The 1967 Pontiac Firebird
Lot #3


This beautiful blue convertible is owned by Mike Sanders. Mike writes:

     "Please consider posting this picture of my 1967 Firebird convertible. It has a 400, 4-speed, and a 3.55 posi."

Mike Sanders
Flower Mound, TX



Two Firebirds Parked In Front Of Hooters This is a really cool image of two Firebirds parked out front of a Hooters restaurant. The red convertible is equipped with the plain hood (no scoops) but the overall condition of the car is fantastic and it still has an aggressive look. The green hardtop is equipped with the standard hood and a tach. Its hard to tell but it looks like its equipped with the trunk spoiler as well. Either car would make a great addition to my driveway!



Powder Blue Firebird

Powder Blue Firebird

Powder Blue Firebird
Robert Prendergast is a happy man having only recently purchased this Firebird. Robert writes:

     "As of yesterday, I am now (finally) the proud owner of a 1967 firebird. Here's the specs as of right now:

chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) 1967 Firebird
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Chevy 305, (from an '86 Camaro) /w a Holley 4bbl
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) 350 Turbo Transmission
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) 14" Rally Rims

That's about it for now. I picked it up for a song at $1500 in New Jersey. The body is immaculate, with no dents at all and minimal rust. The car is in need of quite a bit of   restoration, but it survived the journey from Blackwood New Jersey, to Pennsylvania and still had enough oomph to smoke the tires in the driveway."



Black Convertible Firebird (53678 bytes) This black convertible is owned by Jeff Eassey. Jeff comes from a family of Firebird owners. Both his father and his brother own their own 1st Generation Firebirds. Jeff sent in pics and information for all three. Jeff writes:

     "This black '67 conv is an OHC-6 Sprint equipped with a standard interior, no power options, 4-spd, disc brakes, and a posi rear."

Fred Eassey's (father) '68 Firebird and Roger Eassey's (brother) '68 convertible Firebird can both be seen at '68 Firebirds Lot#3.



Silver Firebird (70,336 bytes)

Silver Firebird (56,530 bytes)

Silver Firebird (61,487 bytes)
Doug and Sharon Hopkins own this stunning Firebird and have owned it for an amazing 31 years!! Doug writes:

     "In 1973 I bought my '67 Firebird in Pensacola, Florida. It had been abused, wrecked, and repainted by the first owner. Fortunately he did not remove any original parts. After a year of street tinkering I decided to bracket race the Firebird. I raced the Firebird for nineteen years and in 1992 I decided to restore it. Actually I was just going to paint it and sell it, but while working on it and researching the original and rare Silverglaze paint code (P) I found a new interest in cars, restoration. I had kept all the original parts except  the console, heater box, and the very hard to find two bar factory rear end and very hard to find correct 3 speed shifter knob. After locating all the parts and having the car professionally painted I found going to car shows as much fun as racing and a lot cheaper. The Firebird has done very well at all the shows including first place at the Trans Am Nationals, Ames Performance Nationals, and the best was a Gold Award in stock at the POCI convention in St.Louis in 2003. My wife and I have had a lot of fun with a car I paid $500 for in 1973. The Firebird is equipped with a 326/2bbl., 3speed with a console, 3:08 standard rear, rally gauges, full size spare, HD cooling and Rally I wheels with red line tires."

 Doug&Sharon Hopkins



This blue '67 Firebird 400 is owned by Steven Dart. Bob Hamm sends us these pics (his daughter is Steven's girlfriend) and writes:

     "This is the latest addition to the Pontiac family, my daughter's boyfriend, and if he continues to buy and restore classic Firebirds he could be a son in law! :o) At this point, its right off the truck. Steven Dart from Elk Grove, California is jumping into the classic car ring. It's a 1967 Firebird 400, Turbo 400. So far, plans are not quite set as Steven is still figuring out what he wants to do to the car i.e. spoilers wheels, etc... The car has an open rear end, soon to be fitted with a posi and a set of rare Ansen traction bars. He is thinking of American racing Torque Thrust "D" wheels to keep that classic look and will, be joining me at shows with my Firebird or my 67 Goat!"

Bob has several Firebirds as he mentioned. He owns a '74 Formula that can be seen at 1974 Firebirds Lot#2 and a 1979 10th Anniversary Trans Am that can be seen at Anniversary Firebirds Lot#4.



Todd Driscoll owns this Firebird. Todd writes:

"This is my ' 67 Pontiac Firebird 400 that I bought in December of 2006 from a dealer in New Hampshire. All the papers came with it down to every oil change, even the original sales slip. I'm the third owner. The first owner used it only to run the quarter mile. The engine was supped up in 1968 to have 450 hp. It has 30,000 original miles. The color was originally a blue but was taken apart screw for screw and redone in the late 90's by the second owner who never even registered it. Other than the color change and tweaking of the engine she is original. She sounds mean, but has the gentle name of Lovey!"



Bill Simcox owns this freshly restored HO convertible Firebird. Bill writes:

      "I own a fully restored (just finished in fact) PHS documented HO convertible. The car is finished in the original Regimental red color, with a black top and a black interior. Given the early production date, April 3, 1967, a relatively early VIN of 27102 and the fact that the HO option was not all that popular, we believe that this car could actually be the first ever HO convertible produced for retail sale. Everyone tells me that this fact cannot be documented due to GM's poor record keeping."



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