The DKM Macho Trans Am & MR MSE Trans Am



1979 Macho Trans Am #88 of 96
owner: unknown
As I've mentioned in the past, I am posting pics of DKM built TAs in this section in almost any condition for the purposes of documentation and proving they still exist which has been my goal, to document as many of them as I can. This one is so rough its probably dangerously close to the DOA list. A site contributor sent me these pics and I believe it was for sale at the time. I sincerely hope someone bought and will be restoring it. If so, hopefully the new owner will contact me. This one does not have T-Tops but is reported to have the WS6 suspension package. Unfortunately a 403ci engine that is not the numbers matching engine sits in the engine bay.




1979 Macho Trans Am #92 of 96
owner: unknown
This Trans Am was up for sale recently. Hopefully the new owner will contact me. The TA reportedly had 33k original miles and is in excellent condition. Both the paint and interior are original. It comes equipped with the 403ci engine and auto transmission, WS6 suspension package, T-Tops, power steering, power brakes, power windows, cruise, tilt wheel and A/C.



  Brown '79 Macho TA (16,323 bytes)

Brown '79 Macho TA (17,245 bytes)

Brown '79 Macho TA (16,656 bytes)

Brown '79 Macho TA (18,132 bytes)

Brown '79 Macho TA (17,690 bytes)

Brown '79 Macho TA (25,046 bytes)

Brown '79 Macho TA (22,732 bytes)
1979 Macho Trans Am #95 of 96
owner: unknown
This Macho TA had only 63,000 original miles when these pics were taken. Options included leather seats and a sunroof. Its equipped with the 403 V-8 and 3-speed automatic tranny. The TA showed up for sale in Germany recently.



'79 Macho Trans Am (63,843 bytes)
1979 Macho Trans Am #96 of 96
owner: Chris Dietz
This Trans Am is currently all black and I imagine that's not the original paint scheme. I found it up for sale on the internet. I am contacting the owner to see if I can get better pics and info and hopefully in touch with the new owner when it sells. What I do know about the car is that it has a 403ci with a TH350 auto tranny, T-Tops, Recaro seats, Roll Bar, 10-bolt posi-trac rear, power door locks and power windows. Interestingly the current owner did not bother to contact me but the guy who ultimately bought the car did. Here's what Chris had to say:

     "Although I did not win the eBay auction, I did work out a deal with the current owner and will be picking up the car this weekend and bringing it back 'home' to its' birthplace here in Arizona. I am planning a full original restoration. I cannot add a lot of additional information at this point (obviously) but it does have 4:10 gears and it IS an original black on black car. It did not have a bird, it had red and white pin striping. I'll keep you updated on the restoration and get you some better pics."

Chris Dietz
Chandler, AZ



1979 Macho Trans Am #206
owner: Tim Lynch
This particular Macho TA is a little unusual and special for a couple of reasons. First it was a TA that was modified after the original production run of 96 units. This is an interesting factoid from Macho production in '79 that I was unaware of until recently. I intend to do some research on it so I can present the facts here and perhaps Tim can help with that. My assumption for the moment is that after the initial production run Dennis and Kyle were asked to modify several more cars that had already been sold and titled to their first owners. This car is also significant because its, reportedly, the only 10th Anniversary to receive the DKM modifications. So in a mild sense its a 1 of 1 car. Tim writes:

     "Hello, I acquired this 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniversary DKM # 206 from the second owner who purchased the car in California in 1981 from the original owner. The is the only 10th anniversary car modified by Mecham. I have spoken with Dennis Mecham on several occasions and he was kind enough to verify the car and even took the time to send me a letter documenting it and outlining the rarity of this car and its modifications. This car got all the standard Mecham performance modifications and the Doug Nash 5 speed, a fiberglass shaker hood, the chrome roll bar, the Koni shocks, the Hooker headers etc... The car still has the original matching numbers engine and I found 2 build sheets in it. It is interesting to note that this car has the "E" engine package. This means that the Pontiac T/A 6.6 liter W72 400 has additional upgrades of Ram Air heads, and camshaft, 455 HO aluminum intake, headers, and dual exhaust with a balance pipe and dual catalytic converters, and no mufflers. The "E" package stands for Export and is a euphism for " Race Only ".
Per Dennis this car did not receive the "E" designation on the sail panels because it is an Anniversary car. Furthermore, the high 206 number was chosen due to the expectation of the build numbers going that high and Mecham either insisted on that number and/or the customer requested it.. Dennis also stated that they may have not wanted it to be in the sequence of the typical run of Macho Trans Am's. The car runs great and is definitely not your typical 10th anniversary 4 speed TA. The original exhaust is in excellent overall shape as is the sheet metal. However the leather seat covers did not fair well in the California heat, and I am replacing them. The car has just over 16,000 original miles. If anyone has anymore information on this car or wishes to contact me my email is"

Sincere Thanks for a great website.
Tim Lynch



1980 Macho Trans Am #6 of 6
owner: Ken & Kathy Moody
An extremely rare Turbo Macho Trans Am. Kenneth writes:

     "I have received verification from Dennis Mecham that my car is indeed a genuine Mecham vehicle. Dennis determined that the car does have incorrect accent color. The car should be Gold with Dark Brown Metallic graphics. Dennis also determined that this car is not #5, but is really DKM Production No: 006. He is sending correct stencils to help get the car as it should be. Very cool! I will probably not get to a paint shop until next year. I'll check back on that.
I just finished talking with Dennis about my car again. Mine is car #6 of a total of 6 that were done in 1980. As far as Dennis knows, mine is the only 1980 Macho Turbo Trans Am that he has researched his files and verified as genuine."

Thanks, Ken & Kathy Moody

Ken and Kathy also own 1978 Macho Trans Am #171 seen in DKM Lots #5.



80 Macho Turbo Trans Am (120,176 bytes)

80 Macho Turbo Trans Am (113,019 bytes)

80 Macho Turbo Trans Am (114,943 bytes)

80 Macho Turbo Trans Am (89,213 bytes)

80 Macho Turbo Trans Am (95,103 bytes)

80 Macho Turbo Trans Am (114,244 bytes)
1980 Macho Trans Am #7 of 6
owner: Aaron Moore
The first '80 Macho TA on the Gallery this one is owned by Aaron Moore. Aaron writes:

     "Hello Jimmy. My name is Aaron Moore, I am the President of Pontiacs of Bakersfield. I own the Macho Turbo No. 7.  I have found in my research in talking to Dennis Mecham that my 1980 DKM  (Dennis & Kyle Meacham) Macho Turbo #7 was 7 of 20 built in 1980. This Trans Am was found in a junk yard with one flat tire and sun damage to paint and upholstery. The engine is a 301 Turbo Charged Pontiac, and a His and Hers transmission."

Aaron has quite a collection of Pontiacs that can all be seen here in the Gallery:
1971 Formula 400 can be seen in '71 Firebirds Lot#3
1977 Trans Am 400/4-speed can be seen in '77 Firebirds Lot#2
1979 10th Anniversary Trans Am can be seen in Anniversary TAs Lot#4
1981 Trans Am can be seen at '81 Firebirds Lot#1
Aaron is also a member of the Pontiacs of Bakersfield club.



1982 MR MSE Trans Am #24
owner: unknown
1982 #24 popped up recently. The pics are small and low quality. Hopefully the new owner will contact me...



'82 MSE Trans Am (69,554 bytes)

'82 MSE Trans Am (59,574 bytes)

1982 MR MSE Trans Am #34
owner: Lance Schaefer
Lance writes:

     "For the Summer I have a set of polished 16x8 formula wheels on 245/50/16 indy 500s. The car has an open element on top of the stock LG4. The car was repained in 200, and the rear quarters and doors were repainted during the summer. The stock 200C 3 speed auto remains in place. It has the 3:73 rear from Mecham, the bigger sway bars, poly bushings in the sway bars, now the car has the Eibach pro kit, it has 1 5/8 inch ceramic coated hooker 2055 headers, a 3 inch ceramic coated y-pipe to match, a ceramic coated cutout, 3" Catco cat, and a Hooker catback system. The front discs were replaced, along with the calipers, pads, and stainless steel brake lines were installed. It ran a 15.9 with the cutout uncapped, but the car was needed new plugs, wires, and a cap.
The car needs a new floor pan, and right now it overheats a bit, may be a lean condition, or something similar. I may get an
electric cutout soon enough. It helped 2 tenths when it was uncapped."

Pics provided courtesy Cameron Holeman



Red Trans Am (50,378 bytes)

Red Trans Am (52,569 bytes)

Red Trans Am (52,429 bytes)

Red Trans Am (41,705 bytes)

Red Trans Am (28,548 bytes)

Red Trans Am (35,727 bytes)

Red Trans Am (45,436 bytes)
1982 MR MSE Trans Am #48
owner: withheld
The owner writes:

     "82 - #48R. This car is an original car with only 35K miles. Originally from California. The "R" in the number and on the center console plaque is for red. In 1982 MSE's were red or white. According to Dennis Mecham less than 50 were red. Red cars got all of the external mods but no motor or suspension mods. The white cars were loaded with the engine and suspension mods."

#48 has the following options:

305/ 4-speed Super T10
Recaro seats
Rear wing
Front wing
Special wheels and emblems
Special steering wheel and emblem

I have added the following to the car:

Strut tower brace
GM factory wonder bar steering brace
NOS koni shocks at all four corners

Thanks for posting all of my pictures.




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