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Smokey & The Bandit Trans Am

Smokey & The Bandit Trans Am
This photo was sent in by Chris Batson. This Trans Am was given to Burt during the shooting for Smokey and The Bandit II. While it was not used in the movie Burt did drive it back and forth to the set and kept it as his personal vehicle for a few years thereafter. In this picture the TA is on display at The Performance Car Museum in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. If you look at these pics you will see the word "Bandit" on the door. Also you can see the words "Best Wishes, Burt Reynolds" written in red ink on the shifter console. This was handwritten by Burt himself. Lastly you'll notice the special floor mats have been personalized with the word "Burt".   



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Its hard to believe I haven't received more 1981 Special Edition TAs but this is only the second one on the site. This particular S.E. TA is owned by David Ochser. David writes:

     "I have completely restored this car over the past year.  I am the second owner of this beautiful Southern California Car.  It is a very rare 1981 SE WS6 5.0 Litre 4 speed car."

Recently David sent me more pictures of his '81 S.E. Trans Am and included a couple of shots of his '76 L.E. 50th Trans Am. What a pair of TAs to have in the garage!!!



Jim Simoncelli owns this 1981 Special Edition Trans Am. Only the 2nd one to be submitted in the 10 year history of the web page. Jim writes:

     "My name is Jim Simoncelli, I live in Jessup Pa. I am the second owner of this 1981 Turbo Trans am. The original owner was the owner of a Pontiac Dealership. I have owned the car since 1984. It has 19,000 original miles on it. It was the cover car of the 2007 Auto Restorers Magazine, in the October edition. It is all original right down to the Tiger paw Radial tires. It has every option an 1981 S/E can have and some unique features that only a dealer could get. Notice the factory Sanyo door speakers. It also has a rare digital radio and power antenna in the fender. It has been my car since college. If you need any information about the car please let me know. I really enjoy your website. Keep up the good work."