The 1969 Pontiac Trans Am


69ta20.jpg (47216 bytes) A nice shot of the back of end of the '69 Trans Am. I think this photo may have been used in promotional advertisements. The car just looks like its waiting for somebody to jump in and take off....



White Trans Am This particular Trans Am had undergone a complete restoration before its appearance at this car show. It was completely disassembled and each piece was repainted separately as the factory would have done it. Every nut and bolt was re-plated attesting to its show winning quality. Not surprisingly it won its class and best of show.

Photo courtesy of Kenny Gregrich.



Three Trans Ams at a Gas Station Here's a site you don't see every day. Three awesome Firebirds (two of them Trans Ams) hanging out at the same gas station. I think if I'd been driving by I would've passed out and wrecked my car. Not my Firebird or GTO though!!! This picture was taken in October of 1995 in Lake Havasu City, Arizona by Kenny Gregrich (the '67 painted to resemble a '69 TA is his). Kenny had attended the POCI Western Regional Convention that had been held there. The Trans Am furthest to the left in the picture (in front of the '67) belongs to Joel Larkin of The Outlaw Pontiac Racing Association (Joel also owns a '67 Firebird he drag races: see the Drag Racing Firebirds Lot#2). His Trans Am is one of the 55 that were built with the RAIV. Maybe I'll get that one on the site someday!! The other Trans Am in the picture (furthest to the right) is a RAIII car and is owned by a fellow who lives in Phoenix. Interestingly you'll notice his car has a white interior instead of the usual blue interior.

Photo courtesy of Kenny Gregrich.



Ad depicting early design for 70 Trans Am This drawing was featured in Pontiac Enthusiast Vol 1 Issue #2. The drawing is by Jeff Denison and shows a design idea for the 1970 Trans Am before the shaker scoop was designed. After designers decided on the shaker scoop for the Trans Am this hood was relegated to the Formula to utilize it.

Photo courtesy of Pontiac Enthusiast. 1998



Photo of 1st proto-type of the 69' Trans Am This is a photo of the very 1st Trans Am proto-type. According top the caption it was conceived as a "Judge" package for the Firebird and its the only 69' Trans Am that was ever produced in a color besides white and blue. Its not a production car though because of the squareness of the hood scoops, air extractors and rear spoiler. It was a RAIV automatic car. Apparently this car met with an untimely demise when it was later crushed.

Photo courtesy of Kenny Gregrich.



69ta24.jpg (66246 bytes) This was a print offered in the collection "Musclecar Memories" by Jim Wangers. Its entitled "The Press Snubs The First Judge And The Trans Am Too". These prints are full-color paintings and will be signed and numbered in sets of 1,000. Each print is priced at $39.95. 



69ta26.jpg (54486 bytes) Another convertible for your viewing pleasure. The Trans Am was first introduced at the Chicago Auto Show in March of 1969. Because of this the model is actually a 1969. All new 69 TAs received the same paint scheme seen here. White with a pair of blue stripes the ran the length of the car. Interestingly there were two kinds of stripes applied to these cars and the difference was seen on the rear of the car. Some came equipped with stripes that ran only beneath the spoiler on the trunk lid but some also came with stripes installed over the top of the spoiler as well.

Photo courtesy of Mark Allbaugh.



2scoop.jpg (40370 bytes) This diagram was provided to me by Phil Pollard. Its a graphical representation of how the Formula hood evolved from 1969 to 1981. A recent discussion about which hood was correct for what year model on the Pontiac E-Mail List proved that several people were somewhat confused as to which hood WAS appropriate for what year. As a result Phil drew up this diagram and forwarded it to me to display for you. Thanks Phil...

Diagram courtesy of Phil Pollard.



White Trans Am

White Trans Am
This diamond in the rough is owned by Wayne Annen. Wayne recently decided to start restoring his TA and sent me these pictures. He bought the Firebird in 1972 from a used car lot in Albert Lea, MN but stopped driving it after 1975. It is an automatic car with a black interior and has only 38,000 miles showing on the odometer. The pictures shown here were taken in 1974 but Wayne has promised to send me some new ones when the car is finished.



69ta28.1.jpg (72054 bytes)

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This fantastic looking Trans Am is owned by Greg Atkin. Greg if you see this please contact me as soon as you can.



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