The 1985 Pontiac Firebird, Firebird S/E & Trans Am



Jeff Kline owns this Ram Air Trans Am. Jeff writes:

     "Hi, this is my 1985 Trans Am. Equipped with a 305TPI and 700R4. In the current configuration the car ran a best of 15.25 @ 87.68 mph and a 60 ft time of 2.077. The car has 52xxx miles on it and no winters. I am the second owner of the car. The car is mostly stock but I am changing it little by little. It was ordered without the usual power accessories like power locks, power windows, power seats and power mirrors. The car has A/C and was ordered with the UQ7 speaker with subwoofer package and a locking gas cap door. The car has an ASCD Ram Air 2 hood, functional ram air kit, TB bypass, 160 thermostat, Hypertech Chip, BMR Extreme adjustable LCA's, BMR adj. Panhard Bar, Eibach Sportline springs, BMR bolt in LCA relocation mounts, and a Chrysler 8 3/4 rear end with 4.10 gears. My grandfather and I put the Chrysler rear end in the car over the summer of 03. I am planning to put a ZZ430hp crate engine in and a modified 700R4."


Jeff if you see this, please contact me. I do not have a current e-mail address for you.



Aaron Taylor owns this Trans Am. Not a common color and I think its great looking on this car. Aaron writes:

     "This is a garage kept, three owner, 1985 5.0 Tuned Port Injection Trans Am with 67, 797 original miles. This vehicle was special ordered from Culiver’s Pontiac in Phoenix AZ by my father in 85, it was sold to my uncle in 1995 and I bought it from him in 2001. Therefore, I know the entire history of this vehicle as I have been in or around it from the day we brought it home. The colors of this vehicle are unique and you won’t see many like it, GM literature from 85 labels the upper color as “Copper metallic” and the lower as “light brown metallic”, I have also seen them referenced as “Russet Metallic” and “Light Chestnut Metallic”.
It features the Recaro seats and interior in a two tone buckskin tan and charcoal grey. It is equipped with the “Performance Sound” AM/FM/Tape stereo with equalizer, power everything: mirrors, locks, windows and hatch release, it also has every courtesy light available, and the interior sound deadening package. As the only option available for the TPI in 85 was the auto it is equipped with the 700-R4, it also has the WS6 suspension package with four wheel disk brakes and the hard to find Borg Warner “Australian” 9 bolt Posi. Rear-end with 3.45 gears.

This vehicle has also been somewhat modified, these include:
1987 snorkel assembly, MAF sensor screens removed, throttle body airfoil, ported 87 center bolt 305 cylinder heads, Comp Cams roller rockers, cam, and valve train, Flowmaster 80 series muffler, GM Performance shift kit with kick-down override, CMS panhard bar, GM engine oil cooler, transmission cooler, 87 dual cooling fans with manual override switches installed in the center console, an OEM 160 MPH speedometer, and a custom PROM. A word about the PROM, this is not your run of the mill “aftermarket chip”. This is a custom one-off written for this vehicle at GM by a GM engineer and is part of the unique history of this vehicle. I still have all original literature with this vehicle such as, the original owner’s manual, window sticker, and RPO code sticker. I even have a few binders labeled “GM Confidential” that made it out of Detroit documenting the specifics of the EPROM and its effect on engine management."



Red Trans Am

Red Trans Am

Red Trans Am
Amber Ridenour owns this awesome red Trans Am. Amber writes:

    "My car is a 1985 Firebird Trans Am it has a V8 and is fuel injected. It has T-Tops, a tinted rear windshield, a new paint job and also has wide rear tires and dual exhaust.  I can't think of anything else right now but if there is anything else you want to know feel free to ask : ). I also have a 6-disk CD changer w/ 10 inch sub woofers in the trunk along with 2 amps and a cross-over (not pictured). I bought the car in Osage Beach, MO for 4,000 dollars (system included). I consider myself lucky that I got the car for such a good price."



James Brake owns this recently restored '85 Trans Am. James writes:

     "This car was tore down to the bare shell and repainted inside and out. The engine bay was painted and then the TPI 350 was installed. All wiring dash misc parts were removed. When it was time to reassemble the car, all new carpet was bought, and the dash and wiring was installed front to rear from an '89 TA. The interior was swapped from grey to black and the new head liner was re-covered with new material. Black GTA Ultima seats were also installed and they work. The grey console, radio pod, e-brake handle and shifter handle were professionally dyed black. The interior is near mint and the car is 100% rust free."

Restoration Details:
Complete color change inside and out
Custom Kandy Brandi Wine paint, w/ airbrushed bird on the hood
5.7l TPI
New MAF sensor
3" Catback with a Flowmaster and high flow cat
Entire drive train from an '89 TA, including dash and all wiring
Dual fans
Quick ratio gear box
New struts and shocks
Tubular LCA's
Mint T-Top bag
OEM rear cargo door
36mm front sway bar and 24mm rear
3:27 PBR posi disc from an '89 formula
New black carpet and custom floor mats with the phoenix on them
Recovered headliner and T-Top shades
Black GTA seats
Charcoal GTA wheels with new 245/50-16 General Exclaim tires
New T-Top seals
New door seals
New hatch seal


Black Trans Am (38215 bytes)

Black Trans Am (39959 bytes)

Black Trans Am (31175 bytes)

Interior (43477 bytes)

Engine (58902 bytes)
Kevin Ennis owns this black Trans Am. Kevin writes:

     "My name is Kevin. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is my toy. I purchased it April '99 for $3800. It had 115,000 miles on it, but runs like a top. It doesn't burn or leak any oil, gets pretty decent mileage if I lay off it. It's hard, because this car has an extremely tall 1st gear and it's unbelievable off the line. At 75 it's just loping along at about 2100 RPM in OD!
Among the new items when I bought it: Tires, brakes, all four brake rotors, shocks, struts, springs, paint, starter, MAF Sensor. What I've replaced since buying it: Alternator, battery, radiator, master cylinder, HL switch, tail light bulbs, w/washer pump."

Engine: 305 Tuned Port Injection, Bone Stock

Tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE910 245 50R16

Wheels: Stock Trans Am "Snowflake" Alum. Alloy 9.5"

Transmission: 3-Spd. Auto. w/lock-up and OD

Engine: 305 Tuned Port Injection, Bone Stock

Tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE910 245 50R16

Wheels: Stock Trans Am "Snowflake" Alum. Alloy 9.5"

Transmission: 3-Spd. Auto. w/lock-up and OD   



Red Firebird (47828 bytes)

Red Firebird (41994 bytes)

Red Firebird (40370 bytes)

Red Firebird (19213 bytes)
Blair owns this bright red Firebird. Blair writes:

     "Hi my name is Blair, I'm 28 and I am the proud owner of this Firebird. I purchased the car in Aug of 1999, I've always wanted a firebird or decent Camaro and this car was the best bang for the buck that I could find.  I got a mechanic to look it over and it's a solid car with a strong engine. My bird of fire has 238000 kms on it now, 20000 kms I put on myself during the last year. This car has been extremely reliable at turning heads and getting me to work in style. This Firebird features a Powerful V-8 305 Engine, it's a 5 Speed stick shift with Automatic steering and brakes. I installed a Sony CD Player, and bought black front seat covers that hide the original boring gray . I just got the carburetor rebuilt, replaced all the wires and plugs, replaced every tire from Goodyears to Michelins (One at a time, if you'll notice from the pictures), and replaced the aging shocks with Monroe Sens-a-tract Shocks. Yes this car has been re-painted, and a brilliant job. The car in general is in great condition. Many people speak well of it's shine, I like to keep the car looking pretty buff. Future plans include installing a rear window louver and putting tint on the side windows. Definitely a security system.  I also want fog lights and some fuzzy dice to top it all off.  I thought it was cool you should have a web site like this dedicated to owners of Firebirds where the ordinary joe like me can post pictures of his car."




85ta15.1.jpg (131446 bytes)

85ta15.2.jpg (48585 bytes)

White Trans Am (181693 bytes)
Tyler Wallace owns this Trans Am. Tyler writes:

     "My name is Tyler Wallace from Jacksonville, Florida. My T/A is all stock except for the change in cubic inches hehehe..... It originally had the 305 H.O. in it but that just wasn't enough. My dad and I put in a crate 350 with a mild cam and Edelbrock performer intake on it to replace the old fuel line. All in all I think my car is in pretty good shape for having 192K!"

Tyler recently sent the last pic in the set with the Delorean.



Black and Gold TA (131234 bytes)

85ta16.2.jpg (172497 bytes)

Black and Gold TA (87801 bytes)

Black and Gold TA (87801 bytes)
1985 TAs are among my favorites because I used to own one. In fact it was the first "newer" TA I had owned. This particular TA is one of the best looking during that year, continuing the tradition of the black & gold "Bandit" Trans Am paint scheme. Don Bettencourt owns this one and writes:

     "My car is a present from my wife Ann for my 40th birthday. I have always wanted a black and gold TA since I fell in love with the special editions from the 2nd gen. This Trans Am is equipped with all the best original performance options available. 305 TPI, Auto, 3:27 Posi, 16" wheels, and four wheel disk brakes, in addition to T-Tops, cruise control, performance sound, power windows, and the Recaro Seat Option. Pontiac's 1985 sales brochure called the 1985 Trans Am WS6 "the most serious piece of machinery we put on the road".
The car has 61,000 miles, and shows great care by the previous owner. It is in very much the same condition as it was when new. What I like best about the car is the factory Recaro seats, RPO AS5. Recaro seats were first introduced in the 1981 Nascar TTA Pace Car and continued in various forms until 1986. Although not an actual "Recaro Edition" which were only made from 82 to 84, the car features special seats that were an option for the 85 and 86 Firebirds. Mods include a Flowmaster, Gutted MAF, TPI Airfoil, and K&N Filtration"

Don Bettencourt


Blue Trans Am (89272 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (70677 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (92807 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (51353 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (47650 bytes)
Rick Biri owns this deep blue Trans Am. Rick writes:

     "This is my 1985 Trans Am. It came with the 305 TPI engine, 700R4 Tranny, WS6 suspension, and T-tops. The mods I have done to it include: Flowmaster exhaust, Cold Air induction, TPIS Airfoil, Holley Adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Hypertech cap; coil; rotor, 4th gen.3.23posi rear end, 4th gen. gray cloth seats, and 4th gen. rims. Future mods include a built 355 motor. This TA was my very first. Now I own 2. I also have a 95."

Thanks for your time,
Rick Biri



Dan Standiford owns this super nice Trans Am. Dan writes:

     "This is my 5 speed manual, 305 4 barrel, '85 Trans Am that I have kept completely stock. I hate seeing aftermarket wheels or giant hood scoops added to these cars. My only mods have been the door handle labels that say "Trans Am" (as Pontiac's dull black looks cheap) and the L-bracket I devised from beneath the nose to hold a tag without needing to drill into the front of the bumper cover! (See large photo) This car was built in the Van Nuys, CA plant and has the 80's eco-friendly paint that is looking horrible behind the glass tops and on the rear bumper cover which is turning dark and dull.
I recently had the nose painted. I have also gone through three headlamp motors. I bought this in Wisconsin in the '90s and had to drive it in the winter (!) for two or three seasons before moving with it to Los Angeles- just a few miles from where it was built. That's one long round trip. I bought a BMW to replace it a while ago, but never got around to selling it. I just couldn't do it. I garage it for months on end, but recently I'm driving it at least once a week. (Between you and me the BMW is nicer in every way, but I think this is still my favorite!) I am thinking of a complete repaint. It's a good "20 footer" as it is now though, huh?"

Dan Standiford



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