The 1968 Pontiac Firebird


This Firebird is owned by Christian Driscoll. Christian writes:

     "This is my '68 bird. I have had her in my possession for 3 years now. She's a work in progress. I recently put down money for a new 400 motor and tranny so that dreaded Chevy 350 in there now will be shot. No seriously its been good to me so far. I take her and my 2 year old son Christian to cruise nights as well as shows and we both love it. Take a kid to a show, the hobby depends on it. This bird has Coker redlines on 15s, Hooker headers, Alpine system from hell and a new top. Every year she improves in looks and drivability so by 2010 she'll kick my butt....."

thank you,
Christian Driscoll
Londonderry, NH

Christian recently provided new pics and the following information:

     "Hi, long time admirer of your site. In August 2007 my engine swap was completed. It took months of painstaking work. Thank you Shawn Laliberte of Concord, NH. On December 2006, I got a new engine with 62 heads bored 0.30 over from Greg Merrick of, out of Colorado. Over the next 8 months I made several new updates to my '68, including a 400 hood from Ames Performance, transmission, Hurst shifter, subframe connectors, and a hell of a lot of firewall work and we replaced the subframe (again thank you Shawn). Although she's still a work in progress, she's turning heads everywhere and isn't that what we all want? While waiting for the bird to come back I enjoyed my wife's '79 403 Formula and me and some other Firebird TA fans got a Firebird club up and running, the New England Firebird Auto Club. Look us up on Myspace and yahoo.

Thank you...
Christian Driscoll
Londonderry ,NH
Organizing Officer - New England Firebird Auto Club



Pontiac's second year offering the 1968 Firebird saw little change after the late release of he 1967 model. The same 5 models were offered and only subtle changes occurred to the styling. The most notable visual change was the removal of the vent window, which was replaced with a one-piece glass window. The Firebird 350 (pictured) was a midrange offer and came in two flavors: the standard 350 rated at 265hp @ 4600 rpm (UPC code L30/Engine code YJ-Auto WC-Man) and the 350HO rated at 320hp at 5100rpm (UPC code L76/Engine code YM-Auto WK-Man). The biggest difference was the compression ratio. The HO motor featured a 10.5:1 ration while its little brother was rated at 9.2:1. The base price for the 350 coupe was $2,887. This particular is equipped with the YJ block. The color is Mayfair Maize.



White Firebird (64038 bytes) This Firebird is owned by Fred Eassey. Fred is the father in a family of Firebird owners. Both his sons Roger and Jeff own their own 1st Gen Firebirds. In fact it was Jeff that sent in the photos. Jeff writes:

     "This 68 is a 400 car with a black interior. It has 14x7 Rally's and front disc brakes. The engine has been rebuilt to stock specifications. It also has a Turbo 400 transmission and a Posi rear. "

Jeff Eassey's '67 convertible Firebird can be seen at '67 Firebirds Lot#3.



White Convertible Firebird (39069 bytes) This Firebird is another member of the Eassey family and is owned by Roger Eassey. Brother Jeff writes:

     "This white convertible is a '68 350 H.O. equipped with power windows, power steering, a power top, tilt, cruise, a fold down rear seat ( I have never seen another like it) , and Deluxe interior."

Jeff Eassey's '67 convertible Firebird can be seen at '67 Firebirds Lot#3.



Michael Ornellas owns this great looking blue convertible Firebird. Mike writes:

     "Hello, if you would be so kind, I would love to see this car posted of your site. It is a 1968 1/2 Firebird Ram Air Hurst Edition Vehicle. It has a Dealer installed 428 engine with a manual transmission and 3.73 rear end. It has the steel " ram air" emblems on the hood that were never released for 1968 to 1969 because GM decided to go with stickers at some point that year. These are genuine GM research and development emblems on a steel hood. The car is a theme vehicle in the classic flavor of what a dealership could offer it you were crazy enough to do so. Yes it is a show car. Is it original? Did someone order it from a factory? That answer would be no. Does it live and breathe on the road? yes. Do I drive it. Like a bat out of hell would be small talk. haha
Yes it is a TA hood and a real one. Full Ram Air IV from pan to pan. Has a Doug Nash 5 speed with a 12 bolt 3.73 rear end. Power top, power windows deluxe pearl interior, remote mirror, power disk breaks, transmission oil cooler option, courtesy rear seat lights. Front and rear shoulder belts, AM/FM factory radio, tilt column, Rally cluster, center console, HO stripe kit and factory exhaust tips to top it off. Thanks for the consideration in adding this crazy creation to your list and yes, the "ram air" emblems are GENERAL MOTORS research and development emblems. If you need a part number and pictures, I can provide. The care is in progress of being finish for Fall this year and I would like to add or replace much better shots of the car later this year."




Jared Robertson owns this April Gold Firebird. Jared writes:

     "Here are some images of my 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400. I am the third owner. Original owner had the car for the first 30 years of its life, 2nd owner about 9 years, and now me for 1 year. When I got the car, it was in decent shape, but I wanted to restore it to its original luster. I was considering painting it a custom bright exotic color, but as I did some research on the internet, I began to realize there were not any April Gold firebirds anymore; or at least very few. This made me quickly change my mind to keeping it the stock color.
I’ve also attached an image of the original window invoice from its sale in April 1968. I also have the original Protect-o-plate card and warranty card. Car was fully loaded with all options; minus the ram air sadly!!! Oh why oh why did the original owner not check that sales order box???. Interior is all original and in great shape. Car must have always been garaged.
I’ve kept it original stock set up, but I have changed a couple things such as: removed the 2.56 non-posi and replaced it with a new 3.42 Posi, and dual Flowmaster exhaust system – 40 Series Delta Flow. I’ve got two sets of wheels & tires I use. My original stock 68 hubcaps with replica Firestone Redline Wide-ovals or my American Racing Torque Thrust II wheels. I like both!

1968 Pontiac Firebird 400
Vin#223378L101696 assembled in Van Nuys, CA, sold at McKee Pontiac, Oregon City, Oregon
Color: April Gold with black vinyl top
400 V8 YT code
4 BBL QuadraJet carburetor
400 Turbo Hydramatic Transmission
Air Conditioning
Power Windows
Original push-button radio
Front Disc Brakes
3.42 Posi-traction (not original rear)
Flowmaster 40 Series Delta Flow mufflers (not original exhaust)

Two wheel options:
Original 68 Hubcaps with Firestone Wide-oval F70X14
American Racing Torque Thrust II wheels. 17” in rear with P245ZR17 & 16” in Front with P205ZR16

Photos attached to this email are of it at car show and a replica Flying A gas station in Gladstone, OR, but you can see photos of my restoration and other cool shots at my website:"

Jared Robertson



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