The 1981 Pontiac Firebird, Formula & Trans Am


Blue Trans Am (133,443 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (156,451 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (135,434 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (106,113 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (160,003 bytes)
Aaron Moore owns this brilliant blue Trans Am. Aaron writes:

     "This 1981 Pontiac Trans Am was originally bought and owned by the current owner, Aaron Moore, in 1981 by Aaron and his parents. This car has original upholstery and paint. Picked up from Barber Pontiac, Bakersfield, Ca Took delivery January 18, 1981. By my parents and I."

Aaron sent in these further details on this '81 Trans Am:
VIN: 1G2AW87H1BL112227
Series 2F * Style W87
Wheelbase: 108.2" Length: 197.1" Height: 49.3" Width: 61.3" Shipping
Wt. 3511 lbs.

Total Trans Am production: 33,313
(1 of 2,686 with manual transmission & W72 engine option)

29 - Blue exterior with Blue Vinyl Buckets
W72 - 305 cu. in. V-8 4-bbl. engine, 145 HP
M21 - Close-ratio 4-speed Manual Transmission
G80 - Safe-T-Track rear axle (2.56 Axle Ratio)
C60 - Custom Air Conditioning
A90 - Remote Control Deck Lid Release
A01 - All Soft Ray Glass
??? - Door Edge Guards
WW7 - Hood Decal
Y92 - Lamp Group
B37 - Color-keyed Front and Rear Floor Mats
B84 - Roof Drip Moldings
        - AM/FM Stereo non factory
N33 - Tilt Steering Wheel
WS6 - Trans Am Special Performance Package
         - Power Windows, Power Locks
1/4 Mile 16.7@ 86 MPH Top Speed 116 MPH

 Built at Van Nuys, California, December, 1980

Aaron has quite a collection of Pontiacs that can all be seen here in the Gallery:
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1977 Trans Am 400/4-speed can be seen in '77 Firebirds Lot#2
1979 10th Anniversary Trans Am can be seen in Anniversary TAs Lot#4
1980 Macho Turbo Trans Am Ultra Rare #7 of 20 cab seen at Macho TAs Lot#5
Aaron is also a member of the Pontiacs of Bakersfield club.



Red Twin Turbo Trans Am

TA Interior

TA Interior

Twin Turbo 454

Twin Turbo 454
This is Gary Spooner's Ultra badass 454 Twin-Turbo Trans Am convertible. The engine is a 1976 2 bolt 454 converted to 4 bolt mains. The block has been aligned, bored, Rockwell tested and Sonic tested. Its built with a forged GM crank, Manley aluminum rods (stock length), Supercharger 7.5.1 pistons, balanced, torque plates installed (Sunen machine) roller timing chain, Competition cam, Weiand intake 8013, and solid engine mounts. 1976 454 120cc chamber heads with Competition Cams pushrods, valve springs, retainers and locks, roller rockers, bronze valve guides and one-piece valves (2.20 intake & 1.90 exhaust) sit atop the block. A Melling oil pump along with a 9qt oil pan, oil cooler and a custom made remote filter housing provide the lubrication for the engine. A Brassworks water pump, 180 degree Robertson thermostat and a custom built 6 core radiator provide the cooling.
     The transmission is a 1983 700R4 rebuilt by RPM Research. A complete upgrade was performed on the unit with a 9 disc 3-4 clutch, revised overdrive planetary etc., Toni Rossi Gray Thunder series 12" torque converter, turbine and impeller blades heli brazed, angled to give a stock stall speed, double Torington bearings at thrust surfaces 2-4 piston replaced with corvette parts, anti downshift kit for extreme speeds, a deep sump pan and a TCI flex plate.
     The rear axle is a stock GM 8.5 3.08 axle and brakes are 4-wheel disc with metallic pads. The suspension is the WS6 suspension with urethane bushings all around, ladder bars, big block springs, 5 leaf thickness rear springs, 50 series tires mounted on the rear and 60 series tires mounted on the front.
     On the inside of the car you'll find new carpet, a custom manufactured console, 6-point harness, new convertible top, fuel pressure (Autometer), vacuum boost gauge (Autometer), an EGT gauge, controls for the computer and the stock gauges.
     Ok ok so what are the numbers you ask? Gary writes:

"I wanted this car to go in excess of 180 mph. I know it could go in excess of that speed easily. The rate of acceleration is awesome for a car that is 4200lbs (after mods completed). The exhaust is quiet and the engine runs very smooth. In overdrive at highway speed of 60 mph engine will generate 20 inches of vacuum. Boost is adjustable, min. 3 psi to 15 psi. For normal play I run 8 psi on supreme gas, 4 psi on regular. The 1/4 mile is scary: I had a companion to time a run, he weighed 213 pounds, I had a problem with traction for the first 300ft (too much boost) but I still pulled a high 12s low 13s 1/4 mile. Other streeter's have tried to beat this brute with no luck! The bonus comes at the gas pump, impressive fuel mileage for this car. I have had this car since '85 I will never let this car out of my grasp! I will be doing a lot of changes to the engine soon. I hope to reduce the exhaust emissions from the engine there by making the car emissions legal also improving the image of the hot rodder in the eyes of the environmentalist. I am researching the use of another type of fuel and reviewing the mods that must be done to the engine."

If you want to read more about the engine design of Gary's car click here. I couldn't fit it all in this paragraph.  E-mail: Gary Spooner



Red Custom Trans Am (49302 bytes)

Red Custom Trans Am (68370 bytes)

Red Custom Trans Am (64006 bytes)

Red Custom Trans Am (45280 bytes)

Red Custom Trans Am (45816 bytes)
This wildly customized Trans Am is owned by Kerri. Kerri writes:

     "Ok here is some info about the car... I think I got it all:

bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) 1981 Trans am
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Borg Warner T-10 4 speed
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Chevy 350
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Chrome Everything, Flamed Air Cleaner, Valve Covers, PCV & Breather

bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Plum tweed w/ leather & Embossed flames
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Flames on door panels, headliner, Center console, Pillar Posts, Rear Side Panels
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Polished Aluminum Arm rests with Flamed Backing plates
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Polished Aluminum Window Cranks
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) M&R Lap Belts

bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Plum tweed w/ leather & Embossed flames
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Chrome plated latch and lock

bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Floor is gloss black
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Tranny polished aluminum
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Gas tank body color
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Drive Shaft and rear end are smoothed, painted body color with ghost flames
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Typical sub-frame connectors and traction bars
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Borla Stainless Mufflers, 2.5 inch dual exhaust

bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) 4 stage: Metallic Red Base, Pearl Blue, Candy Magenta, Generous amount of Clear
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Ghost flames from front wheel back

bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) GlasTek 4 inch cowl fiberglass hood
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Fulley smoothed underside with custom cross brace and embossed flames.
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Smoothed inner fenders
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Shaved door handles, Locks, Side mirrors.
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Filled Side Markers, front and back
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Filled Nose Emblem
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Smoothed and filled door jambs and trunk jamb
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Lower Body Lines smoothed
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Trunk Valance Panel Smoothed in
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Smooth Fire wall and cowl
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) No Rear flairs
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Painted tail lights . body color

bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Centerlines, 15 x 7 Comet Style

bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) BFGoodrich 275/60/15's

FUTURE MODS: - winter project
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) New smooth Engine panels & radiator support Top w/embossed flames in fiberglass.
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Boxed radiator. all Painted body color.
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) AND of course MORE CHROME
bb_rd.gif (278 bytes) Smoothing all steering components (box, reservoir, steering shaft, pitman arm etc) and chrome plating.  



Maroon Trans Am Good shot of the front end on the '81 Trans Am. Too bad we can't see the rest of the car. Apparently it has won some awards. Little changed between the '80 and '81 models. All firebird engines got GM's Computer Command Control system. This onboard computer controlled all engine functions. Also all firebirds equipped with automatic transmissions received new computer-controlled-lockup torque converters. The 4.9L turbo engine option remained the high performance engine option for 1981 models.



This Trans Am is owned by Jason Lamport. Jason writes:

     "This is my 1981 Turbo Trans-am that I have owned for the past 14 years. It was a blue on blue 301 Turbo car, with all wheel disk brakes, full options load (including WS6 suspension package) and Fisher T-Tops. When I acquired the car, the original 301 and turbo had been removed and replaced with a rebuilt non turbo 301, but otherwise was in very good condition. Within a year I had decided that the 301 just wasn't enough engine for me, so I swapped in a 350ci crate motor (never had it on a dyno, but it was advertised as a 300hp/350torque engine) and TH350 trans. Nothing outrageous but fun to drive. In 1995 I purchased a new car for a daily driver and the Trans-Am became a Summer toy. The year after that my priorities changed (Marriage, house, kid etc...) but I am lucky enough to have a wife who talked me out of selling the car and convinced me to store it until I had the time and money to fix it up and get it out again.
Aside from the necessary fluid changes and check-ups every Summer, the car sat for almost ten years until I was finally able to start working on it again this past Spring. After a couple of weeks of cleaning, mechanical maintenance and some sanding, the car went in for body work and Paint. I decided that the car was already a long ways from original so I might as well change the color and wheels. I went with Tungsten Gray Metallic paint, had new glass put in, and installed new weather stripping. New wheels and tires were then installed, for that I went with 18" Boss 304's wrapped in 255/40/ZR18 rubber. After checking my bank account, I decided that I would drive the car for the rest of the season and plan future repairs/upgrades while my balance recovers.
Future plans include a gear change from 2:53 to 3:73s, new seat vinyl and carpet (not too bad now, but showing it's age), have black hood and side sill birds from the NASCAR edition package installed, replace rubber bushings with poly-urethane and maybe convert to coil over adjustable shocks. My wish list includes converting to a 6-speed manual trans and putting a turbo kit on the 350. Thank you for this great website, I will send pictures of the engine bay when I finish detailing it."




This incredible Trans Am is owned by Michael Sanborn. Michael writes:

     "I noticed on your website you didn't have many 81 Trans Am's. Here's some photos of mine. I bought it 4 years ago with 48,000 miles on it. It is a 5.0/4 speed. It hasn't been restored, all original, and it's metallic brown, I guess a rare color. Interior is mint and I have the original AM/FM. Real fun car to drive in the summer."

Mike Sanborn



Blue Turbo Trans Am

Blue Turbo Trans Am

Blue Turbo Trans Am

Blue Turbo Trans Am

Blue Turbo Trans Am
This awesome looking Turbo Trans Am is owned by Scott Lambeth. Scott writes:

     "I am actually the third owner of this vehicle.   It was originally owned by man named John Snyder who owns a local truck performance shop.  I guess he used to show the car and kept it garaged most of the time (hence the low miles).  Supposedly it took 1st place at a local show in 95.  He owned it until it had about 40K miles, then he sold it to an AF officer at Langley AFB, VA (this is where I am stationed).  He ended up getting orders to move to a different base, and had to get rid of the car (poor guy only had the car for about 2000 miles).  He was asking $6500 (obviously he didn't want to sell it that bad), and after about 3 weeks of test drives and talking, I was able to get him down to $5000. 
     It had 42K original miles when I got it, right now it has about 45K.  I was leery of it actually having that low of mileage when looking at a purchase, but after I took it for a cruise, all doubt went away.  Everything was very tight, and the engine ran smooth and powerful. Everything is still completely stock with the exception of the wheels (I have the originals in storage soon to be refurbished).   The Engine is a Turbo charged 4.9L (301).  I believe the stock HP is rated around 220hp - not bone crushing power, but fun.  I am going to try a few things to get some more juice out of it, but there is only so much you can do with that motor and fuel system. 
     I save it for sunny weekends and I like to take the T-tops off and go for cruise to the beach or something. Its the ride of the car that makes it nice.   Someday it may get an engine switch, but not until this motor pukes on me.  It is still running like new, so it would be a shame to ruin the fact that it is still stock. The 301 was not exactly the most popular motor Pontiac ever used, and parts are extremely difficult to find. The Turbo helps make up for some of the emission laws, and the 301's shortcomings, but I wouldn't race everything on the street.  If in the future a new motor is needed, I have a 350 4-bolt at home that I'd like to build into a 383.  I have the specs to put it together to produce about 430 HP.  I might move up to a big block though, we'll see.  Hopefully that won't have to be done for a long time, and I will have this car for a LONG time."

Take it easy,



81ta17.jpg (40495 bytes)

This golden blue Turbo Trans Am is owned by Chaya Tinterow. Chaya writes:

     "I bought this car last year at a Kruse International Auction here in Houston. I had not even seen the car before it went on the auction block. As the bidding progressed I decided I had to have the car, so I took the incredible chance of bidding on it unseen. To my surprise, I won the bidding and drove the car home. That day I must have been one of the luckiest people on Earth. The car was original, ran great and was almost perfect. Over the course of a few months, I restored the little things that it needed and all my work paid off. I entered it at a car show here in Houston last month and my '81 Turbo Trans Am took best in its class."

Chaya Tinterow

Chaya hosts his own website called Tinterow Music & Entertainment.
Chaya also owns an awesome '94 Firehawk that can be seen at Firehawks Lot#1, and is a member of the Trans Am Club of Houston (TACH).



Grey Trans Am (77264 bytes)

Grey Trans Am (85226 bytes)

Grey Trans Am (66459 bytes)

Grey Trans Am (65293 bytes)

Grey Trans Am (70064 bytes)
This Trans Am Jeromy Rashley. Jeromy writes:

     "When I first saw this t/a in the classifieds I had to call because it said that is was in "excellent condition". So the next day I went and saw it sittin in the garage. She was a school teacher and I really don't think she knew what kind of classic she had. So I asked her what she wanted for it and her response was "You throw me a price". Right then I KNEW she didn't know what she had. First I asked her why the paint was a little faded she said, "I think it's from the water sprinkler". What happened was that it was a hot day and it faded the clear coat but the sides are still shiny. When I bought it from her it had 47,000 original miles. But anyways, I threw $3,400 dollars and she said sounds like a good deal. I was so excited, because when I was 12 years old my dad always showed me pictures of his 1978 trans am. Ever since then I've always wanted a trans-am. A few weeks after the purchase I took off the driver and passenger side back seat cover's (because I read from Pontiac Magazine that the build sheet were usually located there) sure enough the build sheet was there and in tact. That was AWESOME. Also when I purchased the t/a it had the honeycomb wheels, replaced them with Progressive Polished Aluminum rims. I also replaced the original 301 engine with the power plant 400 W-72. I also tinted the windows and put a $3,200 stereo system in her."
                                                                                 Thanks a lot,



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