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The 2002 NHRA Edition Trans Am


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Pontiac decided the NHRA Trans Am was enough of a success to do it again in 2002. This particular example (and the Gallery's first) is owned by Cary Barrett. Cary writes:

     "I really enjoy your Firebird Gallery & noticed you have a 2001 NHRA SE T/A. Well, I would like to send you an assortment of my 2002 NHRA Special Edition Trans Am, M6, photos.  This is truly a "Last Of The Breed" Trans Am and I plan on holding on to this Bird for a long time.  I have not been to the track, however no doubts to the fact that my Bird can fly with the best!"

Performance Modifications:
SLP CAI w/FTRA upgrade
SLP Air-lid with K&N filter
SLP 85mm MAF with SLP Air Bellows
Shaner S2 Port & Polished TB
SLP STB & Hotchkis SFCs
Hypertech 180' PwrStat & Jet
  Jet Power Control Module
Borla Y-pipe & Borla Catback Exhaust System
Custom TB Bypass.

Appearance Mods:
NHRA Specific Badging & Rear Windshield Custom NHRA Decal
Last of the Breed Urethane Badges
Phoenix Graphix and Firebats Decals
Window Tint by Sun Tint.

It would be an honor to have some pics of my Bird in your Firebird Gallery.

Mr Cary J Barrett



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Vince Alexander adds only the 2nd 2002 NHRA Edition Trans Am to the site. Vince writes:

     "I found my Special Edition "NHRA" model by complete accident in February 2003, and once I laid my eyes on it I had to have it. I'm sure it had something to do with the Trans Am being my all time favorite muscle car and it was the last year of production.
This one came with a Hurst 6-speed and 10 speaker Monsoon sound system. At the first oil change, we discovered that it also has one of the last LS6 engine blocks built in Canada. This baby is a rocket on wheels."

V.W. Alexander
St. Louis, MO



This convertible NHRA Trans Am is only 1 of 46 produced. Mike C. is the owner and writes:

     "Hi, saw your website and thought you might like a few photos of a rare bird. One of 46 in the world. A4 configuration, 2002 NHRA TA Convertible. LS1 - a True 1SH code car. I love this car. I also have a '79 10th Anniversary that I bought in 1979 but this new one takes the cake, faster than my '68 427 vette any day."

Mike C.