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Black Firehawk The '97 version Firehawk looks aggressive and ready to fly. The Firehawk continued to be an available option for the '97 year model. As in the past it was only available on the Formula models. The Formula was built in stock trim by the factory and was then sent to Street Legal Performance (SLP) where the actual Firehawk package was installed. Many changes have taken place with the Firehawk since its inception in 1991. The price had become much lower and some equipment (like interior roll cage setups) had been changed removed or discontinued. However the end product was still as much of a performer as before and maintained its threat status with the other sports cars being offered on the market.



Paul recently imported this Firehawk to England. Paul writes:

     "Hello from Southampton, England. I've just imported my Firehawk which is number 340 out of 540, and 1 of only 139 Anniversaries which unfortunately are not individually numbered. It is based on the WS6 Trans Am so it has the same LS1 although through the expertise of SLP have increased its output to 335hp, driven through a six speed manual box with Hurst shifter.
I've had many Trans Ams but this is the first one where every time I look at it I like it more, especially with the Black and Gold scheme reminiscent of the JPS Lotus which was my favorite F1 car. This as far as I know is the only Anniversary Firehawk in Britain so I'm looking forward to attending as many shows as possible."




Long-time friend of the Gallery, Gilbert Carreon, owns this 1996 Firehawk. Gilbert writes:

     "When Pontiac brought back the ram air cars and hoods with the 4th generation birds, I fell in love with them. It looks evil and powerful just parked. Once again on eBay, I saw this car, a 1996 Firebird Formula LT1 WS-6, with 6 speed. It had 116K miles, but the owner had kept the car up nice, and had just been serviced. Always looking for a bargain, this one joined us in late 2006. My plan is to us this car for small weekend trips, to the like of Monterey, San Francisco, Palm Springs, San Diego, or any where we can drive with the T-Tops off, and radio blasting."

Gilbert has been a heavy contributor to the models section of this website supplying with me great images for the majority of the kits I have on display. Recently, Gilbert finally took the time to send me some pics of the several different Firebirds he owns. He also owns:
1969 Firebird 400 Convertible seen over at '69 Firebirds Lot#3
1985 Autoforms Roadster Convertible Trans Am seen over at Auto Forms Lot#1
1998 Formula seen over at '98 Firebirds Lot#2
1999 Firehawk (seen below)



Gilbert Carreon also owns this 1996 Firehawk. Gilbert writes:

     "Just picked this up last weekend, 61k, original owner, all paperwork included."



Red Firehawk

97' Firehawk Info
This is something I received from a dealer in Pensacola Florida when I came in and asked about purchasing a Firehawk. It was a single piece of thick glossy paper (like a poster but more rigid and smaller) and had the picture you see here on the front and the information you see here on the back. I thought it was really cool so I added it here for you Firehawk aficionados. I didn't buy one by the way, maybe someday...



97fk14.1.jpg (25370 bytes)

97fk14.2.jpg (35076 bytes)

97fk14.3.jpg (22473 bytes)

97fk14.4.jpg (35374 bytes)

97fk14.5.jpg (33217 bytes)
This Firehawk is #132 and its owned by Mary Collings. Mary and her husband actually purchased a Comp T/A first (seen at the 1997 Comp T/A Lot#1) and were so impressed with it they wanted another SLP car. Less than 6 months later the order for this Firehawk was submitted. Here's what Ken had to say about the Firehawk:

     "We loved the Comp T/A so much, we decided to become a two SLP car family and get Mary a Firehawk. After all, she is a performance car person like myself! SLP didn't let us down. What an awesome machine. And looks! WOW. "Scrappy" is what I nicknamed it. It looks like it would pull up behind you, bite off your tail pipes, and spit them on your hood as it roared past...! The wheels are killer too!"

Here's the equipment listing for Mary's Firehawk:
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) "Please clean me everyday" Black Paint
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) Composite Hood with SLP Ram Air
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) K&N Maxflow Air Filter
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) Ported and Polished Exhaust Manifolds
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) SLP Total Suspension Alteration
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) SLP Cat-Back "Two-on-the-left" Fully
    Tuned Exhaust System
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) Automatic Transmission
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) 3:23 Performance Axle with Limited Slip
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) Graphite Fabric Interior 
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) 17x9.50 "Firehawk" Chrome Plated
    Wheels with Firestone Firehawk SV
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) Aluminum Drive shaft (1LE)
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) Custom "Firehawk" Floor Mats
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) Custom "Firehawk" Car Cover
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) Modified Air Box for Better Air Flow
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) RK Sport Billet Aluminum Antenna
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) Hotchkiss Strut Tower Brace
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) Mallory Custom Throttle Body "Firehawk"
bb_bk.gif (292 bytes) 500 Watt Monsoon CD Stereo System

On their homepage written beneath the last picture in this group you'll find the words:

     "A Mustang GTs worst Nightmare...."

I'm inclined to agree with them!!



Black LT4 Firehawk (155042 bytes)

Black LT4 Firehawk (114225 bytes)

Black LT4 Firehawk (116239 bytes)

Black LT4 Firehawk (148749 bytes)
This ultra-rare Firehawk is 1 of only 30 made in 1997 equipped with the LT4 engine. Todd wood is the proud owner and he writes:

     "I enjoy your website and wanted to add a firebird that you don't have, at least I haven't found one on your site yet. I own a 1997 LT4 Firehawk.  SLP and GM built 100 Camaro SS' with the Corvette Grand Sport LT4 engine.  The cars sold very quickly so SLP and GM decided to build 100 Firebirds, known as Firehawks.  Unfortunatley only 30 were built, including 1 demo car.  These cars come in Black or Red, hardtop, 6-speed firebirds only, no TA's.  My car is #14 of 29 and has been owned by 3 other people from the east coast to Illinois to Florida, now the car resides with me in California.  The car had 3,169 miles on it when I purchased it and it still smelled (and still smells) new.  After shipping it to California I drove it to Sacramento for a Firehawk Fest sponsored by SLP.  The car now has just over 4600 miles on it.  I intend to keep the miles low but I will also drive it."

                   Todd Wood
                   San Diego, Ca



02fk10.1.jpg (118550 bytes)

02fk10.2.jpg (167120 bytes)

02fk10.3.jpg (128042 bytes)

02fk10.4.jpg (121314 bytes)

02fk10.5.jpg (159237 bytes)
The first '02 Firehawk on the site and perhaps the last year of production of these awesome Firebirds. This all black poncho is owned by Steve Jurcevic. Steve writes:

     "Hi there! I've been browsing your site for quite some time now and finally decided it was time to add my car to the list. I'm a third time Firebird owner, actually, I'm a third time Trans Am owner. My first car was a 1979 WS6 T/A that I bought when I turned 16. Second was my 1997 Trans Am, before I traded it in I had added just about every bolt-on and then some (ported heads/intake, LT4 HOT Cam kit, 1 3/4" headers, 3" exhaust, 3.73 gears, shift kit and all the upgraded suspension components).
But the car I'm submitting is my latest purchase, a 2002 Firehawk T/A, it's Canadian car #C026. Estimated production for 2002 is approximately 50 Canadian cars and 1300 US cars. I plan to keep it pretty much stock but I don't doubt that I'll add a few things as the years pass."

Current mods:
2002 Firehawk #C026
Black with ebony leather interior
345 HP package
160 Degree Thermostat
A4 with 3.23 gears
Vigilante 2800 Stall Converter
B&M Transmission Cooler
KVR cross drilled rotors front and rear with carbon metallic pads
SLP 1 3/4" Ceramic Coated Long Tube Headers
SLP Loud Mouth Exhaust
SLP 3" Y-Pipe
Random Tech High Flow Catalytic Converters
SLP Smooth Bellows
Bilstein suspension
SLP strut tower brace
BMR tubular lower control arms with poly/rubber bushings
BMR tubular panhard bar with poly bushings
Auburn differential with AAM aluminum differential cover
Embroidered Firehawk floor mats
Firehawk car cover
Custom embroidered Firehawk rear deck mat
Tinted windows
Chrome Firehawk wheels
SLP engine plaque

During the summer of 2002 I'll also be adding the SLP Loud Mouth exhaust and SLP Long Tube headers. I hope the pictures I've attached are not too large.

Thanks in advance,
Steve Jurcevic
'02 Firehawk C026



Scott Ladd owns this 2000 Firehawk #319. Scott writes:

LS6 intake manifold
SLP skip-shift eliminator
SLP 400HP Performance Package
SLP cold-air induction package
SLP high-flow MAF
SLP smooth bellow
SLP airbox lid
SLP 1.85-ratio rockers & valve spring kit
SLP long-tube headers
SLP Loud Mouth II exhaust system
Diablo Sport PCM programmer
Factory Options:
MM6 6-speed Transmission (3.42 rear)
LS1 346ci V8 engine
Black leather
No traction control
15,000 miles

Firehawk / SLP Options:

Lubrication package
Auburn differential
Performance exhaust
17 x 9 chrome wheels
275/40ZR17 Firestone Firehawk SZ 50 tires
Bilstein suspension (WS6 option)
Other suspension upgrades (sway bars, etc.)
Firehawk hood
Firehawk spoiler
Firehawk front fascia
Firehawk key fob & badges
Firehawk floor mats
Firehawk trunk mat
Firehawk car cover

"This is a great site!! I found it searching for a Comp T/A for sale (which I haven't found yet). As a long-time Pontiac follower / enthusiast, there are a couple production Firebirds I never knew about and found here. For example, I'd never heard of a NCE Trans Am until I found this site. I am the second owner of this car and it will die with me. I found it on eBay with 7,801 miles in Canton, OH. Before my interest in Firehawks, I wanted an '89 GTA in the worst way, but never had the money. I have been in love with Pontiac's design ever since I can remember. There is not an American design out there that even comes close to the 4th-generation LS1 Trans Am's appealing stance. Out of all the Firehawks I looked at to buy (which was probably over 200), I have never before seen the SLP spoiler that is installed on mine. I don't go to car shows very often (maybe twice a year, just to tag along), but if I park this among other similar Trans Ams, this one always gets the most attention. It is VERY clean, and is definitely in showroom condition, and I plan to keep it that way. Thanks for looking... and don't buy a Corvette. They are reserved for old people and people without imaginations"



Greg Bennet owns this 2002 Firehawk. Greg writes:

     "2002 Pontiac Firehawk, last year they were ever made and this one is # 57 out of only 1500 produced. SLP 3" Stainless steel exhaust, Hurst 6 speed, 373 high performance Auburn rear end, around 450 horsepower with headers, engine and throttle body mods. Bilstien suspension, 2000 watt, 12 speaker Bose sound system and of course, vertical doors as the newest addition. Carbon fiber accents under the hood as well as the interior, custom white gauge overlays and dual pillar gauges."