped up and what I believe to be a great deal I fell in love. Been my baby ever since. Go Pontiac!"



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