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This convertible '99 30th Anniversary Trans Am is owned by Debbie Ward. Debbie writes:

     "We were in the market to purchase a muscle car, when we looked at some older models. After looking and not finding something we both could agreed upon, we decided to buy something new that we could keep for a long time.
We planned on buying a Red 2000 Trans Am. We started to research the idea more seriously in June of '98. When rumors of an Anniversary TA fell upon our ears, we thought why not try to order one, believing that we would never get one of these rare beauties. We thought if we didn’t get the new Anniversary TA, we would be happy and settle for the Red 2000 TA instead.
After searching for a dealership that might be able to get there hands on this rare find, we decided to call a dealership that was 325 miles away that would be our best chance of getting the Anniversary TA.
In March of '99 the dealership called, and told us we could pick up our 30th TA if we still wanted it, that if not they had others waiting in line to buy it. We went 3 days later and fell in love with our new car and drove it home. We have been ever so happy with it since. We only take it out for cruises/shows/ice cream."

Deb Ward TA #1002



10th Anniversary Trans Am 1979 was the ten year anniversary of the Trans Am. To celebrate this milestone Pontiac introduced this car to the public. It came with a special silver and gray paint job and 10th Anniversary badges along with the standard Trans Am decals, special "turbo" rims that were available only on this car, a super unique silver interior with embroidered "screaming chickens" in the seats made of a special leather material that was manufactured specifically for this car, T-Tops, all the creature comforts you could pack into a TA and even a 400ci engine. These cars are fairly collectable and can still be had for reasonable prices.



20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am A 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am. Unlike Pontiacs first attempt in 1979 to install a turbo charger in a Firebird, the 20th Anniversary of the Trans Am brought us a car truly worthy of the occasion. The turbo was installed on a 3.8 Liter V-6 that was very comparable to the engine that was installed in the renowned Buick Grand National. The attempt was an outstanding success and gave us the fastest Trans Am ever built in its day. This car was the only Firebird to ever serve as a pace care with absolutely no modifications. The 20th Anniversary Trans Ams would continue to hold the title of fastest Trans Am throughout the 90s. Appearance cues on this special car included special badging on each fender and the front nose that proclaimed it as a 20th Anniversary. Click here to see one. These badges were trimmed in black with a gold background. With a very modest outward appearance and the lack of a characteristic hood bulge these birds catch many an unwary driver by surprise.



94ta12.jpg (51108 bytes) The 25th Anniversary Trans Am was designed and built in celebration of 25 years of existence for the Trans Am. The most outstanding feature is its white paint with the blue center stripe which originally came on '70 - '72 Trans Ams. The wheels were a special lightweight rim that were painted to match the body color. The interiors of these cars were absolutely beautiful with white Prado leather seats designed with blue embroidery. They also received special 25th Anniversary badges. These special cars could be ordered as a hardtop, T-Top, or convertible.



10th Anniversary Trans Am Only the 6.6L 403 Olds engine and the 6.6L Pontiac motor were available with the Anniversary edition Trans Am. The Olds mill was rated at 185hp while the Poncho engine output 220hp. The special 15x8 Turbo Aluminum wheels that were installed on these cars was manufactured by the Appliance Wheel Company.

Photo courtesy of Mark Allbaugh.



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The trend continues!! This is great maybe I'll eventually have all of them depicted here on the site!! This 30th Anniversary Trans Am is owned by Scott Manley. Scott writes:

     "I dropped by and thought...Damn, what a great place for Pontiac Firebirds...One word describes this site...WOW!!!! I attached a few pictures and a little story about how I came to own my car for your 1999 Lot, funny thing's another 30th Anniversary Trans Am.  However, mine's a coupe.
I originally ordered a 1999 Firehawk T/A, but when I heard that Pontiac was going to have a limited production of 30th Anniversary Trans Ams w/Ram Air, I cancelled my Firehawk order and did a little research/investigation on who was getting allocated 30th TA's in Maryland.  I came across three dealerships that were allocated one per dealership, however, they wanted top dollar.  My luck changed when a buying service that I was using came across a dealership who was allocated a 30th TA w/all the options and a rare 6-speed w/the Hurst shifter.  I contacted the dealership and that night was signing the paperwork.  Funny thing though, the dealership did not know what they were getting...They thought it was just another Ram Air Trans Am and I was able to get that car at $700 over dealer invoice.  Once the Sales Manager for the dealership found out what kind of car it was and how rare it was going to be, he tried to buy back my order and told me that he would order another Ram Air or Firehawk at cost for me.  I declined and tracked that car from Canada all the way to the rail yards here in Maryland.  I even contacted the trucking company to see what time the car was being trucked over to the dealership so I could be there waiting.  It's been a terrific car and a joy to drive."

Scott Manley
Eldersburg, MD
MAFBA Maryland Director
1999 30th Anniversary Trans Am #873



89tta15.jpg (20405 bytes) This 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am (#339) is owned by Lynn Hays. Lynn has a history of Firebird ownership having owned a 1978 400/4-speed Trans Am, a 1984 GTA, and a 1987 GTA. Lynn purchased the 89' new and has only racked up an incredibly low 2,856 miles. The car is pampered to say the least. It is only driven on beautiful days and in only then, in Lynn's words, "To exercise it".



Silver 10th Anniversary Trans Am

Silver 10th Anniversary Trans Am

Silver 10th Anniversary Trans Am

Silver 10th Anniversary Trans Am

Silver 10th Anniversary Trans Am
This '79 10th Anniversary T/A belongs to Bryan Lopez, a Naval officer stationed in California.  Bryan bought the car from his brother who had acquired it through a collector in Oregon a few years back.  When it was picked up in Oregon, it had 11,716 original miles, but has since accumulated an additional 30,000 due to daily driving. The car is an original 403 Olds/automatic combination, and other than minor preventive maintenance has undergone no major mechanical repairs. Like all 10th T/A's, the car has four wheel disc brakes and the WS6 suspension option. After Bryan bought the car, he installed a set of '85 Z-28 reclining buckets and a Pioneer AM/FM/Cassette head unit that drives a 6 disc CD changer.  While Bryan likes to stick to originality, he is a believer in resto-modification and is investigating the possibility of swapping out his 180 hp 403 for a late model 245 hp LT-1/six speed. He's interested in hearing from anyone who has performed a similar swap into a 2nd gen Firebird or T/A.



Jim Mattison's 25th Anniversary Ram Air Trans Am convertible Pontiac Motor Division owns this rare 25th Anniversary Trans Am convertible. It is the only one equipped with a complete WS6 Ram Air package and was the very first 25th Anniversary Trans Am convertible built. It was actually the "pilot" car for the design. After the car was retired from show duty in 1994 Jim Mattison of Pontiac Historic Services had it "up-fitted" with all of the WS6 components at the Pontiac Engineering Garage and used it as a display vehicle and personal transportation to Pontiac events in 1995 and 1996.
    For 1997 the car was once again "up-fitted" and used at all the major NHRA events as the "Official NHRA Track-Side Safety Car". The car is seen here in attendance at the 1997 Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, Ohio.
                                                          phs-head_small.jpg (7168 bytes)
Jim Mattison is the owner of Pontiac Historical Services. In his own words: "The source of historic information for Pontiac owners, restorers, collectors, enthusiasts and car buffs, who are looking for specific information on their Pontiac."
For a nominal fee you can mail PHS the VIN (vehicle identification number) from your car and they will research it and return to you a copy of the original build sheet along with any other pertinent information that can be found. Its an easy way to check out the validity of any Pontiac that you own or want to buy. Stop by their new website if your interested.

Banner courtesy of Pontiac Historical Services. 1998



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This is definitely something you don't see everyday. Apparently a dealership got rather enthusiastic about promoting sales of the then new '89 20th Anniversary Trans Am. They somehow managed to flip this one on its side for display on their showroom floor. They even used a mattress of all things to cushion the car from the floor. They further decided to add little white pieces of paper throughout the undercarriage marked with numbers or something and then provided a display that provided some kind of information on the marked pieces. This is taking marketing to the extreme boys and girls. I just wonder who the person was that bought this one!

I have now discovered these pics were originally taken by one Rob Wilson. Rob wrote in and provided the following:

     "Hi there,

 I was told by a buddy of mine that also owns a TTA that you had some of my pictures on your site. If you would please add a small blurb to give me credit for it I'd appreciate it. I run the GNX registry and am also a TTA fan. Anyway, Back in '89 a buddy of mine was interested in buying a new 20th Anniv TA since he collects Indy Pace cars and is also a big Buick GN fan he went to buy one. When he arrived he too was shocked to see the car on it's side in the showroom and another one right beside it. Both were for sale but he made sure he got the one on all fours :) He called me to tell me about the cars and I went up to see for myself. I took my camera knowing this is a once in a lifetime photo opp.
When I got there I spoke to the salesman and asked about the car and the big question WHY!? He said that it was a long standing dealership tradition to put a new Pontiac on it's side to show it off. They have been doing it the same way for years. They drained all the fluids out and pushed it into the showroom floor. They placed mattress' on the floor beside it and started jacking it up until it was as far as the floor jack would take it. From there I think he said the guys from the shop helped roll it over onto the mattress'. They later placed Post-its all over the cool stuff to show off the goodies. Sort of like putting the brochure right on the car. As far as I know
they sold the car and never had a problem with it. It was a VERY strange sight to see. Thanks for showing them off."


Photos courtesy of Rob Wilson