The 1993 Pontiac Firebird, Formula & Trans Am


Black Trans Am

93ta11.2.jpg (283858 bytes)
Chris Paveglio fell in love with Trans Ams in a way that I am sure a lot of us did (myself included). His first exposure to a TA was while watching Smokey & The Bandit (one of only a handful of movies that showcased a Pontiac) as a little boy. Needless to say when he hit 16 he began looking for Firebirds. The first one was only 30 minutes from his home in Palmyra, PA but the price proved to be too high. A year later he began looking again when the need for his own car increased to the typical teenage emergency proportion. Strangely this car too was only thirty minutes away. When Chris arrived to see the car, much to his surprise he found out it was the same brown TA he had looked at a year before. This time the price was right (imagine that) and Chris drove it home. It was a brown 1977 Trans Am with a 400 and 4-speed (see the '77 Firebirds Lot#1). Chris owned it for five years before deciding a more reliable car was in order. The 93' Trans Am you see here fit the bill. It had only 23,000 miles on it when he bought it and had every option but T-Tops. It is equipped with the optional 5.7L V-8 and 6-speed transmission. Chris writes:

"My new car is really a quantum leap. It is just as fast, if not more, just as cool, handles the curves and bumps a 1000 times better, and is generally a more comfortable vehicle. I appreciate the old muscle, and wish I didn't have to sell my 77 (but economics forced me to), but newer cars really are better in most respects. I really love the fourth gen Trans Ams".

E-mail: Chris Paveglio



Black Formula (50347 bytes) Katie Klinsing sends in this pic of her Formula. Katie writes:

     "Hey, here's a pic of my 1993 firebird formula. The color is obviously black and its never been repainted. The 1/4 mile time is 12.2 seconds. I've added a computer chip and different exhaust to sweetin' it up a little :)"




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