The 1980 Pontiac Firebird, Formula & Trans Am


Yellow Bird (68150 bytes)

Another first for the Gallery! The first 1980 Yellow Bird. This was a special package offered from 1977 to 1980 on the Firebird Esprit. Each year featured a different color scheme. Ray Strickland owns this all original mint example of the offering in 1980. Ray writes:

     "Hi! Attached is a photo of my 1980 "Yellowbird", which I purchased in May of 1998. At the time of purchase, it was a one-owner vehicle with 47000 actual miles. It was a "pleasure vehicle" for the owners. They only took it out on weekends when the weather was good. In the winter, they stored it in a barn. Up until the '98-'99 season, it had never seen snow or road salt. The body is in immaculate condition. It is an Esprit model, with the original 4.9L engine. Four-barrel carb, no turbo, but still beats the pants off any 6-cylinder sport utility vehicle, which has turned my yuppie neighbors yellow with envy. The paint and decals are all original equipment. I have changed the alternator and fuel pump, and the previous owner had recently changed the starter and the brake master cylinder. Most of the interior vinyl and upholstery is original. The carpet is a little worn and needs replacement... big deal. Note the matching cast-aluminum wheels. I have only heard of one other Yellowbird here in Indy; a T-top model suffering from rust damage."

Here's some information on the special "Yellowbird" package installed on Ray's Firebird Esprit:

6push.gif (1016 bytes) Special two-tone yellow paint (code 56); included gold striping and yellow bird decals for the sail panels and rear spoiler
6push.gif (1016 bytes) Velour interior
6push.gif (1016 bytes) Black lens taillights with yellow horizontal ribs
6push.gif (1016 bytes) Gold front panel crest
6push.gif (1016 bytes) Yellow snowflake wheels
6push.gif (1016 bytes) Black grilles
6push.gif (1016 bytes) Camel tan interior trim
6push.gif (1016 bytes) Camel seat belts
6push.gif (1016 bytes) Gold engine-turned instrument panel
6push.gif (1016 bytes) Camel tan Formula steering wheel with gold spokes (changed to black spokes later in the year)

Sticker price on this car was in the neighborhood of $5,967. Engine options were:
6push.gif (1016 bytes) Buick 3.8L V6 115hp
6push.gif (1016 bytes) Pontiac 4.9L V8 140hp
6push.gif (1016 bytes) Chevy 5.0L V8 150hp

There are no production figures available for these packages; however in 1980 there were 17,277 Esprits built.



Brown Trans Am (42689 bytes)

Brown Trans Am (31757 bytes)

Brown Trans Am (54016 bytes)
Paul Kerr owns this awesome Trans Am. Paul writes:

     "Hey Jimmy, Congrats on your fine web site ! I'm sending you some shots of my '80 T/A. The car has never been painted and has it's original interior. It has 70,000 miles . It is a WS6 With a 342 rear-end . I replaced the original 305 engine with a 4bolt 350 that is blue-printed and balanced with an Edelbrock performer cam and manifold along with Heddman headers. I've also put in a K&N air filter with the top flow top. As far as the 350 tranny goes the only thing I've done is install a Hurst ratchet shifter . I've surprised many a late model Mustang and Camaro at the stop light wars! Not too bad for a 54 year old . Thanks for your consideration." 

E-mail: Paul Kerr

Paul recently sent me this update on the TA:

"Hey Jimmy, your new site is great ! I'm sending you some more photos of my T/A project. Also I left out that I had installed an Edelbrock 750 cfm carb. I would also like to thank Albert and Ricardo and the guys at Cars Plus garage for making my T/A project come to life. Also I would like to thank Manny, the store mgr. at Auto Zone #1548, for all of his help. Keep up your great work on your site. Thanks again for putting my T/A on your site. Paul Kerr in El Paso, TX"



Red Trans Am (84,729 bytes)

Red Trans Am (66,496 bytes)

Red Trans Am (83,174 bytes)

Red Trans Am (89,829 bytes)

Red Trans Am (103,526 bytes)
Mike Webber owns this brilliant red TA. Mike writes:

     "I live in Ohio and I've had the car going on 6 years. Its got a host of mods (see below). Things still to do are to lower the rear end to 3.73 and tie the frame. I can't get too crazy with it till I tie the frame!!!! Don't want to twist it in half. Since I have had it it has seen no snow and was out only one time in the rain. I take it to car shows and cruise-ins. I get a lot of looks when I fire it up. Yes it sounds good!!!"

Current mods:
454 Chevy eng.
9.5:1 Dome Pistons
Performer Plus cam
Roller Rockers
Roller Timing Chain
750 Holley carb.
Accel Super Coil
K&N Air Filter
400 Turbo Tranny
B&M 2800 Stall Converter
B&M Shifter
Flowmaster Mufflers
3.08 Rear End

Mike recently sent in these new pics of the TA.



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