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25th Anniversary Trans Am

25th Anniversary Trans Am
This 25th Anniversary Trans Am is owned by John Kekacs of Roy, UT. The car has had a few modifications done to it and John isn't afraid to race it. The car holds a 130mph posting on the Bonneville Salt Flats for going 0 to 130mph in one mile twice. John writes,

         "The race is very simple. Starting from a dead stop and going trough the 1 mile traps better than 130mph but no faster than 139mph.  Sounds so easy- salt has 17% less traction than pavement-wide tires create rolling resistance, secret inflate tires to 50psi.  I ran two passes 133.4mph & 134.6.  I have drag raced this car best ET 14.35 mph 97.0."

The second photo is a pic of the same car with the owner John and a VERY good friend of mine Kenny G.



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This 10th Anniversary Trans Am is owned by Cindy Maryo. Its optioned with the 400c.i. engine and a 4-speed manual transmission. The car has been garaged most of its life but it did receive a new paint job and decals about ten years ago. The paint is again showing wear and Cindy is considering having it painted again. Cindy's husband Dave is a mechanic and he has been checking out the rest of the car for needed repairs before paint is applied. The car was bought from a collector who took care of it.     



'84 15th Anniversary & '89 20th Anniversary TAs (88904 bytes)

'84 15th Anniversary & '89 20th Anniversary TAs (126147 bytes)

'84 15th Anniversary & '89 20th Anniversary TAs (70302 bytes)

'84 15th Anniversary & '89 20th Anniversary TAs (88740 bytes)

15th Anniv. Edition Interior (92157 bytes)
These fantastic anniversary edition TAs are owned by Jeff Evartini. He writes:

     "My 1984 15th Anniversary Trans Am is 1 of 1,500 made and it has 32,401 miles as of 5/17/02. It is completely original except for the tires which were replaced because of inherent dry rotting. Everything works
including the air conditioning and power antenna. The Recaro seats are in perfect condition as well.

My 1989 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am (#1234) is 1 of 1,550 made and it has only 5,825 miles on it as of 5/17/02. This car too is completely original and only the tires have been changed and the rear Aero Wing has
been replaced because of the typical cracking at the rear mounting point. I still have the original Goodyear Gatorback tires and spoiler tucked away. This car is phenomenal in the looks and power department.

Both my T/As sit in the garage and are driven on sunny days and to car shows. I don't race them nor do I plan on it; I really appreciate these cars for what they are and their rarity. They both are great symbols of what Pontiac is all about and it really defines Pontiac's statement "We Build Excitement". Great site and keep up the fantastic work. This is the best Firebird/Trans Am based site on the net!"

Jeff Evartani



10th Anniversary Trans Am Gary Vass owns this excellent example of the 10th Anniversary Trans Am that was offered in 79' in celebration of the Trans Ams ten year production run. This particular car comes with a 400c.i. engine and a 4-speed transmission. Only two engine options were offered on these cars. Either the Pontiac built 400 or the Olds built 403. The 400 only came with a 4-speed and the 403 only came with an automatic. Only 1,817 Anniversary TAs received the 400/4-speed combo making Gary's car the desirable choice. Its optioned heavily and only showing 3800 on the odometer. According to Gary the car was discovered on a farm in Wisconsin 10 years ago. Man I love those kind of stories.

Gary is quite the Pontiac fanatic and collector with a collection totaling 12 cars. His expansive collection includes:
a '76 50th Anniversary Trans Am 455 4-speed (see the '76 L.E. 50th Anniv. Trans Am Lot#1),
an '80 Trans Am Pace Car,
an '81 Nascar Edition Pace Car with only 4,000 miles (seen at the '80 Nascar Edition Pace Car Trans Am Lot#1),
an '83 MR MSE Trans Am #39 with only 4,500 miles (seen at the Macho & MSE Trans Ams Lot#2),
an '83 Daytona Pace Car,
an '84 15th Anniversary Trans Am,
an '87 Trans Camino (wildly customized into a Truck!!!) (seen the '87 Firebirds Lot#1),
an '89 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am with only 500 miles,
a '92 yellow/black Trans Am convertible,
a '94 25th Anniversary with Daytona decals,
and a '96 Formula convertible (see the '96 Firebirds Lot#2). Whew thats a heck of a lot of garage space.



25th Anniversary Trans Am This 25th Anniversary Trans Am, #35 of 250, is owned by Paul P. Fedi. Paul purchased it a year ago from its original owner with only 6,000 miles on the odometer. The owner had purchased it as an investment. The TA is still in stock form with its triple white paint and LT1 350c.i. engine. Paul has taken it to the track and thus far it has run a best of 13.80 @ 118mph. Traction problems plagued the car during the runs so Paul ordered a set of 275/40ZR17 SLP wheels with Comp T/As. Paul writes:

     "The car is the best T/A I ever owned and I've had them all; 12 total. This car drives like a racecar and I can't wait to see how it's gonna handle with the new wheels and tires."



'99 30th Anniversary Ram Air Trans Am Convertible

'99 30th Anniversary Ram Air Trans Am Convertible

'99 30th Anniversary Ram Air Trans Am Convertible

'99 30th Anniversary Ram Air Trans Am Convertible

'99 30th Anniversary Ram Air Trans Am Convertible
What better way to start off the first '99 Lot on the Gallery than be featuring a 30th Anniversary Trans Am first! This beauty is owned by Karen Fitch. Karen writes:

     "Our car is equipped with Ram Air (320 hp), automatic, and white leather seats with logo. The rear window is glass with defogger and the top is like a royal blue (sometimes looks a purplish blue). The wheels have a purplish blue tint to them. It's a cool car but doesn't handle as well around corners as my Corolla GTS (fwd), BUT has plenty of power. We have #420 of 535 convertibles made (500 for the US and 35 for Canada). There were supposed to be 1065 coupes (65 for Canada and 1000 for US) made. I don't have the real stats yet as Pontiac says they won't be out until October. Don't know how many manuals versus automatics. We ordered a regular '99 Ram Air convert. black on black on black, 6 speed. We were told we weren't going to get it after it had been ordered for a few months. My husband placed the order in June '98. Found another dealership who had the 30th Anniversary coming in so we took that one instead. Had to wait quite a few months for it to come in. We live in Oregon (rain and more rain). Of course you can see we are used to no top as our '23 T Roadster didn't have a top until this year. We've had it since '92. That car started all of our hotrods. We won't get rid of it until we are too old to climb into it and can't go to car shows anymore!"

Sounds like a great philosophy to live by!!



Silver '79 10th Anniv. Trans Am (40082 bytes)

Silver '79 10th Anniv. Trans Am (21292 bytes)

Silver '79 10th Anniv. Trans Am (49275 bytes)

Silver '79 10th Anniv. Trans Am (50048 bytes)

Silver '79 10th Anniv. Trans Am (53711 bytes)
7,500 10th Anniversary Trans Ams would see production by the end of 1979. 1,817 manuals and 5,683 automatics. This anniversary package included several unique additions such as a larger hood decal, a special interior featuring a one of a kind silver leather and a special silver and charcoal paint treatment. The fully equipped 10th Anniversary Trans Am carried a $10,619 price tag. To identify this special Firebird Pontiac decided to add the X87 numeric designator to the VIN to denote an anniversary TA.



Two 94' 25th T/As at the strip Two '94 25th Anniversary T/As getting down to business at the strip. This is the way I like to see 'em. Note the one in the near lane is a convertible and has a dialed in time of 14.50. The sharp observer will also notice the rims on the rear of the car in the near line are different from the factory correct wheels in the front. Probably means a wheel swap occurred for better traction.