Baldwin Motion Trans Am

The Baldwin Motion Pontiac Trans Am

 The name Baldwin Motion is almost universally associated with the famous Baldwin Motion Camaros that this company produced. Some may not realize that the same Motion Performance group modified a few TAs here and there as well. While the Macho TAs are rare and the Fire Ams are even more rare, Firebirds modified by Baldwin Motion would have to be classified among the rarest of rare in the Pontiac community. I have yet to do a lot of research on these cars so the knowledge I can impart here is limited but it is my belief that these particular "tuner" TAs were not widely popular because a common part of the modification process was an engine swap to a chevrolet powerplant. I believe these swaps took place primarily because the Motion Performance group already had a lot of R&D invested in modifying chevrolet powerplants for big hp gains for the Firebirds little brother, the Camaro. As I do more research and learn more about these cars, I willc ertainly continue to update the information I provide here. Of course I am always open to any information site visitors can provide. You can send your comments to webmaster1@ (Please remove the "1" before sending).

The company, Motion Performance, was owned and run by a Mr. Joel Rosen. Common modifications for Firebirds included but were not limited to: an engine swap for a Phase III 454c.i. engine built by Motion Performance, installation of a TH-400 transmission built by B&M, installation of a 12-bolt rear end modified by Motion Performance and more.



1978 Motion "RatBird" Trans Am

This Trans Am came the factory with the following options:
WS6 Special Performance Package
Formula Steering Wheel
Rally Gauges with
AM/FM Radio w/ 8-Track
Custom Interior Trim
Air Conditioning
Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows & Power Door Locks
Rear Defrost
Remote Trunk Release
Accessory Lamp Group
Floor Mats
Vanity Mirror
Tinted Glass
Body Side Mouldings & Door Edge Guards
Heavy Duty Radiator

The Motion upgrades include the following:
Phase III 454c.i. Chevrolet Engine rated at 500hp
TH-400 transmission modified by B&M
12-bolt rear end

 Webmaster's Note: Reportedly this car received more modifications than listed above but the complete list wasn't available. One note on this car is that the savvy Firebird enthusiast will note that the rear end on the car is from a '74 or '75 Trans Am, not a '78. Additionally, the traditional machine-turned metal bezel is missing from the interior and a wood grain bezel sits in its place. The wood grain bezel was standard in the base model Firebird and the Formula whereas the machine-turned bezel was standard in the Trans Am so while this TA does have some inconsistencies that should be explained this TA was represented as an authentic Motion Performance Trans Am and I believe it to be such. That said, I have nothing to offer to authenticate the car as a bonafide Motion TA but since these cars are so rare (this is the only one I have ever come across) I chose to add it here purely for the historical and informational significance. Hopefully we'll get more submissions over time. If anyone has any information on this particular TA please feel free to contact me at (Please remove the "1" before sending).

I've recently discovered more information on this TA located at



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