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1980 Trans Am
owner: Glen & Tammy Morin

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1980 Custom Coach Trans Am
owner: Glen & Tammy Morin
This silver convertible Trans Am looks a lot like a 10th Anniversary Trans Am on the outside but the interior is black. It has the same silver paint scheme, turbo rims, turbo hood etc. The black top is a nice contrast but seems to be a little long in the rear. Looks like the factory turbo is still intact which is not real common with the so-equipped 2nd gens. Note the power antenna mounted on the driver's rear quarter panel. A couple recently purchased this car and contacted me. Tammy writes:

     "This car was not done by National coach as there is no plate on the door frame. Darrel D on your web site refers to this car as being the one done by Custom coach…..unsure of what exact company this is. On other sites discussing the convertible trans am for this year, there is mention of one car being converted by Custom coach and that it was sent to BC. What I am hoping for (maybe unrealistic) is to find someone that is knowledgeable about the car done by this “Custom Coach” so we can either prove or disapprove that our car is this one. And if it was not done by this “Custom Coach” what company did do it as it was bought “new” from the dealership as a convertible. (We have the original bill of sale). We did contact the dealership but they said that they wouldn’t have documentation any more on this car."

I received this recently in reference to this TA:
     "I have seen this car in person and it is a low mile original owned TA. It is not an NCE conversion but a Custom Coach. It was for sale when I looked at it and I did see it on Ebay. I don't know if it is sold yet. It is in Surrey B.C. Canada. It is a very nice car. I hope this helps, Darrell D."



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Maroon Convertible Trans Am (183064 bytes)
1981 Trans Am #43
owner: Darrell Dolejsi
Darrell writes:

     "Here are some pictures of my rare 81 Trans Am. It is fully loaded and has a Turbo Charged 4.9 Liter engine. This car was sold new as a convertible in Toronto Canada, but has been on the west coast for most of its life. It is a National Coach Engineering conversion number F-043. They put a serial number plate on the driver side door jamb. There were a lot of modifications done to these cars. The frame is reinforced from front to back with flat bar and one inch tubing, the front seats sit lower, the back seat is trimmed 1.5 inches on each side to make room for the top. The sun visors are closer together and the dome light is now at the end of the console. Even the spare tire is relocated."

I hope you enjoy, Darrell D.

Darrell owns another Trans Am that is just awesome. Its a green '79 Trans Am and can be seen at '79 Firebirds Lot#4.



1981 Trans Am
owner: Bill Oughtred
Bill writes:

     "I'm very impressed with the number of convertible conversions your showing from National Coach Engineering. As such, I am sending off a couple of pictures of my 1981 Turbo conversion. It's in absolute mint - original shape. Everything is original other than tires and rims, and a new stereo. This car has not seen rain since 1986 (since I purchased it used). It's extremely clean other than a few cracks in the paint on the nose. I am interested in picking up another '81 T/A convertible. If you know of any of the other owners that are interested in selling, my e-mail is below. Great website."

Bill Oughtred



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1981 Trans Am
owner: unknown

This white convertible Trans Am looks to be in excellent condition. This ones comes with the 4.9L Turbo and had 64,000 miles on it when the pics were taken. Purportedly this Firebird is one of five sold at Don Carr Cheverolet in White Rock, BC with the convertible conversion package. Options installed include a non-original CD player with amp and sub-woofer, power steering, brakes, windows and locks, tilt steering, A/C, pulse wipers, cruise control, four wheel disc brakes and remote control side mirrors. The paint and interior are original.



Black Trans Am (49.959 bytes)

Black Trans Am (47,793 bytes)

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Black Trans Am (47,174 bytes)
1981 Trans Am
owner: unknown

Not much is known about this black and red convertible TA other than it had about 34,000 miles on it when these pictures were taken. Its equipped with Turbo rims but a shaker hood which seems to suggest it came with the standard 4.9L minus the turbo. Its also got an automatic tranny, aftermarket tips (styled off earlier TA tips) and custom headlight covers. From the pictures you can tell this car also had power windows and all TAs came with power steering and power brakes.



1981 Trans Am
owner: unknown

This NCE Trans Am features Lt. Blue paint on the exterior with a white interior and gold colored turbo rims. It comes equipped with the 301ci V8 topped with a Turbo unit. Additional options include power steering, power windows, power door locks, tilt/cruise, A/C, AM/FM cassette, 4 wheel disc brakes, heavy duty sway bars, 15" X 8" aluminum turbo wheels shod with 255/60-15 BF Goodrich tires and a 3.08 posi rear end.



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