Kevin Morgan has been the spearhead for a grass roots effort to try and get GM to bring back the Firebird. The effort has been going on for a while and has garnered some attention from the media. Kevin's designs and concepts have been discussed in popular car forums all over the internet and have even grabbed the attention of a few notable magazines such as Hot Rod, High Performance Pontiac, Pontiac Enthusiast and others. Despite the fact that we have received little news from GM other than the fact they have no plans to produce a Firebird nor even a GTO, I felt the obligation to put some of Kevin's designs on display for those that have missed them and didn't have an opportunity to enjoy them. From what I have read in the forums around the internet the response from the majority has been overwhelmingly positive. More than one person has questioned how and why GM can't take notice and consider building any of the incredible cars represented below. I can only think that the creativity and ingenious design that ran rampant among car builders in the 50s, 60s, and 70s has been long since lost in the sea of bland, unimaginative econo-boxes that continue to flood the market year after year. I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin at the 2006 Trans Am Nationals and he's a great guy.

Kevin's Mission Statement:

My story, My mission. - The short version.

When Smokey & The bandit came out I fell in love with the Trans Am and it became my dream car. In 2004 I purchased my first Trans Am, a 1981 T-top, and I became even more obsessed with Trans Ams. When GM came out with the Concept Camaro I just HAD to draw a Trans Am! I posted my concept on one web site (transamcountry.com) and it took off like wild fire! People just loved it! It even landed in 4 national magazines! From there it has lead me to the Trans Am Nationals in Ohio where I was asked to design the merchandise for the 2007 event and I'm in the process of designing for 2008.
In May of 2007 I went to the Year One Experience to catch the tail end of The Bandit Run. I met Chip Foose, Dave Hall, people from The Bandit Run, Kevin King - Mike Ashmore & Tony Rowe from Year One, and even got interviewed on the DIY Network and made it on the "Celebrity Rides" show "Burt Builds A Bandit." It was an honor to be on the same show as Mr. Burt Reynolds himself! I was even on the Hot Rod TV show when they unveiled the Year One Burt Reynolds Edition Trans Am. I was also on a local 30 minute TV show called "Round The County" where they featured my artwork growing up and how it lead into the design of my Concept Trans Am. My concepts can be found on forums & web sites just about anywhere on the internet. I am currently building a web site (kevinmorgandesigns.com) featuring my portfolio including the concept Trans Am.


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