My Pontiacs

1969 Pontiac GTO

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History: I bought my GTO in 1994. I am the third owner. The car was originally built in a Pontiac plant in Texas. It spent all of its life with its 1st owner in Houston. The second owner was on a business trip to Houston when he answered an ad for a GTO. He bought it around 1984 and drove it for 10 years. This guy was very cool. He had about 30 GTOs in various states of restoration (no kidding). He lived in New Mexico and the Goat spent all of its life with the second owner in New Mexico. I bought it while living in New Mexico. Shortly after I bought it the Air Force sent me off to Japan for 3 years. It was stored in my parents garage for the duration back in Texas. When I returned I moved to South Carolina where she and my family reside today. When I bought the car it had 97,000 miles on it and the engine had gone through a mild rebuild at 93,000.

Options: The car is almost completely stock. It has a YS code 400c.i. with a Rochester 4bbl. This engine was rated at 350hp. The tranny is a Turbo 400. The entire engine is still numbers matching. The only parts I have replaced are the water pump, fan, compressor and battery. I still have all the original parts that were replaced although I have no idea what the two previous owners may have changed. 
The interior is completely devoid of any options. It does have power steering and power brakes. The story I've gotten from the previous owners is that this car was a low buck GTO that a guy ordered from his mom. It originally came with steel rims and hubcaps (now has Rally IIs). Probably the most interesting thing about the car is that it didn't come with a tach or a clock. Usually if a customer opted for the hood tach or just no tach the factory installed a clock. For this car however, neither were ordered so a "delete plate" was installed in the third instrument panel location. It was also ordered with idiot lights instead of the Rally gauges. Only other options are the AM radio and floor console/shifter.
For exterior options we already discussed the wheels. The only really cool option on the car is the hideaway headlights. Unfortunately they haven't worked since I got it and I've been too lazy to fix them. The paint and cordova top were both new when I bought in 1994 and are now showing their age.

Future Plans: This is no Ram Air IV Judge so I have some pretty cool plans for it.
Engine/tranny: I plan on having it rebuilt and the horsepower bumped to 450 - 500 horsepower. I plan on replacing the points distributor with an HEI, the stock carb will be replaced with the builders recommendation (not Holley) and the stock exhaust manifolds will be replaced with factory style headers. I might spring for Edelbrock heads but I don't think its necessary. I've also thought about an Aluminum pulley set and an electric fan. The coolest mod of all will be the installation of a 6-speed manual tranny out of a late model Firebird or Camaro if I can pull it off. I know their are 5-speeds out there that will fit but I want the 6-speed.
Suspension/Rear End/Brakes: The suspension is going to be completely replaced and upgraded with as much as I can afford to put into it. I'd like results similiar to that the HO Racing boys used to get out of their kits. The rear will be traded for a posi-unit with gearing appropriate to the Tranny I wind up with. The brakes are also going to be completely replaced with as much of a setup as I can afford. The rear drums will be replaced with disc brakes and I would like to install dual-caliper pistons and cross-drilled rotors at a minimum. 
Interior/Exterior: I already have a set of rally gauges and in-dash tach to install. I may go with the hood tach but if I do I'll have to pick up another hood. Obviously the floor will have to be modified for the 6-speed and I'd like to get SOME kind of stereo system in it. Other than that the interior will remain stock. On the outside she's going to need some paint work. The right fender needs a rear lower patch panel installed and the drivers quarter panel will most likely be replaced. I am going to install a '69 judge wing and paint it to match. I'll be retaining the factory gold color and installing a new cordova top. I am considering replacing the stock endura front bumper with a fiberglass one that weighs a LOT less. The rear bumper will be re-chromed and straightened. The hideaways will be fixed. Overall the car will retain its stock appearance.

My real goal with this car is to up the horsepower considerably, put the latest technology I can into the brakes and suspension and retain as much of the stock appearance as possible.

2002 Trans Am

History: I bought the car brand spanking new at Jim Hudson Pontiac in Columbia, SC in January of 2002. It had 13 miles on the odometer when we test drove it. My wife and I have wanted one of these since they came out in 1998. We had wanted to buy one in 1998 when we first came back from Japan but couldn't afford it. I'm glad because we had the opportunity to buy one of the last TAs ever to be built (maybe). It how has a little over 50,000 miles on it and we absolutely love it to death!!

Options: The TA has almost everything you could get in 2002. The engine is the 5.7l LS1. With the WS6 Ram Air package she's good for 325hp. The trans is the highly desirable 6-speed manual with Hurst shifter. It has power steering, power brakes, power windows, power mirrors, 6-way power drivers seat, cruise control, A/C, traction control, Monsoon 10-speaker stereo system, full leather interior, T-Tops, extra power outlet, and fog lamps. 17" chrome rims attached to 275/40ZR17 Nitto NT555 tires get us around. 4-wheel disc brakes provide lots of stopping power. The color is Pewter and the interior is Graphite. So far we have added a K&N filter, skip shift eliminator CAGS!, and have had the windows tinted.
1976 Trans Am
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1973 Trans Am
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