The 1991 Pontiac Firebird, Formula, Trans Am & GTA


Green GTA (190,156 bytes)

Green GTA (99,764 bytes)

Green GTA (40,389 bytes)

Green GTA (70,728 bytes)
Steve Jenkins pilots this awesome GTA. Steve sends this list of options/mods:
Current Mods: Planned mods:
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) '91 Pontiac Firebird Convertible (ASC Conversion)
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) 305-V8 TBI
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) K&N 14x3 Open Element
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) K&N Breather Filter
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) 180 Thermostat
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Optima Battery
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) 700R4 w/SLP shift kit
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) HP Motorsports STB
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Cross drilled rotors; powerstop pads
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Cherrybomb muffler
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Z28 Tips
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Tan interior/tan top
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Medium Green exterior
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) McEwen white face gauges
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Alpine CD/12 Disc changer
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) 500w Majestic amp
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) JL sub enclosure 2 - 8" subs
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Viper Alarm w/remote startup
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Power win/locks/brakes/steering
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Wheels: 16x8 GTA Diamond Spoke Wheels
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Tires: BF Goodrich G-Force 245/50/16s
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Hypertech Chip
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Lakewood LCR's/Panhard bar
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Ram Air II Hood
20-40-00.gif (257 bytes) Single Hoop padded roll bar

Steve's Nebraska license plate reads "3rd Gen".



White GTA (168993 bytes)

White GTA (150081 bytes)
Malcolm Bebbingon owns this spectacular GTA! Malcolm writes:

     "Here's my baby. Fully loaded, leather interior... no winters 116k miles. Its got headers, custom cat back exhaust, scream'n demon coil, computer chip, distributor chip, Accel wires, K&N air filtration, B&M street/strip transmission. The paint scheme was my own idea and gives it a unique look. Its a fully loaded GTA. Last year I replaced all the suspension with heavy duty coils and high performance Munroe shocks and struts. I also have Sony Xplod AM/FM CD, Pioneer speakers and a Viper alarm to protect it. I have some 3:43 factory gears to upgrade from the 2:xx but require a shim plate in order to mesh the gears properly. Mr. gasket used to make one but not anymore. If you know anyone that could help me with that it would be appreciated. Asides from that this car is maintained in A1 condition and as soon as something requires attention or starts to wear it is replaced with the best available replacement parts. I could probably send you more pictures this summer. The exhaust is 3" from the headers to the Flow exhaust and completed with 4" custom stainless steel 2" pipes."



Red Trans Am (136913 bytes)

Red Trans Am (86463 bytes)
This convertible Trans Am is owned by Robert Merrill. Robert writes:

     "I just purchased this Red 1991 Trans Am Convertible with Tan Top & Tan Cloth Seats. It has 65K miles and it is all original & all stock. All I did was a major tune up & major detailing."



Red Firebird (175,191 bytes)

Red Firebird (172,244 bytes)

Red Firebird (161,437 bytes)

Red Firebird (187,152 bytes)

Red Firebird (158,322 bytes)
Nicholas Balls owns this great looking Firebird. Nicholas writes:

     "This is my '91 firebird. This car started its life out as a 3.1 V6, and I built and installed a 5.7 [350] V8 in it. I live in Fayetteville, Georgia which is close to Atlanta. My state requires emissions testing on all cars before you can legally drive it on the road, and this one didn't pass. So I have to do some more work on it before I can drive it on the street. The 350 is a '79 w/4 bolt mains, and yes it is a blue 350. It has factory flat top pistons, and steel crank. I gave it hardened push tubes, roller lifters and rockers, a 268/280 split duration cam, double roller timing chain, a Holley Street Dominator intake, a Holley 600 cfm double pumper w/ mechanical secondarys, Dyno Max Shorty headers, and 2.02/1.60 valves. It still has a factory HEI ignition, and the v6 radiator. I also dumped the 700r4 tranny for a built t-350. this car is my baby, so im going to keep her at any cost.
I had the interior redone to my liking, so there is no other firebird with the same interior as mine, it is totally custom. Its a light grey w/charcoal interior. It has new carpet, door panels, head liner, and recovered seats and foam, the arm rests are however original. I bought this car in the winter of '97 from a Ford dealer in Owensboro, Kentucky for 4500 bucks. I have lost count after 8000, so I don't know how much I have invested, and I still need to have some body work done and have it painted."




Tim Dlutowski owns this Firebird. Tim writes:

     "Here are a couple of pictures of my '91 Firebird w/ 305 TBI. I bought it used in 1993, while I was stationed in Virginia Beach, from a Chevrolet dealership. It was gently used and traded in because of a broken transmission mount. About 12 bucks later I had a great running low mile bird. Mods include a Hypertech chip, 160 degree cool fan switch and thermostat, Accel coil, 3" cat back w/ 3" tail pipes, 8mm wires and platinum plugs, cold air induction kit, under drive pulleys, K&N filter, Cragar S/S wheels, seats out of a '96 Firebird and a 4" cowl induction hood scoop. The car has been awesome. The T-tops have never leaked and the only repairs I have had to make are a water pump and a right front brake caliper. I have put 150,000 HARD miles on it, everything from the Autobahn in Germany to the Friday night drags in El Paso, Tx. I have owned a few Firebirds to include a '73 Formula w/ 400, '75 T/A w/ 400 4 speed, '76 T/A w/ 400 and a '96 w/ 3.8L. I must say that this car has been extremely reliable, fun to drive and gets pretty good gas mileage if I keep my foot out of it. Future plans include a strut tower brace, 383 stroker (if the 5.0 ever dies) and a disc brake rear end."

Tim Dlutowski



Vernon Walls owns this black Formula. Vernon writes:

    "My bird started life as a '91 Formula, 305 TPI with dual cats, T-5 tranny, WS6 suspension, 3.42 limited-slip rear, and T-tops. When I got her off eBay back in June, 2003, she had 175K on the clock and lived in the Richmond, VA area. The wife and I flew out to Washington, DC, from Dallas, TX, to pick her up and drive her back home. Got a little warm doing that, the AC was leaking - but everything else was working fine. Cleaned her up (had some brown film all over the interior), put in a new headliner and carpet, some 4th Gen leather seats, 4th Gen console, an '02 Pontiac CD Monsoon head unit, and just had fun driving her daily for almost a year. Then I got a wild hair, entered my mid-life crisis, whatever. I started to modify the car to be what I've wanted for years - another "muscle car" set up the way I wanted.
First mod was to drop in a 383. Circa late 70's 4 bolt mains, Sportsman II heads at 10.5 compression, Accel Super Ram intake, mild (218/224 @ .050, .500 lift) cam. off brand 1.5 aluminum roller rockers. Added a "built" T-5 tranny to handle the extra torque, added some black GTA wheels, and a Ford 9 inch with 4.11 gears. Now this was fun to drive! LOL But it wasn't enough for more than a couple of years or so.
In the Spring of 2007, I started accumulating parts for my "upgrade". Over the next 6 months I went to the new AFR Eliminator heads at 10.4 compression, a 236/242 retro fit hydraulic roller cam with 0.580 lift using Comp Pro Mag SS 1.6 roller rockers, custom cold air kit, and a TPIS MiniRam intake with BBK 58mm throttle body, SLP shorty headers, Magnaflow hi-flow dual cats, and a Hooker cat back. I also got into the prom tuning action and am fine tuning the computer programming myself (with a lot of help from friends!!!). Using the cam card numbers and head flows, Desktop Dyno 2000 estimates 529HP and 519 torque. I know that's probably a little optimistic, but I'll bet its not much (if any) over 5-10% off. Then last summer we got hit by a pretty major hail storm so I got to get some help from the insurance company in going over the body a bit.
Got all the little dings and dents removed and a fresh new dealership paint job. Still fine tuning the computer tune (and probably always will be). Did make it out to the 1/8th mile one time before I had gotten very far into tuning it. One of the pictures attached shows the launch. Can you tell if both front tires are still on the ground for sure? Neither can anyone else. Unfortunately, the posi gave way just about a quarter second after that picture, so no respectable times with it yet. I also lost the 2nd gear synchro on that run. And that was with my old feeble mind forgetting to let some air out of the rear tires or remembering to open the cutout! So now I have a new Auburn Pro posi, a T-56 beefed up with better gears, synchros, a steel 3/4 shift fork, etc., a big calibrated shift light so I don't get excited and shift at 4500RPM any more, and a checklist to hang on the dash for the next run. And to top it all off, the car frequently wins top trophies in most of the larger car shows and State Fair here in Dallas for 3rd Gens. And it's still my daily driver!"

Have a Great Day!!!
Vern Walls



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