The 1986 Pontiac Firebird, Firebird S/E & Trans Am


Lime Green Trans Am (108197 bytes)

Lime Green Trans Am (112627 bytes)

Lime Green Trans Am (107924 bytes)

Lime Green Trans Am (94526 bytes)

Lime Green Trans Am (102705 bytes)
Keith Wasson owns this incredible Trans Am. As you can see he likes to drive it as much as show it. Keith writes:

     "This is my '86 Trans Am. I've got tons of money in it. I took the factory 305HO out and dropped in a 355c.i. around 450hp with 5:56 gears and a 250hp NOS. The motor has 202 head's, full rollers, 13.5:1 compression, Keith Black piston's and some more goodies. The tranny is a 350 turbo trans with a 3 stage shift kit, ladder bar's, 3" duals with no mufflers right to the back. It's pretty barky. The color is a Dodge 1970 lime green called Mean Green. The fastest 1/4 time is 9.88 at 155mph with slick's and open headers."



Keith Wasson



Black Trans Am (32,751 bytes)

Black Trans Am (44,154 bytes)

Black Trans Am (32,551 bytes)

Black Trans Am (31,886 bytes)
Frankie owns this black Trans Am that has been saved from death by junkyard. Frankie writes:

     "This is my 1986 Firebird Trans Am. My dad bought me this car from a guy for $100. It needed a lot of work. So I started working on it the summer before I turned 16. Here are some pics from when we first got it.

   I have currently got it looking pretty good. Some people thought I wouldn't be able to save it. But I knew this car needed a second chance. It has a 5.0 305HO in it that runs really strong still. I now drive it everyday and don't have any problems with it. It has a new paint job and I have got new wheels for it that I have not put on yet. Here are some pics after the paint job. So far I think it has come along way. In the near future I will be adding:

Eagle Alloy 16" rims.
Stereo system with 2 10" JL W6's
New interior ( all grey )
Flow Masters
SLP loud mouth
And other motors parts to make it fast

   I plan on having fun building my Trans Am and I will send new pics when I add something. Thanks Frankie

This site is awesome. TA's never Die"



Maroon Trans Am (64,103 bytes) This Trans Am is owned by Troy. Troy writes:

    "Here it is everyone, this is not the car I was looking for, but is the car that caught my eye on that fateful day! I work at a new car dealership and behind us we have an interior trim shop that we do a lot of business with. To make a long story short, the trim shop was doing work on a '77 Bandit edition T/A that I was interested in and never saw the '86 our dealer took on trade till the next day. When I did finally see the '86 I had no great interest until I was aware that it was a manual trans car. It was then that I found out that it was a 1 owner car with a little over 32,000 original miles. I had a long talk with the original owner, and he was very honest and helpful as to the cars heritage.
Well I'm the proud second owner of her and still don't know much about 3rd generation cars but I will learn, that is how I found this site!! and a great one it is. I'm still looking for a "bandit car" if anyone has one for sale at a realistic price for a real car. I know the value of these cars and I'm not looking to "steal " one, but I am looking for a fair deal."

Thanks Troy
E-mail: Troy



Don Stojakovich owns this beautiful '86 Trans Am. Don writes:

     "My name is Don Stojakovich. I live in White Oak, PA. I have had the car since 1987, its never seen rain or snow. The wiper arms have been off since 1990. We have done a few minor changes like adding a Hypertech Stage II chip, low stat, air foil, wires, Flowmaster exhaust with converter removed, 3" pipe all the way back, and maybe a surprise or two, that I will not say. I just have to say that the car has been good to me and I keep it going in the memory of my wife. Next step I think is going to be changing the gears maybe? Thanks again."




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