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White '85 MSE Trans Am# (68,704 bytes)
1985 MSE Trans Am #??
owner: unknown
Another rare picture of a 1985 MSE Trans Am. Nothing else is known about this car at this time...

Pic courtesy of Cameron Holeman



1986 MSE Trans Am #20
owner: unknown
An ultra-rare picture of a 1986 MSE Trans Am. Hope this one has found a home. Nothing else is known about this car at this time...

Pic courtesy of Heath Elmer



  97' White 20th Anniversary Macho TA #001

97' White 20th Anniversary Macho TA #001

97' White 20th Anniversary Macho TA #001

'97 White 20th Anniversary Macho TA #001

'97 White 20th Anniversary Macho TA #001
1997 20th Anniv. Macho Trans Am #001
owner: Rob Thomas
Dennis Mecham began modifying Firebirds again in 1998. Here's the story about how it happened:

Webmaster's Note: The following excerpt was written by Todd Coombes. Although he no longer owns this car, I have kept the following for historical information purposes:

"While I was working on the Macho and MSE book that will be coming out around the first of the year ('99), Dennis Mecham and I started talking about what a fourth generation Macho T/A might include. As we discussed the possibilities, I noticed Dennis was getting enthused about the idea so I continued talking about it. After a while I asked Dennis what he thought about the remote chance of actually building a new Macho - especially since it was the 20th anniversary of the first Macho T/A. He considered the alternatives and said he would think about it. From that point on, enthusiasm grew and the next six months was an exciting time of prototyping, researching, fabricating, turning wrenches, losing sleep, talking to suppliers, dealers, mechanics and racers. Finally, the new Macho was born. It was really all Dennis and Kyle. I provided some research and some financing, but Dennis and Kyle did all of the design and engineering. I spent some time with them during the design phase as a "casual observer" and I can truly say these guys are Motor-head Artists to the nth degree. All of the hood and wing lines seemed to flow naturally from the car itself, but it took Dennis and Kyle to bring it out. After the designing, prototyping and planning phases, actual build time was fast. It had to be ... Hot Rod Magazine was coming out to do a story (October issue) and the cars (the three prototypes) had to be ready. I didn't even see a picture of my car. The first time I saw it was after the Hot Rod
interview, Dennis shipped the car to me and I saw it after it was unloaded from the trailer. Timing again was critical because I was taking it to the Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, Ohio the NEXT DAY. (Talk about cutting it close!) The first time I saw the car I couldn't believe it. I couldn't take my eyes off of it, but even better was the sound of the engine when I started it up. I have heard a lot and driven a lot of third and fourth generation Firebirds (including three Firehawks I own), but none even comes close in looks, sound and performance of the '97 Macho. Of the three prototypes, my car had the most "goodies" including a 383 stroker motor (472hp dyno), Centerforce clutch, carbon-fiber drive shaft, 3.73 rear gears, custom heavy duty radiator, awesome exhaust by Pro-Dyno and B&B, full suspension treatment, Baer brakes, Simmons wheels and Michelin Pilot tires, and much more! I have not yet taken it to the track, but I can tell you it will do 0-60 in a heartbeat and the Pilots stick like glue (315 35's in the back don't hurt!) A good driver, a good day and reasonable traction would see this car into the 11's without a doubt (I have done some drag racing, so I am fairly certain about this). That's all fun and fine, but I love people's reaction to the car. It is definitely "In your face" and you gotta love it or hate it - No passive responses. The TA Nationals gave me a good opportunity to listen to the comments coming from mostly a Firebird crowd. Everything from, "WOW! I can't believe it ... I want to order one today!", to "That's a BIG WANG, dude.", to "Too bad it hasn't got an SD455 under the hood." The guys from SLP spent a lot of time looking it over and I noticed they have postponed displaying their newest revised Firehawk hood until they figure out how to do heat extractors like the Macho. The best story, though, is what happened when I took the car out for my first ride from the car transporters' office. I got on it a little bit and took a few hard turns, just to get the feel and after five minutes I pulled back into the transporters' place. 30 seconds later, a 30th anniversary Camaro SS pulled in and the driver jumped out and just stood there looking at the Macho for at least a couple of minutes. He finally said, "Whoa! How can I get one of these?"



97' White 20th Anniversary Mach TA #002

97' White 20th Anniversary Mach TA #002
This Macho Trans Am was the second proto-type built by Dennis & Kyle Mecham. This car (also known as the S-Model) was equipped with an LT1 with some aftermarket bolt-ons and dyno'd at 325hp. It was optioned with a 52mm throttle body, Moroso cold air box, a B&M Ripper shifter, a 3.73:1 ratio rear end, Pro-Flow 3" exhaust with B&B Triflow tips installed after the catalytic converters, 1" dropped Eibach springs, Bilstein shocks, Energy Suspension, polyurethane sway bar bushings, carbon metallic brake pads and a performance chip.



1998 Mecham Trans Am #1
owner: Chris Phillips
Long-time Firebird Gallery member, Chris Phillip sends us photos and details of the newest TransAm in his flock of fantastic Firebirds. This is Mecham TransAm #1, the heir to the Macho Trans Am throne. Dennis and Kyle Mecham became famous for their Macho TransAms of the 1970s and 1980s and their 20th Anniversary Macho TransAm of 1997 (seen above). This Mecham TransAm is the very first of the new Mecham Trans Ams to be produced.

Chris tells us this TransAm was special ordered with T-Tops and a 6-speed and the special destiny of becoming Mecham TransAm #1. It is painted in Bright Red and optioned with a Dark Pewter interior.

The Mecham Trans Am #1 features:

Pro Dyno High Performance MTTP Exhaust System
Mecham satin 7.5" POWER OVAL cast aluminum Exhaust Tips
K&N Filtercharger Air Filter
Mecham 4-port Extractor / Ram Air Hood
High mount Aero-tail rear Wing ( Mecham T/A )
Flush mount HDF rear Wing ( Mecham Formula )
Energy Suspension Sway Bar Bushings, Front and Rear
Pro Performance Springs, Front & Rear
Performance Front End Alignment
B&M Ripper Shifter
High Performance Gear Ratio, 3.73:1
Controls Optimization
Mecham T/A Graphics in 3M vinyl with Series Numbers
Magnesium alloy commemorative Dash Plaque with Series Number
Firebird Titan Hood Graphic in 3M vinyl
ROH alloy Wheels: 17" x 9.5" High Polish finish

Chris learned that the original owner of this car was a dentist. No wonder. Built for performance and detailed for world-class looks, this Mecham TransAm makes great smiles wherever it goes.



2000 Mecham Trans Am #3
owner: Don Fraser
Don Fraser writes:

     "I don't know who owned it before, but it was brought to Saskatchewan from Arizona. It was one of those cars that catch your eye and you just had to have. I contacted Dennis Mecham and got it authenticated as the #3 Trans Am from 2000. I don't know how many were produced and am still trying to find out."

Don's Mecham TA came equipped with:

     Pro Dyno MTTP Exhaust System
     Mecham Aluminum 7.5” “Power Oval” Exhaust Tips
     Controls Optimization (computer program upgrade)
     Pro Performance Springs – front and rear
     Specific Alignment
     High Performance 3.42 Gear Ratio
     Magnesium Alloy Commemorative Dash Plaque W/Production Number
     Energy Suspension Sway Bar Bushings – F&R with Attachment Link Grommets
     Graphics Package.



2000 Mecham Formula (60478 bytes)

2000 Mecham Formula (105812 bytes)

2000 Mecham Formula (106819 bytes)

2000 Mecham Formula (142135 bytes)

00fr10.5.jpg (178959 bytes)
2001 Mecham Formula #8
owner: Stuart Maddox
This is a great addition to the site. Its the first 4th gen production Mecham Firebird on the site. This one is a 2001 Mecham Formula and is owned by Stuart Maddox. Stuart writes:

     "You wanted a Mecham so here is my 2000 Mecham Formula that I ordered in Dec. of '99 (picked it up Sep 2000)." 
Options as follows:
6.5 Litre engine (don't know HP rating)
Brembo front brakes
Headers, y-pipe, dual cats.
3.73 rear end
Carbon fiber drive shaft
Koni shocks

Stuart Maddox



2002 Mecham Trans Am #3
owner: Bill Reimer
Bill writes:

     "Here are a series of pictures from the 2002 Trans Am Nationals show in Dayton, OH. My Mecham is the black with silver graphics and is production #3 for 2002. The pewter one is #2 from 2002…it was just an amazing coincidence that we were both there for that show. The #2 2002 Mecham T/A is owned by a guy named Justin who lives in Maryland, mine is in Michigan."

Standard Equipment:

Pro Dyno High Performance MTTP Exhaust System
Mecham Aluminum 7.5 inch “Power Oval” Exhaust Tips
Mecham 4-Port Heat Extractor Hood with Ram Air
K&N Filtercharger Low Restriction Air Filter
Mecham Gen4 Aero Tail-Wing
Pro Performance Springs, Front & Rear, Suspension Techniques
Specific Performance Front-end Alignment
B&M Ripper Shifter, 6-Speed
High Performance 3.73 Gear Ratio
Energy Suspension Front and Rear Sway Bar Pivot Bushings and 
      Mounting Stud Biscuits
Specific Optimized Engine Controls and Programming
Mecham T/A Graphics Package In Bright Silver Metallic
Domed Dash Plaque with Series Production Number

Optional Equipment:

Chrome Finish on “Power Oval” Exhaust Tips
Mecham Design, Performance Air Box Lid
Titan Hood and Production # Graphics in Bright Silver Metallic
Hooker Long Tube headers
Strut Tower Brace
SLP Line Lock with Switch and Indicator LED Kit
Manual Cooling Fan Power Switch Kit

Bill Reimer



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