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The 1998 Hurst Firebird


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1998 Lingenfelter Hurst Firebird #2

Owner: Phil Martin
Its fantastic to have another of these ultra rare Trans Ams on the site and we have an owner for this one. Phil writes:

     "I am the original owner of 1998 Hurst Firebird #2 shown in the attached jpeg's and the 3rd owner of the mother of the Hurst (1968 GTO) in the attached jpeg. The Hurst is an awesome and awe-powered car even at 7200 ft above sea level where it currently resides in Laramie, Wyoming. The car with WY license plate SR71, currently put away for the winter (comes quickly in Wyoming) has just at 24,000 miles on the clock and remains totally original except I had to fit 285 Pilots rather than the original 275's (no longer available, actually the 285s were remaining stock and may not be available for much longer).
Regarding the photos: Photo #1 (top) was professionally digitized and modified to become Photo #4 (bottom), which is included in the Hot Cars promotion of a local photography studio, see and link to Hot Cars. The Mother of Hurst Photo is of my 68 Goat with 72K miles (last pic), a really sweet ride but not as nasty fast as the Hurst. Have enjoyed your website, hope you enjoy the Hurst and the Goat!"

Phil Martin




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1998 Lingenfelter Hurst Firebird #3

Owner: unknown
The Firebird Gallery is proud to present the first 1998 Lingenfelter Hurst Firebird on the site!! Priced at over $45k and limited to an extremely short production run these are rare and special birds. This one was sent to us by the current owner at the time and then sold shortly thereafter. Hopefully the new owner will contact us. Dean Haiden was the owner that provided the pics and he also sent me the following info:

     "Here are some pictures of my 1998 Hurst Firebird by Lingenfelter. Here is the story on how I came across this rare car of which only 10 were made. This is the #3 car. One of my employees inherited money and ordered this car & paid $5000 over invoice paying $50,000 back in 1998. After a few months he moved. Then a few months ago he returned to come back and work for me still having the car. Unfortunately, he didn't take good care of the car and man was it dirty and filthy. When he returned to work for me he now had a girlfriend & two kids. I kept teasing him telling him he needed a family car & that I would trade him for my car which was a 1997 Bonneville SSEI. After many times of him saying "NO", he finally gave in one day back in August of 2002. We traded straight up, but there was a catch. He said that there was a noise in the motor & the local Pontiac dealership said it could cost around $2500 to fix the engine. Well, his money ran out & that is why he wanted to trade. So I took on the car & got it fixed. It cost me more than I wanted but it paid off. Initially, the lifters & compressor had to be replaced. Then they said they heard another noise that concerned them in the oil pan. So they replaced the oil pump. It turned out the noise was still there, so they guessed wrong and it costed them (dealership). Then they showed me a spun bearing on the crankshaft. So because they had my car two months and I was a little upset, they called GM & got them to replace the crankshaft under warranty. It only has 22,000. They say the engine is 360 HP in the magazines, but I called Lingenfelter & they say it dyno'd out at 410HP. It definitely is fast and has more torque than any stock RAM AIR. The rims are gold tint. Personally I think they could have been done better. The center caps on the rims have an H for Hurst. It comes with a 500 watt Monsoon stereo system that sounds good. No rips in the leather. I had a professional detail it. The paint for the most part is in great shape except the front had touch up paint from chips. The inside is in excellent shape. The passenger door is brand new because someone hit it. Their insurance paid for a new door before I got it. I am not a car collector, but made the trade hoping I can sell it & get me a pick up truck for work. It seemed like every time I took my Bonneville in to trade they wouldn't give me much for trade in. So I am hoping this trade pays off as it will be up for sale. On Monday, I am having the O2 sensors replaced because they need to be. After that it is up for sale. I will be asking for $35,000, I think that is reasonable for how rare this car is. The car originally came with Michelin tires, but when I got it , it had Goodyears. I had to buy an original car cover from Lingenfelter that came with the car. Like I said the first owner, didn't take good care of it & said he didn't have the car cover or key chain. I recently got it registered with the Pontiac Historical Society under my name."