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Red Custom '79 Trans Am (145214 bytes)

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Red Custom '79 Trans Am (91611 bytes)
1979 Trans Am
owner: Svein Arne Holmedal
This entry marks the second time a Firebird has been located in two different lots. This particular convertible Trans Am (and its owner) hails from Norway so you will also find this same car in the International Firebirds section Lot#6.
Svein writes:

    "Hello again! I have taken some pictures of my car. You for decide which is the best to display. There was some problem with the camera, so I can take more if you think they are bad. The car came to Norway in '81 - '82, then it was blue. I have painted it red and changed the color inside from white to red and black. The car has been restored outside as you can see. It was original when it came to Norway. Specifications of the Trans Am:

Year Model: 1979 Trans Am
Engine: 403, w/ Holley 600cfm carb
Gear: TH350/ safe-T-Trac rear
Wheels:  295/265-15

The car was converted to a convertible at National Coach Engineering of Michigan. I have seen someplace there was made about 200 convertibles built in 1979. If there is somebody that can tell me more about the car, they can write to me at: Svein Arne Holmedal / Alternate"



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1979 Trans Am
owner: Michael Hall
This is truly an exciting addition to the Firebird Gallery. The first 2nd generation convertible Trans Am (not a production first just the first to be added to this site). These are very rare TAs and this one is in beautiful shape. They were never produced this way from the factory. Instead completed cars were delivered to National Coach Engineering for the very expensive modifications required to make it a convertible. I believe completed versions carried a price tag in the neighborhood of $30,000 which is expensive even by today's standards. Its owned by Michael Hall. Michael writes:

     "This car was customized by the original owner shortly after the car was purchased new. The car was restored by the person I bought it from. The car has a new convertible top, new carpet and reupholstered seats. I still need to detail the engine and when I do I will send a picture of it. If anyone wants to e-mail me about the Trans Am I will be happy to respond."




Black Trans Am (23111 bytes)
1979 Trans Am
owner: unknown
I came across this picture on the internet. I'm guessing its a '79 Trans Am since it doesn't have a turbo hood but it could be an '80 or '81. This ones looks really good with the black paint, black top, and black custom rims. If anyone has any info on this car please contact me at (please remove the "1" before sending).

Recently, site contributor Dave Folk sent me the following info on this car:

     "Howdy, this '79 T/A that you have in your gallery is from Napa, California. The car has really been beat by its owner at the time I saw and talked to the owner (1994). He had put an Olds 455 engine to replace the 6.6 Liter. The rims are from a GTA. The interior shows its age. The owner had it up for sale , I don't recall the price exactly, $10-12k. Its not a NCE car! I was looking for another NCE so I wasn't interested."

Dave Folk

Webmasters note: I am aware that a (very) few other companies actually performed these conversions on some 2nd gen Firebirds and as such its pretty rare to come across one that is not an NCE conversion. Additionally, some owners may have just paid the $$$ to have a custom conversion performed by a local shop in which case it would be a "one-off". Either way I have always meant for this section to cover all convertible conversions, it just so happens the NCEs make up the vast majority of those. When we get more I may change the title or update the description. If anyone has further info on this TA, feel free to drop me a note.



Silver Trans Am (20,259 bytes)
1979 10th Anniversary Trans Am
owner: unknown

This image of a 1979 10th Anniversary Trans Am converted to a convertible was sent to me by Paul Scottberg. Paul writes:

    "I just visited your site and saw the pictures of the NCE Silver Anniversary T/A and thought I would send you a picture I have of one as well. When I had my Trans Am modified at NCE, I spent 4 days up there working on the car with them. I was told that they did 10 Anniversary Cars (each one numbered 1-10). They used a silver leather material for the top along with chrome struts for the top mechanism. In addition, they were also supposed to have a chrome roll-bar so I was surprised to see the one on your site did not have one."



Red '80 Trans Am (96098 bytes)

Red '80 Trans Am (92686 bytes)

Red '80 Trans Am (71432 bytes)
1980 Trans Am #3
owner: Ed Savant
This Trans Am was recently sold to Ed Savant who writes:

     "I just stumbled on your site and want to let you know that I just purchased Phil Brandt's auto and am super pleased. We are planning on having it repainted and ready enough to show at the 2008 January 25th World of Wheel show at McCormick Place in Chicago. I just received the PHS packet and it was delivered to JM Pontiac in Hollywood Florida. Thanks."

Ed Savant

Comments from the previous owner:

     "It's a 1980 T/A that was converted when new by National Coach Engineering based in Michigan. It has most of the available options on it (AC, Cruise, 4 wheel disc brakes, tilt wheel, power windows, power door locks, etc) and still has most of the original paint and the original "Bird. The engine is a 301 4bbl that has over 100,000 miles on it. There were possibly a couple hundred of these convertibles built by at least 3 different companies.



1980 Trans Am #4
owner: Marcellino Bomicino
Marcellino writes:

     "I have a 1980 Trans Am Convertible, NCE. #F-004. The car is un-restored all original. In desperate need of parts, including new canvas top. Trying to find someone with Black Top that will fit my conversion. Any info would be greatly appreciated."

Marcellino Bomicino
Bensenville, Illinois



Maroon '80 Trans Am (25,690 bytes)

1980 Trans Am #15
owner: Barry Woodhouse

This Trans Am has been on the site for a while. Someone sent pics of it to me in its original condition. Sometime later the current owner, at the time, contacted me and sent me an update that he was completely restoring the car. We tried to cover the restoration here but I lost contact with him over time. Thankfully the car was finished and sold and the new owner has contacted me with all new pics and information. Barry writes:

     "I just wanted to let you know that I came across your website and that I purchased the 1980 Trans am NCE #15. Its unreal how much time and energy has gone into the restoration. Its truely top notch. Anyway, keep me on your list. I love this trans am and can send more pics if youd like for your website."

Barry Woodhouse

Webmasters Note: The first picture in the set is the TA in its original condition. The next few are of it being restored and the last few are the TA in its current, restored, state.



1980 Trans Am #27
owner: Steve Wallace
Steve owns this 1981 Convertible Trans Am. Steve writes:

     "Hello PMD fans. My name is Steve. I live in St. Pete. Fl. I'm the second owner of this bird. My cousin married the guy who purchased it new in April of '81 and have an original appraisal for $18.500 from Marshal Pontiac in Saugus, Mass. I've had it two years in March after being stored for twelve years in Ormond Beach, Fl. The car is a coach L.T.D.#F-027 and is just about all original except the top which was replaced about 1995 or so. I have the patent # if anybody needs it. I also did mods. to the intake with a K-N race filter after searching to no avail to replace the torn snorkel. It has 78K miles on it and has never been rebuilt. Also, the color code for the exterior is orange/red however, it was purchased from the showroom floor the way you see it and was definitely red from the factory. Has anybody else had this? Well I'd love to here from some of you, (my non TA friends are sick of me and it). Great web page."

Thanks, Stevo



White Trans Am (76422 bytes)

White Trans Am (105771 bytes)

White Trans Am (50390 bytes)

White Trans Am (43006 bytes)
1980 Trans Am
owner: Bud Evans
The owner of this white convertible Trans Am contacted me and sent me the following:

     "Dear sirs, I believe the 1980 White TA convertible shown with an unknown owner is mine. It is a National Coach build with the dealer invoice showing the charge for the convertible option. It needs restoration."



Blue Trans Am (81,542 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (121,151 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (88,786 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (73,703 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (80,543 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (70,385 bytes)
1980 Trans Am
owner: unknown
Another convertible Trans Am found on the net for sale. Hope the new owner will contact us. Equipped with 4.9L and auto tranny. Very nice color blue. Rims are interesting and the dash looks like it was recovered at one time. Overall a nice clean TA.



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