The 2002 Pontiac Firebird, Formula, 
Trans Am Lot#1


This is a real pleasure and treat for me to present to you the first 2002 Trans Am on my site. This one is my 2002 Ram Air Trans Am. I had owned a 1997 Formula for several years and never took the time to add it to the site. Recently, in January of 2002 I decided to upgrade to the Trans Am I have wanted since they came out in 1998. I'm only going to include some basic info on it as I plan on putting up a section of the site just for my own collection of Pontiacs. I'm the webmaster and I get to do that :^).
  • Pewter Exterior
  • Gray Leather Interior
  • 5.7L LS1 (325hp stock)
  • WS6 Ram Air Performance & Handling Package
  • Traction Control
  • T-Tops
  • Monsoon 10 Speaker Stereo System
  • Pwr Windows, Locks, Seats, & Mirrors
  • 17" Chrome Rims with 275/40ZR17 Nitto NT555 tires
  • K&N Air Filter

I finally got off my butt, detailed the new car and took it out to get some new pics. Hope you enjoy them. You can also check out my new 1973 Trans Am over at 1973 Firebirds Lot#1.

My baby was at the 2005 Trans Am Nationals. The first one I could make it to since buying it in 2002!! Here's a couple of pics:



Black Ram Air Trans Am (126694 bytes)

Black Ram Air Trans Am (140738 bytes)

Black Ram Air Trans Am (149961 bytes)

Black Ram Air Trans Am (116408 bytes)

Black Ram Air Trans Am (156997 bytes)
The second '02 Trans Am on the site is another Ram Air monster. This ones black and its bad. This entry is one of a very few that I have met the owner and the car in person. Actually there is a good story behind this one. The TA is owned by John Rose. My wife and I met him the night he picked it up. We were up at the local Pontiac dealer looking for a Ram Air '02 of our own. Interestingly we wanted to look at this one and John closed the deal minutes after we began talking to a salesman. We would leave the dealer empty handed that night but returned some three weeks later to pick up the Pewter beauty above. John writes:

     "Since I first laid eyes on the 1998 Firebirds and Trans Ams I was hooked.  The little change in the front facia and hood made all the difference in the world.  It looked like a car a 40 year old man would fall in love with.  And I did.  It started with just the V-6 Firebird.  By the time I could afford to work a deal it was June 2000 and I settled for a left over 1999 Trans Am, Pewter Metallic, Automatic.  But my sights were still looking forward to the fully loaded WS6 with a  6 speed and Hurst shifter.  
    In December 2001, my local dealership received 2 2002 WS6 Trans Ams.  One black, one blue.  Unfortunately we could not work a deal.  Throughout the month I was on the internet looking for someone who would deal.  I was close to flying up the east coast and buying a 2001 demo, but they would not give me anything for my 1999 Trans Am.  Finally I got a call from a dealership in Columbia, SC, 60 miles from where I lived.  He said he had just received a Black Trans Am and asked if I wanted to come see it.  Well I was getting discouraged and half-heartedly said I would come up that Saturday, December 28th.  I showed up at 1 p.m. that day.  They had pulled the car up from the back of the receiving area.  It was cleaned, polished, and prepped.  Four hours later it was mine thanks to some GMAC incentives in financing that no one else would give me.  As I was moving my personal items from my old T/A into the new one I met Jimmy Means and his wife.  I firmly believe that if I had not bought the car that day, it would be Jimmy's right now.  
    This car has every option I could hope for: 6 speed, Hurst shifter, WS6, Traction control, and it is BLACK.  In my entire adult life of purchasing cars I have always settled for less than what I wanted due to lack of funds.  I either got the car I wanted but used (sometimes very used) or if I bought new I couldn't afford exactly what I wanted.  I have my ultimate dream car.  I will keep it forever.   This was the last chance to get this car and all the key factors fell together on this day to let me have it.  For everyone else looking I hope you find what you are looking for.  Even though Pontiac seems to have made many, many more Trans Ams with the WS6 package this year,  they are looking very scarce on the lots now and I think the time to order one is about over."



02fr10.1.jpg (256208 bytes)

02fr10.2.jpg (254133 bytes)

02fr10.3.jpg (211383 bytes)
The first '02 Formula on the site. This one is owned by Alan Day. Alan writes:

    "I am submitting these pictures to you wonderful site hoping to see my car on the site. My car is a 2002 Firebird Formula six-speed, nothing really special except it will no longer be made (what is GM thinking). Hope you can use these pictures, if you need anything specific please let me know."



Pewter Trans Am (171,035 bytes)

Pewter Trans Am (267,735 bytes)

Pewter Trans Am (165,932 bytes)

Pewter Trans Am (84091 bytes)

Pewter Trans Am (101365 bytes)
Jason Wagner owns this Pewter Trans Am Jason writes:

     "This is my 2002 Firebird Trans AM Coupe in Pewter Metallic.  This Trans Am is powered by the 5.7L, 350 C.I.D. LS1 V8 which produces 310 HP at 5200 RPM and 340 ft-lbs of torque at 4000 RPM.  Special options are: the 3.23 performance rear axle ratio and the chrome 16" cast aluminum wheels with Goodyear Eagle GSC P245/50ZR16 high performance tires.  It also has Ebony leather interior and a 4-speed auto. transmission.  I purchased this vehicle recently to upgrade from my 1997 3800 V6 Firebird, to acquire one of the final production year models and to own an awesome piece of American automotive history.  I am saddened to see this legendary American muscle-car come to its end, but I commend your site in its preservation of the memory of one of the greatest icons in American automotive history, the Pontiac Firebird:  The Muscle Car Lives, and will never die!"

       Jason Wagner
       Palm Bay, Florida



Pewter Trans Am (127509 bytes)

Pewter Trans Am (134883 bytes)

Pewter Trans Am (113099 bytes)

Pewter Trans Am (105942 bytes)

Pewter Trans Am (127047 bytes)
Mike White owns this incredibly awesome looking Ram Air Trans Am. I don't know what it is about those Pewter '02s... :^). Mike writes:

     "A Dream Comes True"

   A 14 year old boy sitting in the floor watching tv. Suddenly a commercial comes on. A Ferrari appears on the screen.  "Cool car", the boy thinks to himself. Behind the farrari pulls up a 1998 Ram Air Trans Am.(Black) Seconds later the T/A appears in front of the Ferrari with nothing left of it but the Ferrari's frame. "WOW!", the boy says. "I want THAT car."
(Download that commercial in the downloads section -webmaster)

   As you have figured. I am that boy. Now 19 years old and finally got THAT car. I am the proud owner of a 2002 Pewter Metallic, WS6 Ram Air Trans Am. Stock it's said to have 325 hp and 320 lbs ft or torque. True American Muscle. It has black interrior. It's automatic, and all the bells and whistles you can get with the Ram Air minus the CD changer. I plan to modify quite a bit but I don't want to reveal my secrets. Stay tuned tto the FIREBIRD GALLERY for updates. (SHAMELESS PLUG)"


Red Trans Am (184665 bytes)

Red Trans Am (175413 bytes)

Red Trans Am (160925 bytes)

Red Trans Am (168683 bytes)

Red Trans Am (148465 bytes)
Tom McEvoy owns this new 2002 WS6 Coupe. Tom recently sent us some new pics and information. Tom writes:


Here are some additional pics for the posting as well as some additional information. Feel free to edit as needed. I'll send some pictures of my son's car under separate cover. Dueling Birds is what we call them! Bought my 2002 WS6 after my son purchased and restored a 97 Firebird. I got the bug again. I've restored several muscle cars. Present project is a 74 Corvette. Former projects include a 64 Impala SS and a 67 Chevelle SS 396. Anyway, grew tired of driving my Explorer and wanted something with a little punch. Got the Trans Am in August but really did not have time to even drive it until late September. I operate a water park in NW Florida and my time is fully consumed from May-Sept."

My new ride includes the following:

Red Exterior
Ebony leather interior
5.7 LS 1 (325 HP)
WS6 Package
4 speed automatic transmission
Monsoon 10 speaker sound system
17" Chrome wheels

I plan on adding the K&N Air Filter once I can accumulate some miles on it.

Tom's son Chad also owns a Firebird, a dark green '97 Firebird. You can see it at the '97 Firebirds Lot#2.



Black Trans Am (90747 bytes)

Black Trans Am (157377 bytes)

Black Trans Am (200257 bytes)
Richard Szabo is the owner of this Navy Blue Metallic WS6 Trans Am. Richard writes:


Keep up the awesome website that you guys have created! I have enclosed some pictures of my 2002 WS6 Trans Am that I purchased back in February of this year. I fell in love with these muscle cars after seeing those commercials on TV back in 1998 and knew from that point that I just had to have one. When I found out that they were going to be discontinued, I just had to go out and finally get one. I'm sure that you guys understand that feeling! It has Ebony leather interior with a Hurst 6 speed. Since those pictures were taken I have made a few modifications which include: SLP performance airbox, K&N filter, SLP 85mm MAF sensor, and a "smooth" bellows between the MAF and the throttle body. Yes, you can feel the difference the mods have made when you step on the gas!"

Richard Szabo



Pewter Trans Am (112499 bytes) This pewter Trans Am is owned by Christian Canales. Christian writes:

     "Hey, My name's Christian, and I am living in the good ol' state of Arizona where we have many a muscle car and rod owners and more than enough kids running their Hondas and Acuras. As a matter of fact, I always had a street race in my 96 Beretta on my way to work, but ever since I got my 2002 T/A LS1, them full size lawn mowers just won't even look my way. Go figure. We are in America, and in America we build American cars. Let's race!!"




Black Trans Am (113,968 bytes)

Black Trans Am (120,551 bytes)

Black Trans Am (137,446 bytes)

Black Trans Am (80,660 bytes)
The first '02 Convertible WS6 Trans Am on the site. This ones owned by Ron Landon. Ron writes:

     "This is the fifth firebird I have owned in my lifetime and she's the best. She's a black 2002 Trans Am convertible with a WS6 performance package, Hurst 6 speed, monsoon sound w/cd changer. 325 hp & 350 ft lbs, Not many can catch her. I heard rumors from the dealer that this particular car was the former Seafair parade royalty coach. As soon as they were finished carting the princess around........I grabbed it."

Ron Landon



Black Formula (154,208 bytes)

Black Formula (150,580 bytes)

Black Formula (157,817 bytes)

Black Formula (137,760 bytes)

Black Formula (108,795 bytes)
Benjy Gallagher owns this Formula. Benjy writes:

     "My car is an 02 Formula. The car is a 6 speed & the only 2 options were the chrome wheels & Hurst Shifter. There were only 901 Formulas made this year & the Chrome rim option made them one of the rarest. Only 170 Formula's with the chrome rim option were made. Making them one of the 4 rarest optioned F-Body's of 02. My car also came with an Ebony cloth interior, all Trans Am's & WS6's came with leather & most Formulas were optioned with leather. If you notice the pictures, my engine isn't that stock. It has almost all of the basic LS1 bolt-ons & has run a fastest ET of 12.59 @ 113. By the end of next year we will be shooting for low 11's in a daily driven car with AC."




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