The 1991 Pontiac Firebird, Formula, Trans Am & GTA


Black Formula (124802 bytes)

Black Formula (127317 bytes)

Black Formula (137228 bytes)
I have always liked the '88 to '92 Formulas a lot. I wanted one pretty bad when they were new and still hope to own one some day. After seeing the first pic in this series I am certain I will own one of these sooner or later. This particularly awesome Formula is owned by Lance Stephens. Lance writes:

     "This is my 1991 factory 5.0 litre TPI 700R4 Formula with T-Tops. It's the original black with black interior and (as of this writing) has only 34,470 documented miles on the odometer. All stock accept for new Flowmaster exhaust with chrome tips and 20% rated 3M tint on windows. This one being my 4th firebird to date, I must say that it's the cleanest and best looking 'Bird I've ever owned. I always wanted a low mileage 3rd gen car. I plan to keep this car stock accept for a K&N air filter 'cause it runs so damn good!! My next car is gonna be a 2nd gen Formula 400 4speed (trust me, I'm saving up) if I can find one. This is truly the best site I've seen so far for F-Body pics. Thanks!"

Lance Stephens 
Randallstown, Maryland



   A red Trans Am. While still a third generation Firebird the '91 and '92 models got redesigned front and rear fascias. The spoiler treatment running along the bottom of the door was also new. The Trans Am and GTA also got a different rear spoiler than years past. The regular firebirds that were built during these two years had a very sleek aggressive look, but the Trans Am with the new rear spoiler was a VERY cool, mean looking ride. I'd still like to own one of these.



  Another Trans Am. This one was green. Coupled with the gold anodized aluminum rims and beige interior this was an extremely good looking car. 1991 was rather a landmark year for the Firebird although it was not celebrated by Pontiac nor did most people probably notice. For the first time since 1969 a Firebird could be ordered as a convertible. All models were available to be ordered with this including the Formula and the Trans Am. T-Tops also continued to be a successful option, although the 5.7L could not be ordered on any Firebird with the optional removable hatches.



Green GTA

Green GTA

Green GTA

Green GTA

GTA 5.7L
This beautiful dark green GTA is owned by Bob Morgan. The gold GTA emblems and accents go perfectly with the dark green paint. Add a beige leather interior and I think you have one of the best color combinations available for this year model. The bird has posted a best time of 14.37 in the 1/4 mile and harbors a host of modifications. A Stage II Hypertech chip was added to provide the control computer with performance programming, a TPIS air foil and TPIS adjustable fuel pressure regulator were also added. To improve airflow a K&N air filter and a Flowmaster muffler were installed. Shifting duties were also improved with a new B&M shift kit (setup as R/V not street/strip). Lastly a 4:10 rear end was installed to provide hard launches and quicker acceleration.
          A 383 stroker TPI is in the plans for a future modification to help push this bird to much lower ETs. Bob hopes to have this modification finished by spring/summer of this year.

E-mail Bob Morgan



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91fr14.2.jpg (78189 bytes)

91fr14.3.jpg (78044 bytes)
This magnificent blue Formula is owned by Steve Stouber. Steve writes:

     "I'm the original owner. It has all options except leather and power mirrors. I really wanted the 5.7litre engine but did not want it give up the t-tops, so I opted for the 305TPI, with the 5 speed manual tranny, which has always been a ton of fun to drive. Car ran 14.65 quarter mile at Raceway Park, and this was my first stick! Car is Bright Blue Metallic with gray cloth. Car is completely stock except for a K & N filter, and is all original. Was my daily drive for seven years, and now only serves as weekend and summer fun car. Three sources for production numbers in 1991 showed three different figures, these I got from Pontiac: 5,205 Formulas were produced, only 3,265 had 5 speeds. If you come across correct numbers, or can verify these, please let me know. My License plates reads: 91 4MULA."

E-mail: Steve Stouber



Blue Firebird (102749 bytes)

Blue Firebird (110229 bytes)
This Firebird is owned by Matt Zemeck. It comes equipped with a 3.1L V-6. More info to come...

E-mail: Matt Zemeck



91fb13.1.jpg (29944 bytes)

White Firebird (34762 bytes)

91fb13.3.jpg (44662 bytes)

91fb13.3.jpg (43558 bytes)

91fb13.4.jpg (32958 bytes)
Eric Natzke owns this white Firebird. Eric writes:

     "This is my 1991 Pontiac Firebird that I got in the summer of "98". It came stock with a 305 Throttle body engine, great condition and these are my current mods on it:

diawhi.gif (938 bytes) Hypertech Thermomaster Stage II
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) Hypertech PowerStat
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) Hypertech Fan Switch
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) Flowmaster 80 Series Muffler
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) Custom 3" Cat-Back w/o Cat
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) Edelbrock TES Headers
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) TB Spacer
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) K&N 14x3 Open Element
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) MSD Cap/Rotor
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) MSD Blaster Coil
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) MSD 8.5mm Superconducter Wires
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) AC Rapidfire Plugs
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) March Underdrive Pulleys
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) Polyurethane Trans Mount
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) TransGo Shift Kit
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) B&M 28,000 GVW Supercooler
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) 3:42 GM Motive Gears
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) SLP Posi
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) KYB Gas-a-just Shocks
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) KYB GR-2 Struts
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) Edelbrock Strut Tower Brace
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) Kumho ECSTA Supra 712's  255/50/ZR16's Tires
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) Black 16x8 GTA Rims
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) ASCD Ram Air Hood (modified)
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) Lakewood Lower Control Arms
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) Emissions Pulled
diawhi.gif (938 bytes) Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

My future plans with this car include dropping in a ZZ4 Crate engine and getting a Ford 9 Bolt and NOS on the ZZ4. Hope to get around 450hp with all that on there plus swapping all my mods that I have on the 305 onto the ZZ4.
E-mail: Eric Natzke



Red Trans Am (28240 bytes)

Red Trans Am (30272 bytes)

Red Trans Am (27310 bytes)
This cool looking Trans Am is owned by Joshua King. Josh writes:

     "My 1991 TA is originally a 5.0 Tuned Port car with a Borg-Warner T-5 manual transmission. I have recently swapped in a mild 5.7L, retaining the factory TPI. As you can see, it is red with a medium gray interior. This car is equipped with 16x8 ultra lightweight wheels, 245/50/ZR16 tires in front and 255/50/ZR16 tires in back. Other options include: F41 Heavy Duty Suspension, aero spoiler, and smoked tail lamps (T93). Modifications include a throttle body airfoil, a K&N air filter with the removal of the factory air box, a GM 170 degree thermostat, and removal of the coolant passage in the throttle body. I have also replaced the factory rear steel drums for the optional aluminum drums. For sound, I have a Clarion CD receiver. Many more mods are on the way as funds permit, so keep reloading. The silver racing stripe I added is 13" wide on the roof and the rear. On the hood it tapers down to fit perfectly into the bird emblem."



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