The 1997 Pontiac Firebird, Formula & Trans Am 


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Bob Morgan owns this convertible Trans Am. Ordered in October of 1996 it was finally  delivered in April of 1997 and in his own words, "was worth the wait". Bob wasn't fooling around either when the order was placed. Almost every option to be had was checked off including the Ram Air WS6 package, power seats, 12-disc CD changer, 16" chrome wheels and a factory alarm to name a few. With the WS6 package this convertible comes with 305hp 5.7L and with the addition of a 6-speed tranny I think Bob's gonna get about all the wind in his face he can stand. Bob writes:

"6 speed stick, 1800rpm at 76mph!"

Planned upgrades/mods for the future are 17" wheels (as if the 16s aren't big enough already!!), a better suspension, and a supercharger!!

Bob also owns a cherry 1974 Formula 350. He's the original owner and has completely restored it. It can be seen a '74 Firebirds Lot#1. In addition he also owns and road races a 1999 Firehawk that can be seen at Road Racing Firebirds Lot#1.

Recently Bob sent me these two new pics of his Trans Am in action at the race track. Bob writes:

"(2nd Image) My first open road race in Nevada, September 1999. I was in the 110 mph class. The timed event covers 90 miles of closed public highway in central Nevada, HWY 318.

(Last Image) My first day racing the 1997 Trans Am. I happened to go off track in front of the track photography as well as my wife who was video taping the race."



Brynnda, the webmaster for owns this white hot Trans Am. Brynnda writes:

     "I've known of the site for a long time, bout time there was one place to see everything. I'm the owner of, launched Feb 22 06. I've been into Trans Ams since I was 16. I have a '97 WS6 Trans Am, its a nice car and I'd love to see it in the Gallery. I'm the 3rd owner, it was a dealer car for a while and sold to a lady in Utah, then sold to my friend and bought as a wedding present from my husband :). I affectionately named her "Amber", and most car related forums know her as such (LS1Tech, Firebird Nation, WS6Racing, FuelSlut, UFBA, etc.). When I got her she was artic white with black decals, she's a real WS6 car, not a clone.

Here's a full grocery mod list:
Performance mods
PCM for Less tune
LT4 Intake
SLP Shorty headers
LT4 heads
Throttle Body bypass
Manual electric fans
SLP Strut Tower brace
K&N Air & Oil filter
160* thermostat
Air foil
Tranny cooler
1.6 RR's
3200 Stall
Oil Cooler
02 Simulators
Exhaust Cutout
Zexal Firehawk carrier
3:73 gears
Magnaflow exhaust
Kuhmo Ecsta Supra tires
Hurst Line Lock
Piller pod
Tranny temp and Oil temp gauge
Pioneer deck with Orion subs and Q-logic custom sub box
Drivetrain safety loop (not really accessory, but I didn't know
     where else to list it)

Exterior mods
Blue headlights
Euro-Dezigns Xenon blue foglights
Navy blue metallic decals
Clear corner markers
Clear rear bumper markers
Gloss black painted calipers w/silver Trans Am decal White
      filler panel overlay
Swapped the stock red WS6 badge for a blue anniversary
     WS6 badge

Planning on a cam, which I have but haven't put in yet, also changing all red interior lights to blue LED's. The pic with the F-22 raptor isn't one I expected you to use, just a cool pic. My husband is active duty Air Force here at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas and the general let me drive on the flight line and park next to a 22 raptor. Its been photo-shopped, there was a fence between us that was removed, but she's really settin' next to it. I'd love to see my car in the gallery, thank you so much for your time!"

Brynnda Nicklin



This convertible Trans Am is owned by Tom Clark. Tom writes:

     "1997 Ram Air Convertible w/ WS6. Original AZ car now in NY. No winters or rain. 72,000 miles. 100% stock other than some decals (windshield, nose bird, rear bird and inlay, door emblems)."

thanks, Tom Clark
Clifton Park, NY



Holly Wilbanks owns this 1997 Firebird and has added some personal accents. Holly writes:

     "This is my 1997 Firebird. I love it. I am working on making it like new but love the T-Tops especially on a spring like day. Push that pedal down and just GO...THANKS FOR YOUR SITE, LOVE IT."




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