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Red Firehawk A great pic of a cool '92 Firehawk. Notice the air dam installed up underneath the car. This dam was put in place to force cool air up into the radiator to help with cooling. SLP installed their "Firehawk" package onto factory built Formulas. The 1992 Firehawk was the fastest street Pontiac ever produced.



Red Firehawk A 1992 Firehawk on display. I don't think there's any doubt in anyone's mind this car was built to run.



Red Firehawk

Firehawk Interior
The 1992 year brought a new model to the Firebird lineup. A special kind of Formula could now be ordered and it was called a Firehawk. The Formula was constructed at the factory like normal but was then sent to Street Legal Performance (SLP) where the Firehawk package was added for a very pricey sum. The package included a lot of engine and suspension upgrades as well as a different tire and rim package and the Firehawk graphics.



Red Firehawk This is a shot of a proto-type Firehawk built by SLP during the early stages of development. The wheels on this particular car never saw production.



Red Firehawk

Firehawk Interior

Firehawk Rims
A great shot of another 1992 Firehawk. This option would remain restricted to the Formula model until the new 98's debuted. Early Firehawks got some interior treatments along with all the upgrades in engine, suspension and braking. New shoulder harness seat belts and a full roll bar were standard upgrades. Aftermarket Brembo brakes were also an upgrade to provide better than factory braking for the increased horsepower provided by the warmed over LT1s. These Firebirds priced out around $40k when finished, easily the most expensive Firebird ever produced.



Red Firehawk Another 1992 Firehawk doing what it was built for. SLP did not start installing similar packages on Camaros till several years later and it would be quite a while before the Cobra would show up. 27 Firehawks were built in 1992. Red was the primary color that was offered but a single white one was built (see the very next entry below), a single blue one was built, 2 green ones were produced and I've been told the last hawk built was a convertible. Additionally, SLP ran out of the engines they had been using and got permission from GM to step up to a beefier LT1 that featured a 375hp 366cid block*.

*Thanks to Doug Ellis for the updated information.



Arctic White Firehawk

Firehawk SD366
This 1 of 1 Arctic White Firehawk #25 is owned by Michael Wempe. This Firehawk is a truly unique Firebird. It is the only '92 model painted Artic White, the only one with T-Tops, the only one with a full roll cage and only one of two to receive SLP's Super Duty 366c.i. all aluminum racing block. This rare and unusual mill is rated at 375 horsepower and a stump pulling 400lb/ft of torque. Figures reminiscent of the late 60s early 70s blocks. Installed in a car weighing 3200lbs to say this makes for an exciting ride is an understatement!! So what tranny is mated to such a beast. In keeping with the all out performance design of the rest of the car a 6-speed ZF transmission with a carbon fiber clutch were installed to provide lethal shifting. Out back a Dana 44 rear end ensures ALL the power gets to the ground. To handle all the torque a beefed up Level III suspension was also installed by SLP along with a set of front springs from a 301 Turbo TA to accommodate the lighter aluminum block. Other interesting perks about this Firehawk include a hood that is aluminum and a relocated battery. Ronal 17x9.5" aluminum wheels equipped with the trademark Firehawk SZ P275/40ZR17 tires provide monster meat hooks for plenty of grab. With all this power what about the brakes you say? How about a set of Power Brembo F-40 disc brakes!! These are good for 60mph to 0 in an incredible 110'.
          On the inside dual Recaro seats provide comfortable seating for any driving. Each one comes with a 5-point harness to make sure you stay in the seat. The back seat has been deleted to reduce weight. Not all the creature comforts have been abandoned though. You'll find an AM/FM stereo with a built in CD player, air conditioning, power steering and dual airbags. With this kind of equipment the car is not only a rare bird but one that could hold its own on any track.

This is not the only Firebird Michael owns. In fact he has quite a nice collection of them. An ultra-rare '68 Ram Air II convertible, a '68 Ram Air I coupe, and a '68 non-original Ram Air I coupe. (see the '68 Firebirds Lot#2).        



Yellow Firehawk Trans Am Pilot Car This 1994 Firehawk is owned by Mike Lucas. Its not you average Firehawk. This particular Firebird has several unique characteristics. First off this is Firehawk T/A Pilot Car #003. It is 1 of only 12 that were produced in '94 in full Trans Am dress. Firehawks were not available on the Trans Am platform till the '98 model. It was also only 1 of 4 produced with headers and a 325hp rating. Hopefully I will be able to bring you more information on this unique car.



94fk11.jpg (23395 bytes)

This Firehawk is owned by Chaya Tinterow. Here's the list of goodies that make this bird such a fast and desirable car:

9push.gif (1016 bytes)#81 - Bright Red
9push.gif (1016 bytes)122 - Graphite Leather Interior
9push.gif (1016 bytes)T-Tops
9push.gif (1016 bytes)SLP Firehawk Custom Floor Mats
9push.gif (1016 bytes)R4 - AM/FM/CD 10 Speaker Monsoon Stereo
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Steering Wheel Controls for Radio
9push.gif (1016 bytes)17X9 inch SLP Firehawk Aluminum Wheels
9push.gif (1016 bytes)275/40ZR17 Firestone Firehawk Tires
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Total Production 1994 - 500
9push.gif (1016 bytes)315 hp LT1
9push.gif (1016 bytes)344 Pound Feet of Torque @4000 rpm
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Firehawk Custom Throttle Body Cover
9push.gif (1016 bytes)1SC Option Package
9push.gif (1016 bytes)MX0 - Automatic Transmission
9push.gif (1016 bytes)SLP Performance Cat Back Exhaust System
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Quarter Mile - 13.9/103.6
9push.gif (1016 bytes)0 - 60 4.9 seconds
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Top Speed - 165

Chaya also owns a show winning 1980 Turbo Trans Am which can be seen at '81 Firebirds Lot#1, and is a member of the Trans Am Club of Houston (TACH).




Angus Halderman owns this rare Silver Metallic 2000 Firehawk. Angus writes:

     "I saw that you have a Canadian 2002 Hawk listed. I would like to add mine to your site being it is a Formula version which is where it started from. Here is some info on the car:

2002 bright silver metallic Formula Firehawk #0168
Ordered by me on June 19th 2001 and picked up by me on October 5th 2001 at 9am. (was drinking coffee at 7:30 waiting for them to open while gazing at my 1st ever brand new car parked around back)
GM installed options:
all options except for 12 disc changer, traction control, leather
cloth ebony interior

SLP options ordered:

345HP package
Bilstien level 2 suspension
Auburn rear end and T/A cover
floor mats
deck mat with name on it
birth certificate
car cover
key fobs
chrome wheels
2 polo style shirts and 2 hats
Options added by me:
BMR strut tower brace
BMR throttle body coolant bypass
160 thermostat
LS1 edit tuning
LS6 crate engine from GM
2800 stall Vigilante converter
Flowtech 3 inch cutout
SLP smooth bellows
ASP pulley
McEwen Motorsports silver faced gages
Sony Xplode 10 inch woofer and 500 watt amp
Clear side marker lens front and rear
Super white day time running lights and fog lights

Still have all stock parts saved.
Current dyno numbers: 350HP / 342TQ
Current track times: 12.1 @ 112 mph with a 1.7 60ft
Current mileage: 32,400
Current mileage on LS6 engine is 5000. the motor was put in on my birthday in January 2003
Next performance part: STS turbo system

From what information we have from the site there are only about 19 Silver Formy's out there. The dealership I ordered mine from got so many questions and offers from people on my car they ordered an identical car except they added leather and a 6 speed. It is somewhere here in Houston, Texas..."