The 1969 Pontiac Firebird


Gilbert Carreon owns this amazing red Firebird. Gilbert writes:

     "This one has 88,000 original miles, and is stock. Verified with the Pontiac Historic Society, it is Matador Red with a Black vinyl top. In addition to the 400 engine option, it came with several nice options as well. It has A/C, Power Steering, Power Disc Brakes, Power Windows, and a Power Antenna. It has the custom chrome trim, Rally II wheels, and inside sports the custom interior with stock AM/FM flip dial radio. It has the rare bench seat, which makes this bird a little less common."

Gilbert also owns a 1979 Trans Am that can be seen at '79 Firebirds Lot#1. His son also owns a 2000 NHRA Edition Trans Am that can be seen at the 2000 NHRA Edition Lot#1 page.



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Danny W. owns this incredible blue Firebird. Danny writes:

     "I'm 16 and it's my 1st car. My dad and I have restored it from the sad shape it was in when we bought it, the interior was shot. Bascially we did a lot of painting, taking apart, and a lot of cleaning. It wasn't a full resto that takes years, but we did a pretty extensive job." 

Below are some specs:

Engine: recently rebuilt pontiac 350 (about 15,000 miles ago), believe high performance cam was installed before I purchased it, 600cfm carb, aluminum manifold, K&N filter, estimate its somewhere close to 300hp, hoping to get a 400 or 455 and rebuilt it
Interior: originally blue, converted to black, air conditioned car, interior was all redone and converted to black a few months ago 
Paint and Body: blue, originally a blue like that, added front and rear spoiler, getting a 400 or T/A hood soon, I also added original looking chrome trim rings and original black PMD wheel centers
Tranny: it's an automatic (looking to change to 4-speed, but it'll be a lot of work), I've had it for about 9 months and I've made some changes since the pictures were taken



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Mark Burnette's Firebird is painted Chevy Orange to match the Chevy engine he has installed under the hood. Mark writes:

"Although I only had the car about 2 years I put over $1,000 and over 100 hours into improving its cosmetics and originality.  The paint and engine are Chevy but all the rest is original or N.O.S Pontiac.  I took some heat from die-hard Pontiac fans about the Chevy engine--but I felt I had the best of both worlds.  I had a head-turner Firebird powered by a totally reliable and cheap to maintain Chevy 350."

Nuff said....



69fb15.jpg (35412 bytes) This blue Firebird 400 convertible is owned by John Marshall Sr. The car was purchased in San Diego California, is completely original and rust free. It comes equipped with a 400c.i. engine, automatic transmission, console, power steering, power brakes, AM/FM radio with a console mounted 8-track tape player, wood grain sport steering wheel, tilt column, a hood tach, power top, fold down rear seat, rally II wheels, rally clock, a power trunk release, space saver spare tire, remote drivers side mirror, exhaust extensions, door edge guards, and floor mats. Johns not the only one in the family with a 1st generation Firebird; John's son (John Marshall Jr) owns a '67 Firebird (see the '67 section). John gave his son the car under the premise that his son must always take care of it. I'm sure John Jr will have little trouble fulfilling that request.



Silver Convertible Firebird (88053 bytes)

Silver Convertible Firebird (83239 bytes)

Silver Convertible Firebird (75326 bytes)

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This beautiful convertible Firebird is owned by Rich Guido. Rich writes:

     "Bought the car in 1998, it had a SBC 400 in it and it was red with black stripes. Since then it has been restored back to somewhat original. Here are some specs:

Q-Jet Carb
HEI distributor
Stock intake manifold
#62 heads ported by SD Performance
CC roller tip rockers (1.52)
Stock bottom end except ARP rod bolts
Cam CC XE 268 .224/.230 @ .050, with .468/.488 lift
1 5/8 with 3" collectors headers, and a 2 1/4" dual exhaust

TH400 with shift kit
2500 stall converter
10 bolt posi with 3.42 gears

The whole car including all mechanical, paint and body work done by me (with help from friends and family) The Color is palladium silver which is a 1969 Firebird color. Performance wise, in 2001 it ran a 14.3 @ 96 MPH at 3500 feet. That was before the heads were done by SD so 2002 should bring 13's. I drive the car all over western Canada (in the summer only)"

Rich Guido



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Maroon Firebird convertible

Maroon Firebird convertible

Maroon Firebird convertible
This firebird belongs to Tom Horton. Its equipped with a non-numbers matching 350c.i. engine, removed from another '69 Firebird, and the original Turbo 350 tranny. The 350 is rated at 265hp stock with a 2bbl carburetor. A new cam has been installed with .464/.497 lift and .222/.234 duration at .050. A new Edelbrock intake manifold and 4bbl Holley carburetor was also added. Out back the standard rear end has been replaced with a 3.55 posi unit.
     As for the rest of the car it has been completely restored. New paint, seat covers, bumpers, weather stripping, and dash bezels are some of the items that have been replaced.



This amazing 1 of 430 silver Firebird is owned by Frank Roshto. Frank writes:

     "Here are a few pics of my ’69 Firebird Sprint with the ultra rare 4.1L OHC6 250 engine. It’s documented with the OHC6 registry formed by Mr. Jerry Woodland and Mr. Jim Black, # 243. Equipped with the original ST-300 automatic transmission, Edlebrock 600 square bore 4bbl., split dual exhaust manifold to Hooker aero-chamber high performance mufflers, Crane XR-700 electronic ignition, MSD blaster II coil, Accell SS braided ignition wires, Earl’s hose fittings, K&N, etc. Researched by Mr. Jim Mattison on production numbers for this particular model and found that only 484 of these models were made with 54 being convertibles, so that makes only 430 2-door Sprint coupes with the ST-300 transmission were even produced making this model that much more rarer than normal."



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Green Firebird convertible
This is John & Elaine Tiganella's Firebird 350 convertible. They found the (then a white Firebird) car at a cruise at Roy Rogers in Waterbury. After they purchased it they decided to perform a restoration on it. They were surprised to find the car had tons of bondo. So a frame off restoration was started that would last three years. New quarter panels were bought and installed, and the body underwent a complete restoration. John performed all the work himself with Elaine's moral support for help. Year One in Georgia provided most of the hard to get parts. The car retains its original 265hp YE 350c.i. 2bbl engine and 2-speed tranny. It also comes with power steering, power brakes, a power top, and factory rally II wheels. The green interior with bucket seats maintains its originality but the paint was replaced with a 94 - 95 Pontiac Dark Yellow-Green provide by  Sickens. John says that he and the wife just LOVE cruising this bird around with the top down. Gee John I just can't imagine why.

E-mail: John Tiganella Sr.



Dark Red Firebird This is a beautiful dark red Firebird. It has the trunk spoiler option and it looks like the owner blacked out the fender louvers. Nice touch.



Orange Firebird convertible This carousel red Firebird was optioned for a muscle car with comforts. Its equipped with wire wheel covers, whitewall tires, chrome mudflaps, antennae and the standard hood sans the scoops.



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