The 1999 Pontiac Firebird, Formula & Trans Am


Red Trans Am Convertible (43877 bytes)

Red Trans Am Convertible (39368 bytes)

Red Trans Am Convertible (45965 bytes)

Red Trans Am Convertible (35632 bytes)

Red Trans Am Convertible (36048 bytes)
What is it about red? The aggressiveness? What could be better than a red Trans Am? Rich Miller owns this one and I'm willing to bet he's happy with it. Rich writes:

     "Enough of the 30th anniversary cars! I got the chance to buy my car when someone became tired of waiting and bought a Yukon in April of '99. The car came in and the dealership called because I had inquired about the 30th anniversary TA. It was red (I had only seen black or white before) , a convertible with a 12 CD option, and 6 speed. Then to top that off - I turned 41! When all of these factors collide plus the rumor the TA may becoming extinct I had to buy. The car is stock and does not see rain. The car gets stronger every time out or maybe I'm getting braver. The TA has 6000 miles after almost 2 years and turns heads everywhere I go. Now after seeing your site I wish I had a red '73 SD too. Thanks, your site is great!"

- Rich Miller



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Silver Firebird (125386 bytes)

Silver Firebird (94920 bytes)

Silver Firebird (140364 bytes)
Susan Castelvecchi owns this stunning silver Firebird. Susan writes:


 Since I sent in Pics of my 1971 Firebird and they were posted on your web site, I've had a lot of changes with my Firebirds.  I was driving the 1971 for about 2 years, and nothing else. We did move to a new house and My Bird got a garage to live in, but I was putting on lots of miles.  So naturally I needed a newer car to drive daily.  So what else could I purchase but a new Firebird?  So, I purchased a 1999 Firebird.  It isn't exactly what I wanted, I couldn't find what I wanted.  I wanted a 5 speed, Formula, I got an automatic and no Formula, I did get the T-tops.  I purchased it used last June and it is a great car to drive every day.  I pull out the 71 on nice days and drive it, because I miss driving it.  Both birds share the garage, so that is my Bird Garage.  When we moved we had the house built with 2 garages, one 2 car and one 4 car garage.  In our car collection we now have 10 cars, 4 are Birds."

Susan also owns a 1971 Formula that can be seen at '71 Firebirds Lot#2 and a 1972 Firebird that can be seen at Project Firebirds Lot#3.



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Black Trans Am (78418 bytes)

Black Trans Am (85258 bytes)

Black Trans Am (63330 bytes)

Black Trans Am (72354 bytes)
Andrew Camp owns this beautiful black Trans Am. Andrew's Trans Am comes with the following equipment:

5.7L LS1
Fast Toys Ram Air
MTI Clear Lid and Holly Filter
6-Speed Manual tranny w/Hurst Shifter
Magnaflow Exhaust
Bilstein Shocks
Eibach Springs
SLP Sway Bars 35MM Front 21MM Rear
Hotchkis Strut Tower Brace
Kenny Brown Double Diamond Sub frame Connectors
BMR Standard Adjustable Torque Arm
LCAs & Relo Brackets
Panhard Rod
Chrome 18" Y2K Vette Rims
285/35/Zr18 Nitto 555 Extreme
Clear Side Markers
Red Aluminum shift knob with bird engraved on top! YAY

Upcoming Mods:
Heated Seat inserts (yet to be installed)
Powerslot front and rear rotors (on order)
Earl's Steel brake lines (on order)

Andrew's fastest 1/4 mile time: 13.638 @ 98.465mph



Black Formula (118915 bytes)

Black Formula (183066 bytes)

Black Formula (83258 bytes)

Black Formula (80183 bytes)

Black Formula (177507 bytes)
"Ram Air Ron" owns the beautiful black WS6 Formula. Ron writes:

     "This car is 1 of 20 made for 1999, and 1 of only 235 made with the "1LE option package" by Pontiac in 12 years of production! These cars were made for SCCA autocross racing. Like the COPO cars of the 60's, the 1LE option was GM's last race package for the F-Body cars! The production #'s of the 1LE cars are lower than the COPO cars, making these cars very rare and priceless!! The 1LE option, is a standard equipment delete option. No power windows, door locks, seats, mirrors, or antenna. It upgrades the suspension of the WS6 to thicker sway bars, better springs, stiffer control arm bushings, and dual adjustable Koni shocks. This car was dyno tested 9/19/02. The best run was 313.7 HP, and 331.6 ft-lbs torque. Not bad for being 100% stock!! I'd like to see what it would do with 100+ MPH wind blowing through the Ram Air package!!"

Ron is the webmaster for his own site called Ron's 1999 WS6 1LE
Check out Ron's Dyno information below:
99fr10.6.jpg (56267 bytes) 99fr10.7.jpg (87481 bytes)



Black Trans Am (195452 bytes)

Black Trans Am (209266 bytes)

Black Trans Am (192062 bytes)

Black Trans Am (218288 bytes)

Black Trans Am (256904 bytes)

Black Trans Am (300897 bytes)
Joe Rake owns this awesome Black & Gold WS6 Trans Am. Very few cars on this site qualify for 6 pics but I thought this one did. It looks very similar to a Hurst Firebird but this is a very well dressed Trans Am. Joe writes:

     "This is my baby...  I've had 3 others, a 1979 Bandit Ta, a 1980 Turbo, and a 1980 Nascar Edition... but this is my favorite!  It's a 1999 WS-6, Ram Air TA.  I bought it from a guy that had one too many speeding tickets.  He sold it to me for $14,000. I've since had it appraised for $26,000... What a bargain!  It's pretty much stock, with the exception of a set of Flowmasters, SLP performance headers, and a K&N Air filter.   It'll do the quarter in 13.4 seconds @108 mph. I've had it dyno'd at @370HP (Did I mention it has 83000 miles on it?).  Its a daily driver; nice days anyway.  It's a lot of fun... and well worth the purchase price."



Blue Trans Am (107,275 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (54,937 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (52,612 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (49,423 bytes)
Cody Hiler owns this bright blue Texas Trans Am. Cody writes:

     "I purchased this 1999 Medium Blue Metallic Trans Am in March of 2001.  I saw it in Dallas, TX on Showcase Chevrolet's pre-owned lot, but I was not looking for a car at the time.  I drove it home a week later.  After only a few days of ownership, my friends had dubbed the car "Smurf TA".  1999 was the only year GM offered this color on the F Body.
***I'm still searching for production numbers of MBM Trans Ams so please help!***
This is the 5th car I have owned, all 5 of which have been Firebirds. The 4 previous cars were a Black 1995 Firebird V6, a Yellow 1979 Trans Am, a Red 1992 Formula L98, and a Red 1996 Formula.  I've had a blast learning about all of them.
Even with 2 trips to Las Vegas, 2 trips to Florida, and a few trips around Texas under Smurf TA's belt, the clock only reads 62,000 miles. This number is fairly insignificant, due to the freshly rebuilt 346 ci LS1 under the hood and other new parts.  Just south of the Hoover Dam, the stock 4L60E Automatic slowly began to die after a harsh drive from Texas. By the time we reached Las Vegas, it was time for a new transmission. With the help of the Las Vegas F Body Association, the car was cruising the Vegas Strip the very next evening!  2 weeks later, I drove it to Florida to spend the rest of my summer there.  The stock engine let go in my girlfriend's driveway. Oil starvation from the weak factory oil pump and hard driving caused the original motor to blow at only 51,000 miles.
I trailered the car back to Texas, and after 11 months Smurf TA came to life once again.  I missed rowing through the gears of my 1996 Formula, and with the engine and transmission out of the car I figured that this was a good time to swap transmissions. With the knowledge I have soaked up over the past 6 years, the help of a lot of friends and family members, and the numerous parts discounts, I have gone a bit crazy with this car!

Rebuilt 1999 LS1 Shortblock
Prepped and Balanced by Hans Feustel
Racing Engines
Sealed Power Rings, FM HP Bearings, ARP Rod Bolts
LS6 Oil Pump
1998 Ported Heads - Stock Valve Size
Isky Valve Springs, Lunati Titanium Retainers
MTI Hardened Pushrods
MTI 'T1' Comp Cam - 221/221 .559/.559 112 LSA
2001 LS6 Intake
MTI Clear Air Lid with K & N Air Filter
Shaner S2 Ported Throttle Body
ASP Pulley
EGR and AIR Removed
LS1 Edit Tuning
Eclipse 7002 Receiver, 5.8" Display Screen
Eclipse 8-Disc CD Changer
Panasonic DVD Player
Harlan Shift Light
Valentine 1 Radar Locator- Direct Wired
Hooker Long Tube Headers - Jet Hot Coated
Random Tech 3" Bullet-style Cats
Custom Dual 3" Exhaust with X Pipe by Chris Marsh at
Dynomax Bullet Mufflers
6-Speed Conversion - 2000 T56
SPEC Stage IV Clutch and Aluminum Flywheel
Pro 5.0 Shifter
2002 GM Rear Axle - 3.42 Gears
Energy Suspension Poly Tranny and Torque Arm Mounts
Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs
SLP Bilstein Shocks and Struts
LCA Relocation Brackets
Spohn Adjustable Panhard Bar
ROH 'ZS' 17 x 9.5" Wheels
BFG G-Force T/A 275.40.17 Tires
SLP Subframe Connectors
Silver Exterior Badging
2002 CE Trans Am Silver Bird Tail Light Center Panel
MacEwen Motorsports Silver Gauge Overlays
MBA Products Anodized Blue Shift Knob



Blue Trans Am (46,795 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (37,048 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (33,513 bytes)

Blue Trans Am (36,959 bytes)
This very special 1999 Trans Am convertible is owned by a long standing member of the Firebird Gallery Chris Phillip. Chris is the owner of the very first Firebird produced for the 1999 model year. This VIN #00001 features Code 20 Medium blue exterior, slate gray interior, the mandatory LS1 350 motor and thanks to prayers the factory built this Vin #00001 with a 6-speed manual transmission.



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