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This 1985 Autoforms Roadster came equipped with the 5.0L V8, console, tilt/cruise, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power drivers seat, and A/C. Mileage is reportedly around $65k original miles. There's also an interesting story behind this particular Trans Am:

     "In 1985 Major League Veteran Outfielder Dave Collins was playing for the Oakland Athletics. He, along with his friend, Rookie Oakland Athletics Pitcher Tim Birtsas went looking at cars and Collins selected a rare vehicle to purchase. It was a 1985 Firebird (Trans Am) convertible two-seater. The vehicle was one of approximately 2,200 Firebirds and Camaros between 1983 – 1986 to be converted by Conversion Specialists Auto Form of Breman, Indiana. What was so unusual about the conversion was that the vehicles (primarily sold in California) were sold “new” by GM Dealerships after the conversion, with full GM Warranty. You may recall that GM did not make either a Camaro or Firebird convertible in those years.
In 1988 Dave Collins and Tim Birtsas crossed paths again while both were playing with the Cincinnati Reds for Manager Pete Rose. Birtsas purchased the vehicle from Collins with approximately 24,500 actual miles on the odometer. Over the next 18 years the vehicle was driven rarely (an average of less than 2,500 miles per year) while being stored at Birtsas condominium in Scottsdale, Arizona. The vehicle was shipped back to Michigan in 2003 and is kept in his garage at his residence in Clarkston, Michigan. The vehicle was repainted the same original color and is in excellent condition. The most recent Appraisal of one year ago values it at $16,000 to $18,000."



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This 1986 Autoform Sports Roadster (Trans Am) is owned by Frank and Mary Brown. Performance equipment includes a 5.0L 305 Tuned Port Injection engine mated to a 4 speed automatic transmission. Paint is called Flame Red and the interior is a nice black cloth. Rims are stock 16" OEM units wrapped with 225/60R16 Goodyear Eagle GT14 tires.

Frank and Mary are members of the Golden State Chapter of the Trans Am Club of America and they were kind enough to provide these pics.



This TA started out life as a regular 1986 Trans Am that was converted into a Sports Roadster. Stephen Laskowski purchased the tired bird and both restored the car and converted it into a KnightRider replica. This is the 2nd such conversion we've seen here on the site. Stephen writes:

     "Hi, this is Stephen Laskowski. I think you have one my cars on your site someplace. However, here is another one that I just completed.

1986 Pontiac Trans Am "autoforms" convertible
4th Season Knioght Rider KITT replica
Original 31,000 miles.

I bought this car off of ebay in survivor condition that sat around for a long time. The brakes and fuel lines were all shot. The paint was faded and the roof was in bad shape. I color changed the car to black and converted it the 4th Season KITT replica. It has an Intel 945GM North bridge Chipset 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo Computer built-in, with a VGA computer LCD monitor in the Dash. It also has wireless Internet access. It has all the authentic customized dash features and consoles. The roof was complete redone with original fabric (not like some cheap ones) and was hand created, since this top was never offered. There is NO body filler or repairs at all. The interior was redone with original style tan interior and carpets."

Stephen Laskowski



This is a 1986 Autoforms Roadster and looks to be in excellent shape. Nothing else is known about this TA at this time... If anyone has any info on it, you can send me an e-mail to (remove the "1" before sending).




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