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The 2000 NHRA Edition Trans Am

According to Pontiac Historical services only 207 NHRA Firebirds were
built in 2000. Of that number only 110 were Trans Ams. The remaining
97 were Formulas.


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Jim Vallarta brings us the site's first 2000 model NHRA Trans Am. Jim writes:

     "Hi, my name is Jim Vallarta. I live in a semi-rural community about 50 miles southwest of Chicago. I noticed while browsing your site that you have a 2001 and 2002 NHRA Special Edition Trans Am and thought I'd share pics of mine 2000. I recently sent away to PHS for vehicle specs so when I receive them I'll share that information. My car is Pewter, leather interior, t-tops, 6-speed Hurst.
I fell in love with the Pontiac Trans Am of the late 70's. After years of spending wisely, being a responsible husband and father, buying cars for my kids and wife.....I finally decided it was my turn! I started looking at TAs in the summer of 2001. Due to family medical crisis, I had to put off my shopping. However, I didn't give up the dream and continued to frequent the area dealers.
When I learned of the discontinuation of the car, I became more determined. By spring of 2003, a local dealer had acquired this 2000 NHRA Special Edition Trans Am from it's owner who had purchased the car through them originally. I saw it, test drove it for an entire day, and fell in love. I didn't fall in love with the price tag though. So I kept looking for months. I kept coming back to this car. No car seemed to drive like it.
After months of playing with the dealer and their obvious desire to move this car off the lot, I was able to negotiate a wonderful deal for myself and am now the proud owner of this sharp car. I'm a member of the NHRA Special Edition Formula - Trans Am Club. I have not yet tested the performance stats of my car and am considering doing so at the Route 66 Raceway."




Gilbert Carreon III owns this NHRA Edition Trans Am. Gilbert Sr. writes:

     "If I had any doubts about my parenting skills, they were eliminated last year. I gave my 17 year old son the option to buy any car he wanted for Christmas, and I would help him pay for it. He also spent a few months searching the internet, and finally found the one he wanted. Not sure why, but he kept coming back to Firebirds and Trans Am cars. He went with the last generation Bird, in perfect condition, and low miles. It is Pewter in color, and has all the options, 6 speed, Chrome rims, CD player, and includes the famed T-Tops. It is the Special Edition NHRA (National Hot Rod Assn.) version. Only 207 Firebirds with the NHRA Option were built in 2000, and only 110 of them were Trans Ams. So this makes this bird very rare."

Gilbert Sr. also owns a '69 Firebird that can be seen at '69 Firebirds Lot#1 and a 1979 Trans Am that can be seen at '79 Firebirds Lot#1.