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'79 10th Anniversary Trans Am

'79 10th Anniversary Trans Am

Shot of the interior!

The Turbo Wheel!

A shot of the engine!
This 10th Anniversary Trans Am is owned by Don Hinton. Don writes:

     "I'm the 3rd owner of this silver bird. Its all original ,down to the Am/Fm 8-track Its completely stock under the hood. Only the driver's door and bucket seats have been replaced. This is the original paint and decals. The floor mats and T-Top covers look new. I've only owned the car for 4 months and it has 17,800 miles. Inside the trunk is the original space saver tire and inflator tank. I bought it from an 18 year old girl for $9,000 that was driving it to high school every day. This car doesn't belong at high school does it? Well after spending a couple a hundred dollars to clean it up, I might start showing it at local car shows!"
                                              Donald Hinton



20th Anniv. Turbo Trans Am (69173 bytes)

20th Anniv. Turbo Trans Am (59255 bytes)

20th Anniv. Turbo Trans Am (41903 bytes)

20th Anniv. Turbo Trans Am (49335 bytes)

Engine (94361 bytes)
This Trans Am is one of three 3rd Gen TAs owned by Jeff Schick. Jeff writes:

     "This car is my favorite Trans Am. Anyone who's ever driven one of these knows how fast it can go and how exhilarating it is to put the "pedal to the metal". My TTA is the most common leather/t-top combination. It is in currently in stock condition, but in the future I plan to polish the turbo shield and down pipe. It is in near showroom condition and has only 46K on it. Although I'm the third owner of it, the original owner had the Pontiac rust/paint/interior protection done when the car was brand new, so it should stay in great condition for decades to come."

As I said this is one of three. The other two TAs he owns are:
1986 Trans Am which can be seen at '86 Firebirds Lot#1
1990 GTA which can be seen at '90 Firebirds Lot#1



10th Anniversary Trans Am (44123 bytes)

This 10th Anniversary Edition Trans Am is owned by Douglas Cole. Douglas writes:

     "This is a picture of my 10th Anniversary Trans am, just after I purchased it in January, 1988. I found it sitting with four flat tires outside an office Building. When I confronted the owner about buying the car he said he pulled the car out of the building to build more office space. I ended up buying the car for $4,200. I am currently the 3rd owner of this car built in Van Nuys, California and sold in Elmhurst ILLINOIS. The car had 31,000 original miles on it when I bought it, and currently has just under 35,000. It is equipped with the 400 4sp Pontiac engine, and came with ALL the documentation including the window sticker, bill if sale, warranty info, and a brand new spare turbo wheel, still in the box." 

Douglas Cole

P.S. You have a great web site, I enjoyed looking at the cars you have featured, which is why I sent this picture. Its not the best photo of this car, but the best one I have scanned so far.



Silver 10th Anniv. Trans Am (54417 bytes)

Silver 10th Anniv. Trans Am (41071 bytes)

Silver 10th Anniv. Trans Am (58640 bytes)

Silver 10th Anniv. Trans Am (57755 bytes)

Silver 10th Anniv. Trans Am (65467 bytes)

Trans Am Territory participant!! (48688 bytes)
This 10th Anniversary Edition Trans Am is owned by Jim Clinton. Jim writes:

     "I have been looking on the net for good examples of original '79 silver Anniversary Trans Ams kept in pristine condition. It has been my good fortune to have acquired such a machine. I am very proud of her because she gets the looks from the very young as well as all in between when I take her out for her monthly exercise. To be honest, I worry more about the SUVs gliding through town and that someone will not be paying enough attention to me or my car. I do have a question for you. On the right side of my windshield I have a decal stating "Trans Am Territory participant". Can you give me more information regarding this decal?
     After buying the car I found the following to be incorrect: upper radiator hose and clamps, battery and tires (well I'm not sure). The foam filter on the air filter was totally dissolved and lying in the base of the air cleaner assembly. Also the power antenna will not display. I had a silver '79 TA years ago and I know the nylon/plastic cord breaks inside the antenna unit. The only maintenance I have done is changing the oil and having the A/C re-charged. They tell me at the dealership the shocks are leaking. I wish someone could rebuild those!! The car has 10,800 miles on it and drives solid"

Webmaster: I provided Jim the info he was looking for on the decal. If your curious about what the "Trans Am Territory" was read up over on '78 Firebirds Lot#3.



20th Anniv. Turbo TA (76841 bytes)

20th Anniv. Turbo TA (74030 bytes)

20th Anniv. Turbo TA (49633 bytes)

20th Anniv. Turbo TA (44706 bytes)

20th Anniv. Turbo TA (61442 bytes)
Dave Robinson owns this 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am. The pics were submitted by Chris Beckwith (son-in-law). Chris writes:

     "OK, technically this TA is not a Beckwith Bird. It is my father-in-law's, Dave Robinson of Hollidaysburg, PA. We found this awesome machine at a car show in Verona, PA in September 2000. Diane and I were going to sell our '87 Firebird and buy this, but the day we made the appointment to go see her and take her for a drive, Dave called and told us he could not get the 20th Anniversary TA off of his mind. We deferred to him if he wanted it, but we get first right of refusal if he ever wants to sell her!

The '89 20th Anniversary is the only TA ever fitted with a V6, but WHAT a V6! It is a modified Buick GNX powerplant. It has the larger turbo and intercooler from the GNX but it has the better-breathing heads of the 3800 Series II (FWD) V6. GM rated it at 250 horsepower (the Corvette was 265hp and no vehicle in GM's lineup can be rated higher), but dyno tests showed that it was about 301hp from the factory! It kept up with my 2000 Ram Air - and that was before Dave sent her to the local GNX wizard in Huntingdon, PA for tweaking. Now she is a beast.

The TTA was based upon the GTA - with white exterior, 20th Anniversary, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and TURBO TRANS AM cloisonné badging, specific windshield and door striping kit, tan leather interior, gold interlace wheels, WS6 performance handling package and dual-dual exhaust tips. If you have ever challenged a third gen white Trans Am and been smoked (to your great surprise), it was probably a TTA!"

Chris and Diane Beckwith are big Firebird fans and host their own Firebird site entitled: Mr. Ram Air's Website
They own three Firebirds themselves that can be seen here at the Gallery:
1979 Trans Am located in '79 Trans Ams Lot#4
1987 Firebird located in '87 Trans Ams Lot#1
2000 Ram Air Trans Am located in '00 Trans Ams Lot#1



Silver 10th Anniv. TA (160521 bytes)

Silver 10th Anniv. TA (172008 bytes)

Silver 10th Anniv. TA (172652 bytes)

Silver 10th Anniv. TA (148946 bytes)
Tim Keon owns this immaculate 10th Anniversary Trans Am. Tim writes:

     "Great web site! I bought this car from Volo Auto Museum and had it shipped to Florida. This is my second 400 4spd and this one is by far the more mint of the two. It has 23k original miles and has been kept in pristine condition. The previous owner had professionally repainted some of the car due to fading paint. Aside from that and the standard consumable replacements such as plugs, belts and shocks, this thing is 100% original down to the 8-track."

Tim Keon
Clermont, FL



Silver '79 Trans Am (136846 bytes)

Silver '79 Trans Am (116829 bytes)

Silver '79 Trans Am (152466 bytes)

Silver '79 Trans Am (111600 bytes)

Silver '79 Trans Am (121694 bytes)
I was very surprised to receive this addition to the site. I know National Coach Engineering did most of their conversions from '79 to '81 but the thought they may have done one of the Anniversary TAs never crossed my mind. Here we have one though in the flesh so to speak. This is a very rare and unique Trans Am. Not only is it one of the Special Edition 10th Anniversary Trans Ams, this one also underwent a conversion by National Coach Engineering to a convertible. Very few 2nd gen convertibles were made and of those many there's not telling how many were '79 Anniversary TAs. This may be the only one. Graeme Annetts from the UK owns this one and writes:

     "Hi there, not sure what area my Firebird should go. I will leave it to you guys so here goes. Its a genuine 1979 10th Anniversay T/A, 100% stock. I got it earlier this year from a friend who had it for 17 years; but it has sat in his garage for the last 12 years. It has the 403 motor with 44,000 miles on it. With the car I got the build sheet, owners hand book,  and various service/warranty papers. Most importantly I got the air freight invoice from California to Michigan to National Coach Engineering for the roof conversion. I have searched the net many times for information on these conversions and your site is about the only one with N.C.E on it. I would like you to add my T/A and my e-mail to your site. I live in the UK, there are many f-bodies around but not enough web sites. I hope you find my T/A interesting and I look forward to seeing it on your Firebird Gallery."

E-mail: Graeme Annetts

Previous to this addition the most sections one car qualified for on the site was two. The record is now three. You can see this one here as well as the International Lots and the National Coach Engineering Lots.



94ta19.1.jpg (240030 bytes)

94ta19.2.jpg (149100 bytes)

94ta19.3.jpg (220413 bytes)

94ta19.4.jpg (232801 bytes)

94ta19.5.jpg (268295 bytes)
This incredible looking 25th Anniversary was recently sold. It is #1736 and one of only 250 25th Anniversary convertibles built. Current equipment at time of sale is listed below:

The complete Factory GM Ram Air hood and Airbox and K&N air filter
17x9.5 Fiske FM/10 wheels with Goodyear P275/40ZR17 Eagle F1 GS tires
Borla Stainless Cat-Back exhaust system
Lingenfelter CNC Ported heads
Comp Cams Stainless Roller Rocker Arms (1.5 ratio)
Lingenfelter LT1 ported & polished intake
Lingenfelter Hydraulic Roller cam and lifters
JET HOT Coated 1 3/4" SLP Shorty Headers
Throttle body airfoil
Accel 300+ Ignition
160 Thermostat
March Under sized crank and oversize Alternator pulleys
GM Factory aluminum drive shaft
GM 3.42 gears.




White '99 30th Trans Am (90,348 bytes)

White '99 30th Trans Am (83,588 bytes)

White '99 30th Trans Am (91,382 bytes)

White '99 30th Trans Am (64,141 bytes)

White '99 30th Trans Am (70,964 bytes)

White '99 30th Trans Am (127,714 bytes)
A.J. Mitchell owns this beautiful 30th Anniversary Trans Am. AJ took a tour around the US on one really long rode trip and sent me some truly incredible pictures. About 30 of them actually and it was extremely difficult picking out just 6 of them for display here. If you'd like to see more of them just send AJ an e-mail and I'm sure he'd be glad to send them to you. If you like Firebirds with scenic backdrops you won't be disappointed. AJ writes:

                                                      About Time

   My Name is A.J. Mitchell, I'm From Auburn Alabama, now residing in Rochester NY. Everyone has been asking me to show my 30th Anniversary Trans Am. You see, its not quite like all the others, it's a little more beautiful. Once, passing another 30th owner, in Auburn I watched as his mouth dropped and drooled. The pictures will explain why one young child even offered me a date with his mother in return for a ride. That's still the best comment I've had to date I must say.
   I like to travel and during the Summer of 2002, I took a US tour. NY to Chicago, Chicago to the Pacific Ocean,  the Pacific Ocean to The Gulf of Mexico, The Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean and Back To Rochester.
I visited many National Parks, but Monument Valley in Utah was the best. Everyone I met was very nice and everyone as usual just loved the car. Besides the few engine modifications I've done, of which it really didn't need any, I have the perfect matching license plate and name. After $500 and 2 disappointed muffler shop tries, I finally had to design my own custom 'Y' pipes for the Blue 3" Muffler Tips. Other custom designed items created include: hidden blue neon lighting, custom blue, white, red and orange "reflective" decals, labels and logos on the windshields, sides, rear and front license plate cover & frame.
   These are just some of the added innovations that make this Trans Am stand out from all the others, day or night.  Yes, it also has Cool Blue headlight, high and low beams. If you like the pictures, drop me a line at

 P.S. Chewalka is another spelling for Chewacla , Chewacla National Park In Auburn Alabama...

                                      Well, So Much for that, here It is
                                      1999 30th Anniversary Trans Am
                                           Serial No. Number 1585