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The 1981 Limited Edition Nascar Pace Car Turbo Trans Am


Timothy O'Leary owns this 1981 NASCAR Turbo Trans Am. Timothy writes:

     "This is the 1981 Trans Am Turbo Pace Car that was love at first sight for me 3 years ago. I first saw it and went to see what it was, not ever seeing a car quite like it before. Taking a quick look, said to my self "nice car" and I went back to work. Later that day I saw it on the small lot where cars are put for sale. Well $5,000 on the charge card later and I had bought a car that I didn’t even know what it was a day ago. This 1 of 2000 made 1981 Recaro Nascar Turbo Trans Am has 86,000 original miles with a book of all documentation back to new. All original paint, driveline, radio, etc.. Built at Van Nuys Ca. not 150 miles from here. The condition is what really got me, it was like new. I enjoy caring for the car very much. Thanks Tim O'Leary Santa Maria, Ca."



White Turbo Nascar Pace Car Trans Am This beautiful Turbo Nascar Pace Car Trans Am belongs to Gary Vass. It comes equipped with all the available power options and the silver tinted T-Tops. The turbo 301 serves as the power plant. Gary is the second owner of the car and it only has 4,000 miles. He drove it home and has trailer'd it since.

Gary is quite the Pontiac fanatic and collector with a collection totaling 12 cars. His expansive collection includes:
a '76 50th Anniversary Trans Am 455 4-speed (see the '76 L.E. 50th Anniv. Trans Am Lot#1),
a '79 10th Anniversary Trans Am (see the Anniversary Trans Ams Lot#1),
an '80 Trans Am Pace Car,
an '83 MR MSE Trans Am #39 with only 4,500 miles (seen at the Macho & MSE Trans Ams Lot#2),
an '83 Daytona Pace Car,
an '84 15th Anniversary Trans Am,
an '87 Trans Camino (wildly customized into a Truck!!!) (seen the '87 Firebirds Lot#1),
an '89 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am with only 500 miles,
a '92 yellow/black Trans Am convertible,
a '94 25th Anniversary with Daytona decals,
and a '96 Formula convertible (see the '96 Firebirds Lot#2). Whew thats a heck of a lot of garage space.



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An official NASCAR Turbo Pace Car. These cars differed slightly from the Indy pace cars from the previous year. They received an Oyster white paint job and black accents rather than the gray ones from the year before. On the inside these cars came with Recaro bucket seats designed with black and red cloth. A sharp contrast to the white and black paint scheme on the exterior.



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The NASCAR Firebirds featured a re-designed screaming chicken used with the turbo hood. The white turbo rims accented the overall design of the car. Despite the lagging horse power numbers these TAs featured the best suspensions and some of the nicer creature comforts of any 2nd gen.



This NASCAR TA is owned by Rusty. Rusty writes:

     "Hi, I would like to submit my 1981 Turbo in your gallery. This Pace car was originally ordered by a dealer in stuart, Fla. It was one of two that was raffled off at Daytona .It has gone from Fla. to Texas to New Jersey to my garage in Maryland, it has been repainted interior is original motor has 94,000 miles."

Thanks, Rusty