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Drag Racing Firebirds

This section is devoted to the pros and amateurs who build and modify their birds for serious strip duty at the drag races!

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White '82 Firebird
1982 Super Stock Firebird
(The 1996 NHRA Super Stock National Champion*)

Owner: Rock & Roll Engineering

1978 400c.i. rated at 220hp. To compete in the GT/GA class the 400 utilizes a pair of 6X heads. Its designed for a compression ratio of 8.9:1, which is the max allowable by NHRA rules for this class. 

Drivetrain: unknown

Body & Interior: The car weighs in at 3305lbs which is the required legal weight for its class.

Best quarter mile time: 10.17 @ 130mph

*Note: This Firebird was not owned by RRE nor did it have an RRE built engine when it won the '96 Superstock Championship.



1967 Firebird
Owner: Jim Pratchen

I have probably had a pic of this Firebird on the site for 3 or 4 years and wouldn't you know it the owner saw it and sent me all new pics and info!! Jim Pratchen owns this lawful terror. Here's the specs:

Engine: 455 bored and stroked to 473, stock crank (turned), non-ported Edelbrock heads w/ 2.19 intake and 1.77 exhaust, Victor Jr. Intake Manifold, mild cam (.564/.574 lift), 850 Holley that flows 994cfm

Drivetrain: TH400 trans with manual valve body, reverse pattern shift, 8" 3000 Stall Converter. Dana 60 rear with 4:10 gears. 14x32 Slicks on 15" rims on the rear and 3.5"x24" tires on the front. Rack and Pinion with struts up front and coil overs and ladder bar out back.

Body & Interior: Full tub chassis with fiberglass doors, fenders, hood, decklid and bumpers. Weighs in at 2615lbs without a driver.

Best quarter mile time: 9.89 @ 135mph

Jim writes:

     "Hi, my name is Jim Pratchen, I own the 1967 Firebird that is dolled up like a patrol car for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, thanks for posting the picture. I can update you with all the info about the car and myself. I have been with the Sheriff's Dept since august of 1978. I have been drag racing since 1977, all Pontiacs starting with a '64 Bonneville! Later a '68 firebird running mid 12's, then a '69 firebird.
I have owned this bird since 1983, it was just a roller then, but it was a 400 car. I built this '67 in 1989, began racing it in early 1990, as a tubbed rear only type of setup, all steel, stock frame. Off the trailer with a hydro cam 400 it ran 11.43. The car received a chassis upgrade in the winter of 95-96. To date with the current setup it has run 9.89 @ 135 mph.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me. The county does not own or have any money invested in this car, I use it at many events, both as a tool to talk with kids at kid events and as a Dept display, we have attended many events over the years, the car has been so decorated since 1994, before this life it was dubbed "Warbird". Thanks for your time!"




  Polar White Trans Am

Polar White Trans Am

Polar White Trans Am

Ram Air III 400
1970 Super Pro Trans Am
owner: Scott Rex

Scott's website: Rex Racing

72 455 block 0.030 over (honed with torque plate), Kauffman Racing Equipment steel 4 bolt caps with ARP studs, factory windage tray, Melling oil pump (pn M54DS -$25 from Summit-don't waste money on "Big" names), BME aluminum rods, Ross pistons and Ferrea .990 pins, Speed Pro Plasma Moly rings (top ring gap .024 second ring .018), Comp Cams roller camshaft (272/284 deg. @0.050 .693/.693" lift), Crower roller lifters with no restrictors, Comp Cams custom length pushrods (9.300" .080 wall), Kauffman Racing Equipment rocker shafts, Wenzler Series 2 heads (328fcm)
stainless 2.15 &1.77 valves, 65cc combustion chambers, Crower roller valve springs, ARP head stud kit, Fel Pro 1016 wire ring head gaskets (reusable many times on the same block/head), Ported Victor intake, Holley 1050 (8082) carb 97/98 jets no power valves, HEI dist. with MSD 6A and 3 step ignition retard (removes 4 deg of ignition timing when nitrous button is pushed -for 34 deg total advance), Accel super coil (HEI style), 38 deg total advance (without nitrous)
Champion plugs, Hooker 2" headers, NOS systems Super Powershot system, Fuel system: 1 Mallory 140 and 2 port regulator dedicated to nitrous system, 1 Barry Grant 280 pump and BG 2 port regulator feeds motor only

Drivetrain: Turbo 400 by Ziggy's Hi Performance Transmissions in Mt. Holly, NJ (no brake) call Ziggy's at (609) 894 0151, ATI Treemaster 9"converter (stalls @2500 w/out nitrous and 4000 with), Original factory 12 bolt rear with Strange spool and Moser axles and c-clip kit, Richmond 3.73 rear gears, Competition Eng. Bolt on ladder bars, Factory rear leaf springs, Moroso solid body bushings, rear tires: M/T 29.5 x 10.5 slicks on Weld 15x8 Draglites

Body & Interior: Both are stock. Body weighs in at 3700lbs with driver

Best quarter mile time: 9.74 @139.2mph (This car is registered and inspected and is driven on the street regularly during spring and summer.



Red '79 Trans Am (31353 bytes)

Red '79 Trans Am

Red '79 Trans Am

Red '79 Trans Am
1979 Super Pro Trans Am
owner: Paul Rash

1975 455 .035 over with Nodular crank, BME aluminum rods, SRP pistons and gapless rings. BIG roller cam, Wenzler High Port Heads flowing 370/295 int/exh. The motor was built by KRE Power and the car was put together with too much help to list by Rex Racing

Drivetrain: The transmission is a Turbo 400 w/ trans brake. A 9" ATI converter transfers the power. Tire selection is a hefty 33x16" tire, which is swapped with 33x14.5 Hoosier slicks at the track.

Body & Interior: The car has been back halved and to fit the racing slicks. The interior is complete and unchanged. The car still has its power steering, power brakes, power windows, and power door locks.

Best quarter mile time: 10.12 @ 134 without nitrous…ET on the bottle are N/A (This car is registered and inspected and is driven on the street in spring and summer.)



  75 Super Pro Trans Am (15028 bytes)

75 Super Pro Trans Am (20229 bytes)
1975 Super Pro Trans Am
owner: Laura Brunson

428c.i. bored .030. Here's the internals: ARP main studs, Crankshaft Specialties crank (double knife edge, nitrided, & lightened by 12lbs), Eagle 3D steel rods, Competition Cams roller cam (.252/.262 @ .050 duration, .614/.604 lift), and Ross custom pistons.
          A pair of Edelbrock aluminum heads utilizing 1.65:1 roller rocker arms topped with an Edelbrock Victor intake manifold and an analog 900cfm 4bbl Pro-jection carburetor with 20psi of fuel pressure make up the top end. A set of Heddman 2" tube headers handle the exhaust.    

Drivetrain: A 2-speed Powerglide tranny with a 1.96 1st gear and a 4.88 rear end get the power to the rear wheels.

Body & Interior: No info yet...

Best quarter mile time: 10.90 @ 123mph



  67 Comp Firebird (67525 bytes)

67 Comp Firebird (53050 bytes)

1967 Comp Firebird

(The 3rd Annual Tri-Power Sunday Comp Class Champion)

owner: David Gilreath

455c.i. Pontiac bored 0.30 over (440cid) with Ross Pistons and a 428 crank. Heads are a set of ported Wenzlers with stainless valves and silicon guides. Engine compression is a stout 13:1. An MSD 7AL and a Unilite Distributor (Inferred module) provide the ignition. A 1050 Holley Dominator sits atop the block and provides the air/fuel mixture.     

Drivetrain: Tranny is a Coan Powerglide with a trans brake and air shifter. Rear is a Dana 60 with Richmond gears at a 5.13 ratio. Drive shaft is 3" with a 1 1/8 universals. Underneath is a Ladder bar suspension along with a rear frame kit from JEGS. Tires used are 15x32x14s.

Body & Interior: Modifications include a 12 point roll cage with two shaft loops and rocker bars and an aftermarket steering wheel with a removable wheel.

Best quarter mile time: 10.30s @ 135mph



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