The 2002 Pontiac Firebird, Formula, 
Trans Am Lot#2


Blue Trans Am (111,243 bytes) This stunning Blue Trans Am is owned by Sean Ritchie. Sean writes:

     "Dear firebird gallery, here is our 2002 Trans AM WS-6. It was produced on 11 October 2001 and we picked it up in Texas on 26 October 2001. Some of the pictures were taken a week after delivery in front of the Battleship Texas in Houston. Our kids have affectionately named her "Truly Scrumptious" after the lady in Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang. We chose the following options:

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS-6
325 hp ram air induction LS1 engine
P27540ZR17 tires
Chrome wheels
dual exhaust
Delphi high performance suspension
Monsoon 500 watt stereo with dual subwoofers
Navy Blue Metallic Color
6-speed manual transmission
Hurst short throw shifter

Since we have owned it, we have done little in the way of modifications, preferring to keep it fairly stock. We have added the following items so far:

Firestone Firehawk SZ50EP p27540ZR17 tires
K&N Air Filter
Mobil1 Engine Oil
K&N Performance Gold Oil Filters

Thanks for adding us to "The Gallery".

Sean & Kim Ritchie
Pittsburgh, PA



Red Trans Am (100,020 bytes)

Red Trans Am (116,112 bytes)

Red Trans Am (86,184 bytes)

Red Trans Am (138,158 bytes)
This red Ram Air convertible Trans Am is owned by David May. David writes:

     "This is my 2002 WS6 Trans Am convertible. Its is loaded with Hurst 6-speed,traction control and CD changer in trunk. It currently has 6000 miles on it and its all original. ASC# 2054. Build Date 8-13-01. It one of 122 made."

David also owns a 1970 RAIII Trans Am that can be seen at '70 Firebirds Lot#1.



Bart Foreman owns this Convertible Trans Am Bart writes:

     "My 2002 WS6 convertible has Bright Silver Metallic paint, the Ebony cloth top as well as the Ebony leather interior. It was ordered with a 4L60E 4-speed automatic transmission, Traction Control and the 12 disc CD changer. I use it for some commuting, but it's mostly just for cruising in the sunny southern California weather. My T/A is completely stock and will stay that way. I had always wanted one of the fourth-generation Firebirds ever since the '98 model came out with the new front-end styling and the fantastic all-aluminum LS1 engine. I'm glad I was able to get my hands on a final year of production Firebird Trans Am, there has never been a better performance car for the money."

                   Thanks, Bart Foreman in So Cal



Robert Slomienski Jr. owns this bad black Trans Am. Robert writes:

     "My 2002 Ram Air Trans Am......last of the TAs. Ordered just for me in fall of 2001. 18,000 miles later, she's a weekend driver, with the occasional show or race. Factory options are 6 speed (of course), and Ram Air. Didn't need/want a cd changer or traction control. So far, the toys I've bolted on are: SLP airbox, bellows, and MAF. K&N filter, BG Ram Air modification (removes the factory blocking plate in your ram air ducts). SLP loudmouth and Y pipe exhaust, SLP strut tower brace, and the DiabloSport Predator programmer with custom SLP tuning. As she will eventually be a collectors item, I don't want to modify her too much......that's what my 78 TA is for. The most I'll do now is a set of SLP rocker arms, and some high flow cats. For the exterior, I put on reflective red decals for the front license cover, Trans Am emblems, and Pontiac inlay in the rear, all from, a GREAT site with lots of goodies for F bodies, vettes, and others. Most recently was the 5% limo window tinting. Next up is to replace the grey 'ram air' decals on the hood with red ones, from Year One."

Robert also owns a Solar Gold '78 Trans Am that can be seen at '78 Firebirds Lot#1.



Pete Drnek owns this beautiful convertible. Pete writes:

     "Here's a little background about the car. Since I saw the new style of the new 98 Firebirds I wanted one. I really had it bad after going on vacation to see my brother and driving his 95 Ram Air coupe. I was hooked bad. While at the dealer getting my other car serviced I saw a 01 Sunset Orange WS6 coupe. Soon as I saw it I knew that was the color I wanted when the time came. I wanted to have the last year Firebird so I had only a little time left before I had to make the decision. In July 01 I sat down with the dealer and talked about what I wanted to do and order.
Before I knew it I was pulling out the checkbook for the deposit and had a 02 WS6 Ram Air Vert on order. I decided on auto and black top and interior but to leave off the traction control and CD changer. Then the wait began. At the end of Aug the dealer called and said he just checked and found that the T/A had rolled off the line and was in transit. Then late one Friday afternoon in early Sept I got a call that the car was in and at the dealer. Darn it I had to work that night but I just had to see the car since I couldn't pick it up until the bank approved the loan the following week.
I decided to go see the car and found it parked behind the dealer with all the wrappings still on it. My sales person came out and opened it up for me. I couldn't believe it it was finally here and I could sit in it. I went thru the car and took all the stickers and paperwork I could find inside. I even located a factory build sheet in the car. I set up with the dealer that I would pick the car up the following Tues afternoon.
That way I could get off work in the morning, get some sleep, go to the bank and finally pick up my dream car. The time finally arrived and I called a family member to make sure we were still on for a ride to the dealer to get my car. My Mom then told me the events that happened while I was sleeping....SEPT 11TH. I still went ahead with the plan and picked up my dream on a very tragic day. The car is only driven on very nice days and presently only has 3,800 miles on it."




John Rogers owns this WS6 Trans Am. John writes:

     "We found this car sitting on a Pontiac lot, it was a trade in that was sold there in 6/02 . We bought it 5/04 with 10,000 miles on it. We really wanted black or pewter, but there is something about the white on this car, knowing it has a heart of black. Also the white Ram Airs seem to be less seen. I plan on keeping it stock and clean. It's a 2002 WS6 Ram Air w/ an auto trans. no Traction control and no CD changer. Last of the bad boys!"



Robert Poore owns this silver WS6 Trans Am. Robert writes:

     "Hi, I found this site by chance and had to send in my most recent "baby". I originally got hooked on TAs when I purchased a '93 black with black leather interior. Due to job requirements I had to give it up but I never forgot that feeling, that rush. Just 3 days ago, 9/24/04 I found and purchased my new "baby", an 02' silver TA, 6 speed, ram air. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! The funny part is I did not even have to test drive it to know I would love it, bought it on site!! Three glorious days later of flying around with the t-tops off, engine roaring, chewing up mustangs I am just tickled pink...."




Steve Alleman owns this silver WS6 Trans Am. Steve writes:

     "In December of 2004 I went to the car dealership to buy a 2004 Pulse Red GTO when I found the salesman had this 2002 Trans Am Ram Air (WS6) sitting in his garage with 675 miles on it. It's bright silver metallic with ebony leather trim, T-Top with a 6-speed Manual including Hurst Option and Traction Control plus 17” high polished aluminum wheels and 12 disc CD changer. He had already added the SLP Intake, MAF Sensor, Strut tower brace, skip-shift eliminator, ORY pipe, conservative stripes and screaming chicken emblems on the pillars. I added bolt-on sub-frame connectors and LM II dual/dual exhaust. I drive it once a week (@100 miles), wash and cover it after every use. Nothing on the road looks quite like a WS6 Ram Air with bright marker lights on it."



Matthew Conway owns this WS6 Trans Am. Matthew writes:

     My name is Matt Conway I am from MO. My car is a 2002 WS6 trans am with the following mods:
  • PRC Heads from South Texas Performance
  • LT Pacesetter Headers with an off road Y-Pipe
  • SLP Cat-Back Loudmouth exhaust
  • TB bypass
  • Crane cam
  • 150 Shot Nitrous Express
  • All hood baffles removed from hood
  • Spec Stage III clutch
  • Hotchkis Lower Control Arms
  • Edelbrock Torque Arm
  • Eibach Pro Kit (to lower the car)
  • Corvette Rims

Matt recently sent me a new pic and and some updated info on this Trans Am.



This red rocket is own by David Giordano. David writes:

This is my 2002 WS6 TA:

325hp Ram Air
6 Speed
Black leather, Red exterior
Blacked out tail and marker lights, limo tint
K&N air filter
Upgraded exhaust system, Flowmaster

I rebuilt the interior after purchasing this car in November 2006 for a great price of $13,000.00. Future upgrades:

Find the original Rims and tires
Power program with thermostat
Carbon fiber coil covers/ I like the red ones



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