Trans Am Specialties



This entry marks the first product of Trans Am Specialties that I have come across. As I conduct some research on this particular brand of "Tuner" TA, I'll provide it here. Steve Gest owns this 1982 Trans Am. Steve writes:

     "This is an original 1982 Trans Am Specialties Bandit. I got it for $2K on Ebay, drove it home the next day. Unfortunately I had to replace the original windshield that had Bandit frosted into it across the top. Has the T/A Specialties gauges and other extras like the dash pocket signed by Burt Reynolds' and all the paperwork going back to the day it left the Van Nuys factory for T/A Specialties. It's still a bit rough body wise. The original front air dam is a mess and I may have to just use it as a pattern to make a new one. When I got it had S-10 rims on it so I replaced them with a set of 15 x 8 U.S. Wheels from Summit. P235/60R15 Firestone Firehawk tires. Replaced the rear lower control arms with tubular and poly bushings.
Adjustable panhard bar with poly bushings. Poly bushings for the trans and torque arm bushings. Added a "wonder bar" to the front. It already had the front and rear sway bars and cross member braces as part of the original WS6 package. New Monroe Struts and rear shocks finish off the suspension.
Powered by the 305 HO Carb model, M-22 Muncie 4 speed with a Hurst shifter.
I've yet to find out if it came that way (with the Muncie), T/A Specialties did it, or it just found it's way in there all by itself. Been getting a lot of the parts for it from Ebay, Jegs, or Summit. At this point I have about all I need to finish putting it back to perfect except the time. One room of my house is now dedicated to just holding parts till I get around to using them. At this point the entire bottom has been stripped clean and painted with black bed liner. With all the new suspension parts (all red) it looks like new under there. Under the car and under the hood look better than the car from the outside, but I always prefer to have all the mechanical and interior done before I fuss with paint or body work. I plan on adding a 4 point roll bar and trying SCCA Autocross, but that is well down the road."




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