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Dan Lazzaro owns this incredible 30th Anniversary Trans Am. Dan writes:

     "Beautiful site..Here are a few pictures of my 1999 30th Anniversary. There were 1600 total 30th Anniversary Pontiac Trans Am's produced. 1500 U.S., 100 Canada, Either in T-Top or Convertible. Production Breakdown:

      Coupes: 1065
      613 6-speeds
      452 Autos

      Convertibles: 535
      175 6-speeds
      360 Autos

My car was built on February 12, 1999 with an ASC build number of 2321 with the following options:

Standard Equipment:
Rear Wheel Drive with Limited Slip Torsen Differential
4 Wheel Anti-lock Disc Brakes
Aero Package
Up Level Rear Deck Spoiler
Power Antenna
Power Mirrors
Power Windows & Locks
Cruise Control
Power 6-Way Drivers Seat
Electric Custom Bucket Seats w/Adjustable Lumbar
Traction Control
Remote CD Changer, Trunk Mounted, 12 Disc Capacity
6-Speed Manual Transmission
Ram-Air Performance & Handling Package (WS-6):
Ram Air Induction System
Functional Air Scoops
P275/40ZR17 Goddyear Eagle F-1s
Specific Low Restriction Dual Exhaust System
Power Steering Cooler
Factory Rated 320hp @5200rpm & 345ftlbs Torque
5.7L V8 347ci
30th Anniversary Package:
Arctic White w/ Specific Exterior Striping/Badging
17" High Polished Aluminum Wheels With Medium Blue
White Prado Leather Seating Surfaces w/ Blue
30th Anniversary Specific Door Insert
30th Anniversary Floor Mats
Leather Cargo Mat
30th Anniversary Numbered ID Interior Emblem (#605)

Mods Include:

Nitrous Express, 100 Shot
Hotchkis Trailing Arms & Pandhard Rod
Spohn Relocation Brackets
Flowmaster Muffler
BMR Strut Tower Brace
BMR Subframe Connectors
Free Mods
MTI Clear Air Lid
Blue MAF Ends
Blue Window Tint
Blue Tubing in Engine Compartment
Hood Mirrors
Granatelli 200mph White Faced Gauges
Lou's Short Stick w/ Kirban Shifter
Jamex Springs 1" Drop
Holley Powershot Air Filter (Blue)
Exhaust Cutout
Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch
White Leather Shift Boot
Custom Floor Mats
White Intake
Auto Optiks Headlight Conversion
Blue Fog Light Covers From
MBA Blue Shift Knob
MBA Blue Cap Covers in the Engine Bay
MBA Blue Climate & Headlight Control Knobs w/ White
     Faced Background
Best ET Naturally Aspirated 13.03 @108.29
Best ET w/ N2O: 12.48 Best mph 114.63mph

Dyno Numbers:
Naturally Aspirated 330 RWHP 341 RWTQ
Nitrous 421 RWHP 481 RWTQ



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This spectacular 10th Anniversary Trans Am is owned by Aaron Moore. Aaron writes:

     "This is a 1979 10th Anniversary Edition. This car was found in a storage yard. Finished restoration two years ago. The T/A has an Olds 403 and an 350 Automatic Transmission."

Aaron has quite a collection of Pontiacs that can all be seen here in the Gallery:
1971 Formula 400 can be seen in '71 Firebirds Lot#3
1977 Trans Am 400/4-speed can be seen in '77 Firebirds Lot#2
1980 Macho Turbo Trans Am Ultra Rare #7 of 20 cab seen at Macho TAs Lot#4
1981 Trans Am can be seen at '81 Firebirds Lot#1
Aaron is also a member of the Pontiacs of Bakersfield club.



This incredible low-mileage survivor Trans Am is owned by John O'Neill. John writes:

     "Hello, I have been enjoying your site for years! I finally have a Pontiac of my own that is worthy (much more than worthy, actually) of appearing on your site. Could you please post these pictures? The car is a survivor (not restored) 3,100 original mile 10th Anniversary Trans Am. It is one of only 1,817 built with the high-performance T/A 6.6 Pontiac 400 V-8, Borg-Warner Super T-10 4-speed manual transmission and 3.23 posi-traction rear. It has never had any paint work and appears brand new. The story behind this car is a neat one.
When I was 19, my dad helped me to buy my first new car, a '79 Trans Am. It was not a 10th but rather, a low option white WS-6 car with blue interior, 403 Olds and automatic, A/C, stereo and not much more. It was not exactly what I wanted (the 10th Anniversary 400 4-speed was!) but how could I complain? Few 19 year olds were cruisin' in a brand new T/A! Anyway, the desire for my dream car never subsided. About ten years ago, I started looking seriously. After many flights to far away cities and multiple disappointments, I finally found my dream car in a climate controlled museum in Georgia sitting next to a 4 million dollar Duesenberg!
The car was virtually flawless with only 2,400 miles and still sported its original Uniroyal white lettered radials. The climate controlled environment preserved the car beautifully; I had never seen one that looked as nice as this one, not even when they were new. No door dings, no faded spoilers, no flaws of any kind! Even the A/C blew ice-cold. A deal was struck and I flew home to Maryland and anxiously awaited the delivery of my new T/A. Upon arrival, I changed all of the fluids, tuned it up (it still had the original plugs, wires, rotor and cap), changed the tires and gave it a good detailing. It runs better than any '79 I have ever driven and looks even better. When I drive this car, I am 19 all over again! Thanks for letting me share my story and keep up the good work."

John O'Neill

You can see more of John's incredible Trans Am over at Platinum Lot#1.



Jim Chaudrue owns this 20th Anniversary GTA Turbo Trans Am. Jim writes:

     "Hi, I just e-mailed you but I just found the link to ad my car to your awesome site! I have a 1989 Pontiac GTA Turbo Trans AM. It's car number 396 out of 1555 that were made. The only options were T tops and Leather on my car. It has been collector bought and owned since new. The car has 28,000 on it now but you would think it was 2,000 because of the way it was taken care of over the years. I am the 4th owner. The car is all stock other then the tires and battery. The radio still has the protective film over the display and the rims still have the original bar code stickers on them. The barcode has worn off but all 4 rims still have the sticker.
I plan on keeping it stock as I always wanted a real mint turbo car. I have the original owners kit that came with my car. None of the previous owners applied the pace car stickers to the windshield or doors and they remain in the kit along with the key fob, cassette, (still in the plastic) and owners supplement. I also have the original window sticker from the car. The 20 anniversary plug wires were removed when the car was new and Denso plugs and wires were put on the car. I have the original plug wires in a plastic bag along with the boots in mint condition. I was lucky to get this car from people who were this meticulous with my car over the years. I have been collecting everything I can find on this car as far as Indy collectibles, Turbo Trans Am collectibles, and all the manuals and paper work I can find on the car. It's a fun car to drive even though people really don't notice it or what it was. I think I like it that way! :)
I plan on keeping this car for a long time. I've had it to 2 local shows so far this year and won a trophy both times! The car was never beat on and rides real smooth and quiet down the road for a t top 3rd Gen. car. All of the things that normally show wear and abuse on these cars do not show on mine. The wing is original and in mint condition. The badges are all original and still shine gold. There is no squeaks or rattles when you drive down the road. It still has the original air cleaner in it and everything works 100%. I might just have them burry me in this one! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the pictures of my 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans AM Indy 500 Pace Car!"

Jim Chaudrue



Bob Hamm owns this ultra-nice 10th Anniversary Trans Am. Bob writes:

     "My name is Bob Hamm and here is a picture of my Anniversary Trans Am. I purchased the car four years ago in Southern California. The car had been restored once and had won three car shows . The interior was changed to gray leather with 10th Anniversary embroidered on the head rests. At the time of the restoration, the silver replacement interior was not available. The car is currently being restored once again. The body has been stripped to the metal, frame connectors have been installed and a new look will be given the old girl. Still keeping with the 10th Anniversary theme but suspension, wheel and tire upgrades are in the works as this is written. A complete new exhaust system has been installed with a performance cat and Flowmaster three chamber mufflers and 70 style tips to keep it quiet. This car is my daily driver and gets a thumbs up where ever it goes. This is the latest in a series of Trans Ams and Formula Firebirds I have owned in over thirty years of being involved in the Pontiac hobby."

Bob owns several other Firebirds, one of which is a red '74 Formula which can be seen over at the 1974 Firebirds Lot #2 and he recently purchased a 1972 Formula for his daughter Mallory which can be seen at Project Firebirds Lot #5.