The 1987 Pontiac Firebird, Formula, Trans Am & GTA


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This Trans Am is owned by Michael Deaner. Michael writes:

     "Hello, and here it is...... its finally compete, after 1 year of work, and several parts cars.  Its finally done.  I bought the car for $250 bucks, at the time, it wasn't running, and was hit in the front end. The kid I bought it from, said he tried for several months to get it running, but failed. So we towed it home, did some basic troubleshooting, and to my surprise...haha....all it needed was a fuse!!!!!!!!!!!!! A few days later the kid stopped by my shop, laughing because I bought the car.  He asked me if I got the piece of crap running. Then it was my turn to laugh!!!!!!!!!  I purchased after-market parts but was very disappointed with the fit.  
So I started my search. After buying several original front fenders here and there, getting them home and stripping them, realizing that they were junk. But, I finally found two good ones. The hood is the original off the car, although it was (at one time) creased up almost to a point.  I totally removed the hood skin, and started the reshaping process. Shrinking it here, stretching it there, until it was 100%. The car was rusted out in some of the strangest places. Right in the middle of each door, each quarter panel.  
So my search for perfect replacements started. The whole car was stripped down to bare metal, etched, and epoxy primed. I spent months getting perfect body lines. And I do mean perfect. Rear quarters were installed and the whole car was etched in primer on the inner panels. Final process was to use spray in bed liner for sound deadening and protection.  The interior was hand made from tweed and I maintained the original colors, black and gray. Now pay close attention to the Trans Am Birds, as they are custom painted. Ghost, with harlequin paint. Standing in one area, they look blue, another area, red, then gold, and then, and then and then. They change colors to about 18 different colors, it all depends.  The body, is painted in PPG, DBC Base coat, with blue pearl, mixed in with the 9700 pitch black. During the day, its pitch black, but at night, with lights shinning on it, its a pretty pearl blue. Please enjoy the pics.  I'm the owner of a custom paint and body shop, and just wanted a nice clean, different car. Yes, the wing is hand made also, took about 3 months and its about 6 different pieces molded together, but it looks great."

Thank, you,
Michael D

Enjoy this bonus "before" pic to give you an idea of what this car looked like while undergoing the restoration.

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Ron Jezeskie owns this black and gold Trans Am. Ron writes:

     "I would like to submit my car to get on your website. You have some beautiful cars on your website , hope mine is satisfactory. My car is a 1987 Trans Am with 80k on it, a 305 V8 with Tuned Port fuel injection with a 4 speed automatic transmission and the WS6 package. The car came with the digital dash and T-tops as you can see obviously. My 5 year old son and I love to go driving in the car and to go to car show. . I have installed very little performance mods on car other than had a Catback Flowmaster put on the car and a K&N air setup. I am planning to redo the headliner, the seals and maybe a fresh coat of paint. Other than that I love the car as it came from the factory and don't plan any other mods (other than a supercharger down the road.) Here are a few pics of my car. You have an awesome website."



Joe Myers owns this GTA that he recently restored. Kevin writes:

     "Hey the cars here look great. My name is Joe Myers, I bought this 1987 GTA when I was 14. I paid $900 for the car and I have around $11,000 in it now. I have worked on it for the last 4 years and I have my step-dad Kevin to thank. It is a L98 350 with the 700R4 Bright Red with Tan interior. We repainted the car, added a new interior, new tranny and had some motor work done. I had my wheels polished and repainted at Browns Body Shop in Camdenton, Missouri. Thanks guys, they are great. Recently I put a Moser 9in Rear-end with 3:70s. I have done simple things to the motor and currently run 14.53 in the 1/4. I ordered a Ram Air hood last week and that is a soon to be, and next major thing on my list is a ZZ383 GM motor. I love to take it to cruse-ins and car shows with my step-dad's '68 Firebird. This is my car and my story. Hope you all enjoy!"

The last pic in the set is what it looked like when Joe bought it.



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