The DKM Macho Trans Am & MR MSE Trans Am


1984 MR MSE Trans Am #21
owner: unknown
These pictures are very low quality, but they show the car still exists. A site contributor sent them to me recently. The car features the white and black MSE "Warpaint" scheme. Upgrades included the custom rear tail wing and the Talon suspension. According to sources the car was stolen and was missing the front nose when recovered. Power comes from a 5.7L and an automatic transmission. Reportedly the car was recently offered for sale for $5500.



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Blue MSE Trans Am (83,891 bytes)
1984 MR MSE Trans Am #25
owner: withheld
CH owns this ultra rare 440hp MSE Trans Am. The owner writes:

     "This is the car how I just got it. Rough yes, but it is what it is. RARE. I have the parts to repair the car and the correct wheels. It has the correct console plate, the special rear spoiler is with the car but not on it. and the car number is barley visible on the left head lamp door. The only piece that is missing that I do not have is a Mecham steering wheel and horn button. Anybody have one? in any shape? the car is currently in Arizona at my brothers house, it will soon come back to Ohio with the rest of my cars: '77 Macho TA #5, '78 Macho TA #202 and 82 MSE #48."

The owner provided the following extra info on this rare TA:

     "I spoke with Dennis about 84 #25. He stated that in '84 less than 6 cars came with the 440 HP 406 small block chevy and the Doug Nash 5 speed fitted to them. This is one of those cars.  The Doug Nash 5 speed was rare due to it being a 1:1 5th gear and not an overdrive. the factory five speed was an overdrive transmission. the tranny alone was a $1500.00 option in 84."




1984 MR MSE Trans Am #30
owner: unknown
A site contributor recently sent me these pics of #30. Appears to wear the black and silver MSE "warpaint" scheme with a grey cloth interior. Equipped with the optional Talon suspension that added a lowered ride height, specific rate coil springs in the front and rear, Koni adjustable shocks in both the front and rear, urethane sway bar bushings in the front and rear, rear axle droop limiters, a specially tuned alignment and 255/60-15 tires. Car also comes with the standard console plaque and special MSE badging. Power comes from a 5.0L HO engine (L69), 5-speed transmission and a 3.73 rear end. Factory options include A/C, 4-wheel disc brakes, t-tops, tinted windows, power windows, power door locks, power side mirrors, rear defrost, tilt, cruise, AM/FM cassette, optional lamp group, rear cargo cover and the aero package.



1984 MR MSE Trans Am #33
owner: unknown
A site visitor sent me the pics of #33. Its an amazing example of the MSEs offered during the '84 model year but I know very little about this car at this point other than it is reportedly still owned by the original owner and its equipped with a 5-speed. I know one thing, I love the color.

Pics courtesy of Vincent.



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1984 MR MSE Trans Am #57
owner: Steve Horzynek
This amazingly rare MSE Trans Am is only the 2nd '84 to find its way onto the site. Steve writes:

     "Firebird Gallery. I own a 1984 Mecham Racing Macho Trans-Am (#57). It’s in very good condition, unfortunately I don’t know much about this car or Mecham Racing. I’m sending you six pictures of my car (to do with as you please). I do know the Mecham cars are rare and collectable.
I believe I am the third owner of this car. I purchased the Trans Am from a gentleman in the small town in Oregon in 1993. He had stored the car for eight years accumulating only two thousand miles, in ten years I have added eleven thousand wonderful miles. It has 35,000 original miles, all black paint with gray cloth interior, 5.7L engine, 5 speed transmission, Koni shocks and struts, limiter straps, Tri Y headers, A/C, power everything, T-Tops with trunk storage bags, rear hatch privacy pull down, lockable rear storage trunk compartment, Talon Suspension, 4 wheel disc brakes, 16” Ronal Wheels with 225/50R16 front and 245/50R16 rear Goodyear Tires, lots more and is in excellent condition.
I saw this car for sale I could not believe my eyes. I had remembered the early 80’s TV advertisements for Pontiac, comparing the handling difference between the regular Trans Am and the Mecham Racing Trans-Ams.  The other part of the advertisement compared the differences in options available with the Mecham Racing package. If you have questions or would like more information please contact me."

Thank you for your time,
Steven Horzynek



1984 MR MSE Trans Am #74
owner: Christian Golembiewski
Christian recently contacted me after seeing the pics here sent in by another site contributor. Christian writes:

     "Hello, I seen that I had finally made the page, since trying to sell the 1984 #74 MSE Trans Am on craigslist. I have been the owner of #74 for the past 10 years (1998). Got it as a gift from my dad as a restoration project. I have been working on it off and on ever since. I recently was going to sell it and get something newer when I ran across a 1989 T/A which made a great donor car for a 5 year update. Currently I completely gutted the 1989, and I'm transferring everything over to the 1984. Crazy, yes, but I have had too many problems with the electronic carb, and missing parts from the original MSE design of the car. When I got the car, someone had taken the rear end, console plaque, some of the Talon parts, motor, Doug Nash 5-speed, etc. So I'm trying to rebuild it into something that I can enjoy! I still need the MR horn button if anyone, has one, or know who does."

Tucson, AZ
Christian Golembiewski



1984 MR MSE Trans Am #84
owner: Heath Elmer
This is the highest numbered '84 MR MSE TA we've added. This TA was added recently, just back in Feb and its already changed hands. Heath Elmer recently purchased it to add it to his growing collection of DKM TAs. Until I get a new write-up from Heath here is what the previous owner had to say:

     "Here we have a 1984 MSE Trans AM #84 in unrestored condition. I first saw this car in 1985 with 11,500 miles on it, (yes I did drop the "if you ever decide" question at that time). Then in 1996, it happened with 77,000 miles. I have driven it 38,000 more enjoyable miles in the last 12 years. I am legally the 3rd owner of this vehicle. This car was purchased from the Mecham Pontiac used car lot, ( in latter 1984?), I purchased from the individuals that drove it away from Mecham Pontiac that day. They said that this car was the DEMO car that was used in every day sales, but was titled to the "engine builder" that worked in the shop for Dennis Mecham, (that later built Indy car engines for someone else?), so I was told, who knows or really cares.
This car is a blast to drive, and is unique in "sound", and handling to any other 1982-1992 F body vehicle, and really comes to life at 90+ miles per hour. The Tallon Suspension really works with the installation of 16" GTA wheels and a set of Goodyear Eagles. The 5.0L HO warmed over by Mecham, (carb mods, cam+ cam timing, and computer chip), with the 5 speed trans, Make the efi 350 guys come back with that question, "are you sure that is a 305". This vehicle is really unique in 2 ways, first, The number on this car reads "84" outside, and 84-0084, on the console plate, (sorry for the dust in the pic.). Second, this car has not been to a body-paint shop since it left General Motors on 1-16-1984, REAL RARE!! Happy Motoring !! Drop me a line at <> if you have enjoyed this, article and pics as much as I have this MSE."



84' Red MR MSE TA This is an '84 MR MSE Trans Am. The two tone paint job was a unique part of an MR MSE bird. Other unique options on these cars included a full width front spoiler, a low resistance rear spoiler, specific and unique MSE emblems and badges, MR center caps, and an MR hood emblem. 
          All MSEs also came with a unique performance package called a "Git Kit". This package included a 600 Holley carburetor, aluminum intake manifold, Mallory distributor, Coil spark plug wires and Champion spark plugs, a low restriction air cleaner, Tri-Y headers, and a Y-pipe to connect the headers to the factory exhaust.
          For more information on these unique and awesome Firebirds please feel free to take a minute and stop by The Mecham Home Page. Its the best resource for information on these cars I've seen anywhere on the net.

Photo courtesy of High Performance Pontiac. 1998



84'  White MR MSE TA This is another '84 MR MSE Trans Am. All MSE cars were outfitted with WS6 suspension modifications if they hadn't already been installed. Other high performance goodies that could be had with these cars were a Doug Nash 5-speed manual transmission, a non-EGR Edelbrock intake manifold, Recaro seats, Tri-Y headers, even a 440hp 406 small block Chevrolet!! How's that for performance on a factory warrantied car. Only about 50 of these cars were manufactured in 1984 so they are somewhat desirable and definitely collectable.
          As I stated above if you want to learn more about these incredibly cool and interesting cars you simply have to go to the Mecham Home Page. Its chock full of information on the original Machos and MSEs and the new Machos being produced for 1998.

Photo courtesy of High Performance Pontiac. 1998


1985 MSE Trans Am #22
owner: unknown
A very rare picture of a 1985 MSE Trans Am and the first "numbered" '85 we've had on the site. Very few were made in 1985 and 1986. Nothing else is know about this car at this time...

Pic courtesy of Heath Elmer



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