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The 1997 Comp T/A


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1997 Comp T/A #139
owner: Ken Collings

List of current mods:

mball7.gif (967 bytes) Composite Hood with SLP Ram Air Induction
mball7.gif (967 bytes) K&N Maxflow Air Filter
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Polished Intake Ports
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Polished Head Ports
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Ported and Polished Exhaust Manifolds
mball7.gif (967 bytes) GM High Performance parts LT4 Hot Cam
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Crane Aluminum 1.6 Roller Rocker Arms
mball7.gif (967 bytes) GM LT4 Extreme duty Timing Chain and gears
mball7.gif (967 bytes) PCM reprogramming by Ed Wright Automotive
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Holley "Avenger" 52MM Throttle Body
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Modified Rev-limiter (6400 RPM)
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Modified Intake Bellows
mball7.gif (967 bytes) LT4 Knock Module
mball7.gif (967 bytes) SLP Total Suspension Alteration
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Steve Spohn Engineering Lower Trailing
     Arms (LCA's)
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Bilstein Shocks
mball7.gif (967 bytes) SLP tuned Cat-Back Loudmouth Exhaust System
mball7.gif (967 bytes) 6-Speed Manual Transmission with Hurst Short
     Throw Shifter
mball7.gif (967 bytes) GM Motive 4:10 gears
mball7.gif (967 bytes) TA Performance Rear End Cover with adjustable
mball7.gif (967 bytes) GT CNC Milled Disc Brake Rotors with Police
      Pursuit Brake Pads
mball7.gif (967 bytes) The "Short Stick" by Lou Salzano
mball7.gif (967 bytes) 500 Watt Monsoon Cassette Stereo System
mball7.gif (967 bytes) GM 12 Disc Changer
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Content/Vehicle Theft Alarms
mball7.gif (967 bytes) 17x9.50 Speedline "Firehawk" Clear coated Color
      Matched Aluminum Rims with BF Goodrich Comp
      T/A 275/40ZR17 Tires.
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Aluminum Drive shaft (1LE)
mball7.gif (967 bytes) SLP's Transaxle Mount/Bracket for Reduced
     Wheel Hop
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Hotchkiss Strut Tower Brace
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Hotchkiss Pan Hard Bar
mball7.gif (967 bytes) 160 Degree Thermostat
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Mallory Aluminum Throttle Body Cover Plate
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Mallory Aluminum Shift Knob
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Mallory Billet Aluminum replacement pedals,
     clutch, brake, accelerator, and deadMans pedal
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Mallory billet Aluminum Radiator, W/washer,
      brake fluid, clutch fluid, pwr Steering, and map
      sensor covers
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Mallory Billet Aluminum increased flow MAF ends
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Special Comp T/A appearance package consisting
     of: Bright Silver Metallic Paint with a Dark Grey
     Stripe running the length of the car down the center.
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Graphite Prado Leather Interior
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Custom "Comp T/A" Floor Mats
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Autometer Mini Pro Shift Light
mball7.gif (967 bytes) Carbon Fiber door sills

Ken writes about his Comp T/A:

     "Street Legal Performance Engineering Inc. - they modified it. What a job they did!! I have owned lots of performance cars, but nothing compares to this. Total command of the road folks. A "street legal race car!"

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Ken is a very busy individual with both the internet and Pontiacs. For starters he hosts his own web page entitled: Ken & Mary's SLP Cars Home Page. Its all about the Comp T/A you see here and the Firehawk (seen at Firehawks Lot#2) that's owned by his wife.

MAFBA.jpg (5766 bytes)

Next Ken is the founder of the SLP Comp T/A Owners Association. As you might have guessed this site's purpose is to provide information on these unique cars and a place for Comp T/A owners to get together. If you own a Comp T/A and have not visited this site, I highly recommend you do.                                                    
Last but not least, believe it or not Ken is the Founder and current President of the Mid-Atlantic F-Body Association. Their mission statement: MAFBA is not about who has the fastest car or who has the fanciest car.  It's about good people getting together for car shows, charity events, weekend cruises to scenic places, cruise nights at neat restaurants, promotional assistance to GM dealerships, sharing performance modifications, sharing detailing techniques, and just plain having fun!



1997 Comp T/A #148

owner: Don Amen II

Don Amen writes:

     "I have owned my 1997 Pontiac Trans Am Comp T/A for about two and a half years. I am the third owner. It currently has 96k miles. Factory options include: t-tops, 6 speed with the Hurst short throw shifter, Ram-air, 17" Speedline Rims, 2 on the left exhaust, 500 watt Monsoon 10 speaker stereo with cd player. Upgrades include: SLP airfoil, 1" Hotchkis lowering springs, Koni Yellow adjustable shocks, 3.73 gears with an Eaton posi differential, tinted windows, K&N filter, and Hypertech Power Programmer III tune. Other than that is is absolutely stock. I wash it inside and out as often as I can, usually once a week when the weather is nicer. I live on Long Island so out winters are long and cold. I have applied uncountable coats of Zaino polish on the outside. I condition the leather about twice a year. I absolutely love the car. I don't want to get rid of it but it will be going up on ebay this week. I hope it finds a home with someone who enjoys and cares for it as much as i do. It is #148 of 164 and 1 of 25 with its options and year."