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In this section of the site we attempt to document any unusual Firebirds modified by a dealer
 before being sold to the public. If you own such a Firebird or have information about one please 
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1967 "American Eagle" Firebird

     This could possibly be a 1 of 14 1967 Firebird. The pictures and information for this addition to the site were provided by Peter Popp. Peter was the last known owner of the car and sold it in January of 2000. The story behind this dealer exclusive is as follows:

     Lane Buick Pontiac Olds in Fairfield, California decided to "create" a limited number (14 according to the source) of special '67 firebirds that would be altered with what they called the "American Eagle" package. The dealership started with either a Polar White or Montego Cream Firebird. Each came with a custom interior coded either red, black or blue (this one came with the black custom interior). Next the following modifications were applied:

1) A lucerne blue stripe was added running the length of the middle of the car
2) The air cleaner, riser, valley pan, and master cylinder cover were chromed
3) The A.I.R. pump and alternator were polished aluminum
4) A heavy duty radiator and duel exhaust were added
5) All emblems were inset with red paint; the slits on the quarters received the same treatment

These cars were rated at 260hp. They were equipped with the 326 2bbl V8 and contained the same crank and cam as the 326 HO. They were also outfitted with consoles, floor shifters, power steering, Rally IIs, full rally gauges, and manual drum brakes.

Webmaster's note: Although it is my sincere belief the images and information provided here were done so with honest intentions no substantial proof was provided as to the existence of these cars. If anyone owns one of these unique Firebirds or can provide any information to help prove their existence please contact us at (remove the "1" before sending).



1969 "Comanche" Firebird

This Firebird marks the second in this series of Firebirds that were modified by the dealer and then sold to the public as a special package or option etc.. The "Comanche" Firebird was only available at 3 dealerships in Quebec, Canada as listed in the brochure on the left. The dealers ordered a loaded Firebird from the factory, each with a gold leather interior (the only color available in leather). They were then re-painted a non-Firebird gold color with white accents. The options below were added (some were already added at the factory) and a "Comanche" Firebird was born. Below is the full list of options as shown on the brochure:
Vinyl roof with special emblems
Marchal fog lamps
High speed driving lights with quartz bulbs
Special chrome hood louvers
Turbo Hydramatic or 4-speed close ratio (either included a console)
Variable ration power steering
Front power disc brakes
Remote trunk release
Door guards
Mirror group (vanity mirror and remote control mirror)
Custom seat belts
Rally mag wheels
Special sport tilt steering wheel
Bucket seats (with the full leather interior)
Rally Gauges with clock or tach
Floor mats (front and rear)
Koni adjustable shocks
Special tire pump
Heavy duty air cleaner
Heavy duty radiator
Pirelli tires with special suspension
Power top (convertibles only)
Rear defogger

Frank Azotini owns this convertible "Comanche" and its almost a sure bet that this is one rare Firebird. Frank estimates only about 30 of these were converted for sale to the public and rumor has it Paul Newman may have bought one. Unfortunately there is no documentation available to prove how many were actually made. To read Frank's story about the car you can see it again at the Project Firebirds Lot#4.


1995 "Banshee" Firebird #4 of 21

  This is the 3rd addition to this section. Apparently the Sunset Pontiac Dealership in Clearwater Florida took factory Formulas and converted them into a Banshee look-a-like that included visual and performance changes. The standard package included:
Dominator Hood Paint
Side Air Extractors
Windshear GT Rear Spoiler
Flowmaster 2 Chambered Exhaust
Chrome Exhaust Tips
High Performance Air Intake System
K&N Air Filter
BF Goodrich P275/40ZR17 Tires
17" Oz Wheels
Banshee Identification Package
Banshee Embroidered Interior
LT1 Identification
Titanium Window Tint
Build Number ID Console Plate

Reported Production of these cars:
1994 - 17
1995 - 21
1996 - 1

RB Dickinson owns this one and has added the following upgrades since the car was purchased:
FM5 Fikse 17x11 Rear Wheels
FM5 Fikse 17x9.5 Front Wheels
Michelin Pilot Sport 315/35ZR17 tires on the rear
Michelin Pilot Sport 275/40ZR17 tires on the front



1996 Harley Davidson Limited Edition WS6 Trans Am


This unique and unusual Trans Am is owned by Paul Cervone. According to Paul a small run of these special TAs were created through an agreement between a regional group of dealers in southern California and Harley Davidson. Paul writes:

     "I found your site off a Google search specifically looking for information on a special edition Trans Am. My search was for info on the Recaro Edition 3rd Gen but while I was there, I decided to see what you had on my Special Edition TA and found nothing! I own probably one of the rarest (only in numbers sold) Trans Ams. It's a 1996 WS6 Harley-Davidson Limited Edition. They were the result of a regional (Southern California) program between the Pontiac Dealers and Harley-Davidson. There were between 40 and 55 reportedly built. This number is in debate by different "authorities".
In 2005 High Performance Pontiacs magazine did a feature story on the car. Although my car is heavily modified from the original, it still retains the Limited Edition features. Thanks for your time and I hope to see this rare car on your web site some day."

Paul Cervone
Blown 1996 Harley-Davidson Limited Edition WS6 TA; 1KWKBRD
Vortech Supercharged 355
Dyno Data:
Motor; 482 rwhp & 434 ft lbs
Nitrous; 614 rwhp & 629 ft lbs



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