The 1992 Pontiac Firebird, Formula, 
Trans Am & GTA Lot#1


Red Trans Am (55070 bytes)

Red Trans Am (56817 bytes)

Red Trans Am (64029 bytes)
1991 marked the return of the convertible to the Firebird line-up. This red convertible Trans Am shows how good they looked. This one is owned by Dave Chelstowski. Dave writes:

     "The car was purchased in 1995 and currently has 27,000 original miles. It has all available options for 1992 model year. No modifications have been done, all is original."



White Firebird A white Firebird equipped with a bra and rear window louvers. The trend of putting louvers on the rear windows got its start back in the early to mid 70s and has continued to be a popular modification. The convertible while pricey proved to be a successful option when it was reintroduced in 1991. Nearly 1,500 were manufactured in '91 and over 1,800 were produced in '92. This option would be dropped in '93 but would be brought back again in '94 with the all new fourth generation Firebirds. I only wonder why they waited so long to offer it again.



 Jim Boyce owns this Dark Metallic Teal Firebird. Jim writes:

      "Hi. I'd like to add my Firebird to your site under the
year(non-specialty) section. Purchased in 7/04 with 39k, currently has 47k original miles. Here's the info:

305 V8 w/ custom cold air induction
K&N filter
Tornado Air element
Clarion CD/MP3 player
Pioneer 400W 5-way 6x9 (pair)
Magnaflow Muffler

I won't modify the engine due to the mileage & car being mint. Have the car currently on Here's the link:"

Jim Boyce, Westmont, IL



Maroon Trans Am (91710 bytes)

Maroon Trans Am (82560 bytes)
Luis Ibarra owns this awesome Trans Am. Luis writes:

     "My name is Luis Ibarra. Here is a couple of photos of my 1992 Trans Am convertible."

Current modifications:
SLP headers
SLP cat-back
SLP cold air induction
BBK 52 mm throttle body
MSD ignition box
Jet Stage II chip
B&M shift kit
K&N air filter...

Modifications still to come:
Ram air hood
Ram air box
SLP performance runners
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator



92fb13.jpg (70036 bytes) Paul Morosin owns this red convertible Firebird. Paul writes:

     "Well, my car is a 92 Firebird...TBI engine rated at 170hp from the factory. Only 700 were built with the automatic and TBI engine. It has only 62,000km or 39,000 Miles. The only thing I have added so far is the K&N air filter."



Red Firebird (116852 bytes) Bryan Schoch owns this fantastic Firebird. Bryan writes:

     "I recently bought this 1992 Firebird for my daily driver. It has a 305 TBI, 700R4 tranny, but only a 2.73 open-diff in the rear. It is in super nice shape, as it was babied by the previous owner, who had to sell it because of a hernia operation (ouch!). I have since installed a set of CAT Power Engine Parts Race Underdrive pulleys, a set of Hooker Competition shortie headers, a custom y-pipe, and an exhaust cutout, along with some Accel ignition stuff."

Bryan also owns two other Firebirds both of which are restoration projects. You can see both his '75 Firebird and his '76 Trans Am at the Project Lots#2.



Black Trans Am (95114 bytes)

Black Trans Am (62946 bytes)

Black Trans Am (97438 bytes)

Black Trans Am (77370 bytes)

Black Trans Am (96348 bytes)
Jason Powell owns this very cool Trans Am. Jason writes:

     "I hope you received my pictures of my '92 Trans Am and hope you can use them! I think the Firebird Gallery is the best web site out there! I bought my '92 TA about 3 years ago. I had an '86model that I sold and got the Trans Am fever again!  I found this one on a used car lot. It was a bargain! I got home, detailed it, replaced the plastic bushings in the head lamp motors, and it was good to go! It's powered by a 5.7L tuned-port engine, 700R4 auto, 3.23 gears, WS6 suspension. I've added the SLP Performance Package that was available over the counter from the dealer, which includes bigger intake runners, stainless steel 1-3/4" headers, 3" stainless exhaust. I beefed up the already potent WS6 suspension with Hotchkis rear trailing arms and panhard rod, PST bushings throughout, Edelbrock springs, strut tower brace and subframe connectors. The "Black Bird" rolls on the stock cross-lace wheels with 245/50 -16 GSC Goodyear tires. The interior is mostly stock except for the killer Alpine audio system which I enjoy listening to as I ride around looking for the next ''wanna be import player victim!"

Jason Powell Mobile, Alabama



Blue Firebird (48037 bytes)

Blue Firebird (44265 bytes)

Blue Firebird (52381 bytes)
This extra cool Firebird is owned by Patricia Wilk. Patricia writes:

     "I bought my 1992 firebird not that long ago , and its the best car I have ever had! After I got it into my drive way I started searching the web to find the right side graphics for it. I first thought that I should put the firebird logo on it, but then I decided that I wanted to make this car really stand out. I found the Pontiac Racing Logo , and had it customized and fitted for my car. I also added, "Pontiac" across the top of my windshield , my own custom wheels, and of cores my fuzzy dice! Needless to say I love my car and every were I go people stop and look!"



Matt Miler owns this clean red Firebird. Matt's father writes:

     "My Son and I are going to make this clean 92 a project car."



This modified Firebird is owned by David Pike. David writes:

     "It would be an honor to put my car on your site. Its a firebird V6 3.1 with Flowmaster exhaust, a high flow cat. and I had a shop weld on chrome tips. It only has 90k on it, I've put quite a few miles on it since I had it lol. In '99 it only had 29k. I bought it in 2002 from the original owner. Its been kept in storage for about 5 years. Its very clean inside and out. I put Daytona 45 series tires and got rid of the original stock 15s and put on a pair of 17'' billet specialties on it. I also threw in a K&N air filter and oil filter, Tornado air, I'm running on full synthetic redline. I also put on a performance crank and alternator pulley with Accel spark plug wires... its only a 3.1 v6 but I can keep up with older V8s easily. Its pretty much all restored mechanically except for the tranny and engine that has almost 90k on it."




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