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"Le Eg" owns this fine example of a Pontiac's first year Trans Am. "Le Eg" writes:

     "The Motivation:

"Run wild with an Indian, not with the crowd in a Chevy"

"My late teen years were spent running 1/4 mile races on the street for $$$, and the proceeds were typically spent on "refreshments" for the weekend. I had an old Dodge, which ran a 13.4 quarter mile, powered by a Mopar 340 with a "mild" cam, and a big ol' Carter four-barrel carb. The only 1/4 mile I ever lost was to a 1969 Firebird Trans Am. After the loss, I knew that I had to have one, and started a quest to save enough $$$, and to find a low mileage '69 T/A that hadn't been trashed or run to death by previous owners. About twenty (20) years after the '69 T/A beating, I had saved enough $$$ to purchase this beautiful 1969 Firebird Trans Am. PHS documented, this numbers matching machine has ~ 42,000 original miles, and is powered by the historic 335 horsepower Ram Air III, with a Rochester Quadrajet. Almost everything is original equipment, including the good old AM radio. Nothing fancy, no air conditioning, no CD player, not even any rear seat belts, just a good old street legal, Pontiac muscle machine. Drive the Indian, and you'll never go back to anything else !!"


Le Eg recently sent me the 5th picture in this series. While most of us dream of even owning one '69 Trans Am, at one time, Le Eg owned two of them.



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This incredible looking restored Trans Am is owned by Richard Clatterbuck. Richard writes:

     "I would like to add my 1969 Trans Am to your site. I have wanted a 1969 Trans Am for the last 6 years. I had to look long and hard to find one in this condition. My car was restored in the early to mid 90s using NOS parts. The paint is 7 coats of lacquer. My car has the fallowing options M-20 4 speed, Stack Gauges, AM Radio and Rally II Wheels. The engine is matching numbers Ram Air III. This car was the 28th 1969 Trans Am built. The car has 71,000 original miles on it. I drive it about every other Sunday is the weather is clear."

E-mail: Richard Clatterbuck



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Another of Pontiacs first TAs! This one is owned by Steve Karew. Steve writes:

     "Jimmy, this car is a numbers matching RAIII 4-speed car. Options were console, rally II's, trim package, and blue interior. The car was drag raced extensively in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York area until 1971 when it spun the #4 rod bearing. It sat in pieces since '71 waiting restoration until I purchased it in Florida in 1999. I did a full frame off restoration and had the engine rebuilt by Spotts Performance. The car recently placed 4th in the Trans Am Nationals this past summer. Please see the updated pictures and thanks."