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1978 Macho Trans Am #42 of 204
owner: unk

A site contributor recently sent me these pics. Hopefully the owner will contact me. Equipped with 400ci and M-21 4-speed.



1978 Macho Trans Am #46 of 204
owner: unknown

Thanks to a site visitor for sending me these pics. This is perhaps one of the rarest Macho TAs in existence. The '78 year model Machos are already difficult to find. This particular '78 Macho is the first and only one I'm aware of that is located overseas AND since the car is in Australia, it may be the only Macho in existence that was converted to right hand drive (look at the interior pic). Henry found this car for sale in Australia and inquired about it. Not long after he found the Macho section here at the site and decided to send me these pics. He writes:

     "Hi, attached are some pics, sorry for poor quality but they were quick snaps taken by the owner for me. Car has 400/4- speed and has been converted to right hand drive. Car is complete, paint work is poor, some minor rust lower rear quarter and around rear window trim, interior trim is complete. Car is in daily driver condition. Car is currently located at Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia. I have attached a pic of the plate on the console with the number 46. Please note I do not own the car, pics were taken when I enquired about buying the car and they were emailed to me by the owner. It was then that I found your site as I saw Macho painted on the car. I then researched what a Macho Trans Am was. I am keen to enter into discussions with the current owner to purchase the car and restore."


Hopefully Henry will purchase the car or find out more information on it.




1978 Macho Trans Am #52 of 204
owner: unknown

This Macho TA was sold recently and will hopefully get a full restoration. It features a black with gold accent paint scheme and retained the hood bird which was an option for customers ordering a Macho TA from DKM but is not common. This TA came equipped with the W72 400, 4-Speed manual and the WS6 suspension option. At the time these pics were taken the car had 125,000 original miles and retained its original drivetrain, the original hooker headers and dual catback exhaust system installed by DKM and the original Hurst Competition shifter, also installed by DKM. The T-Tops are not factory but rather American T-Tops that were installed when the car was new.



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1978 Macho Trans Am #57 of 204
owner: Bruce Nelson

This Macho was one of the very first to be added to the site. The one pic I had before came from one of Bruce's relatives. I tried on several occasions to get more pics and info and could never get it. Now Bruce's son-in-law Hans Gunter has taken the time to send us these brand new amazing pics and some information on the car. Hans writes:

     "Hello, I finally got a digital camera, and have some pictures of Macho #57 for you.  It has almost everything original, motor, interior, paint job.  It has 58,000 original miles. I'll get pictures under the hood this summer when we are at car shows."

       -Hans Gunter



1978 Macho Trans Am #59 of 204
owner: Gary Seymour

 The new owner of #59 recently contact me and wrote the following:

     "Hello, I recently discovered your site and thought I would update you on Macho Trans am #59. I purchased this car in 2003 from a relative of the person who had owned it since the early 1980's.I had searched for about 10 years but could not find this car, as if it had fallen off the earth. Then one day coming home from work I pulled up to a light and there it was sitting in front of me. I followed for miles finally losing it at another light. Luckily a few weeks later while at the local speed shop there was an ad for the car on the bulletin board for sale. By the end of the day it was mine. The car had been in a small town named Wadsworth just outside of Reno for about 13 years with 4 flat tires and in a back yard where it was not easy to see. I have rebuilt the original motor, its a white car with blue striping and mostly original paint and interior. It also has the 8 inch snowflake wheels and a 4 speed transmission. When the weather allows I will try sending you some updated photo's."

My name is Gary Seymour and I am in Sparks Nevada.

Gary recently sent me these updated pics of #59.



1978 Macho Trans Am #64 of 204
owner: Alexandra Baade

 Alexandra recently contacted me about #64. She writes:

     "Hey, I was randomly googling and stumbled across your website. I didn't know anyone was keeping tabs on the Machos. I just wanted to let you know that # 64 is alive and well in Phoenix, AZ. I fully intend on getting it back to its original condition, but it is slow going though. I included some photos. I could really use some help getting more info on it, no one here seems to know anything about them (ironic since I am an hour from Glendale)."

Alexandra Baade



1978 Macho Trans Am #65 of 204
owner: Mitch Drouillard

Looks like this Macho is gonna get rescued from a potential death sentence rotting away in a backyard somewhere. Mitch contacted me about this amazing find:

     "I am a huge fan of your site. I have located a 1978 Macho T/A #65."

Original paint
Original paperwork
20,000 original miles
455 automatic
Original owner since new
Lifelong California car since purchased
Original everything

Thanks and keep up the great work!




1978 Macho Trans Am #68 of 204
owner: unknown

 This Macho TA features the White/Blue Stripes paint scheme. It looks to be undergoing a restoration. Hopefully it'll be finished so this TA can get back on the road. Nothing else is known about this TA at this time...

Photo courtesy Heath Elmer



1978 Macho Turbo Trans Am #69 of 204
owner: Bob Keller

 Bob writes:

     "Hi, my name is Bob Keller. I noticed you have my #69 Turbo Macho TA on your site. First of all, I love the site and think it is great. I bought the # 69 about in November of 2003 and have just finished it (October 2004). The car was last licensed in 1985 so it had been setting for a long time. I am technically the 2nd titled owner. The car now has less than 31,000 miles on it. It was virtually 100% rust free but had several door dings and rock chips. The paint was somewhat faded even though I tried to buff it out I was not satisfied with the shine. The pictures you have on your site now is how it looked when I purchased the car. I had a body shop re-paint it and they did an awesome job as they specialize in muscle car restorations. They have actually requested to use the car in some of their car shows next season.

This car was featured in the January 1979 Car and Driver magazine and I am considering contacting them to re-feature the car 25 years later, as when they tested the car the carburetor was not correctly adjusted with the turbo. We spent a lot of time getting the car working correctly with the turbo by actually updating the vacuum retard timing to a MSD box, put a complete new carb kit in and changed the way the 2nd fuel pump, (electric), works to get more gas to the carb when the boost gets to a certain level. We also changed the location and size of the K&N filter. I can now say the turbo unit functions great and makes the car extremely fast. Believe me, I know as I do also have a 94 anniversary TA, 84 anniversary TA, 89 turbo anniversary TA and a 99 anniversary TA and this 78 Turbo will now out run anyone of them. The car is just awesome. This 78 Macho Turbo came fitted with the WS 6 package, T Tops, 4 speed and hurst shifter.

Some of the Macho options include:
Turbo Unit
Rear battery installation kit
Re-curved distributor
Close ratio shifter
Chrome roll bar
160 mph speedometer
DKM identification plaque
DKM paint scheme and graphics
Oil reservoir
Koni shocks
Modified suspension kit

The car drives like a 30,000 mile car should but better because of the modified suspension system. It handles like my 99 TA. This car gets lots of looks when I drive it. If anyone has any questions or is interested in purchasing the car, you can e-mail me."

Bob Keller



1978 Macho Turbo Trans Am #71 of 204
owner: Scott Young

 Mark Burrows provided us with these pics and information. Mark writes:

     "The car is the 1978 Macho T/A #71 that my brother sold in the summer of 2004. The new owner's name is Scott Young, and he lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He and his 17 year old son are going to restore the car as a father and son project. It should be completed in the summer of 2005. The car came from the factory with the W72 / WS6 / 4-speed / A.C. / Solar Gold exterior / velour Camel Tan interior. Mecham options include: Hurst Competition Plus shifter, oil pressure restorer, and one of the Mecham installed stereos that is missing, but can be verified by Mecham-only speaker cover grills in the doors, and a punch control sized cutout in the console exactly where the Mechams would have installed it. The car has 140,000 miles on it and still has the original drive train (including motor) all un-rebuilt. The paint is also all original and so is the interior. This car, by no means, has been well taken care of, but as restorable cars go, I've seen far worse. I am extremely happy that the car was sold to someone that knows what it is and will restore it to it's original condition."



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