The 1997 Pontiac Firebird, Formula & Trans Am


Silver Firebird A silver Firebird looking ready to drive. Standard 4-way seat adjusters became standard on all models for the '97 year and an electronic instrument panel with analog gauges was also added. Base Firebirds now received a 200hp 3.8L V-6.



Red Ram Air Trans Am  A red WS6 Trans Am. I think this is the best looking model of all the fourth gen cars except maybe.....the '98.



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Black Ram Air Trans Am

Black Ram Air Trans Am

Black Ram Air Trans Am

Black Ram Air Trans Am

Black Ram Air Trans Am
Sulphron is the given nickname of the person that owns this stunning black Trans Am. If you want to know about the nickname you'll have to e-mail and ask him. As for the car it was bought from Jim Harris Pontiac in Warrenton, VA on August 20, 1997 to replace the aging '86 Trans Am he had been driving. A breakdown of its factory equipment follows:
     The WS6 Performance Package which added the Ram Air induction system, 17" aluminum wheels, and P275/40ZR17 Goodyear tires. The prized LT1 5.7L SFI V-8 engine. A 4-speed automatic transmission and Performance rear axle with a 3:23 gear ration. For creature comforts T-Tops, power windows, power door locks, power mirrors and power seats are also included as well as leather seats and a leather wrapped steering wheel. Finally the eardrum annihilating Monsoon 500 watt 10 speaker stereo cassette system complete with a 12 disc CD changer provides some tunes.  
     Planned modifications? Doesn't everybody!? A throttle body air foil, performance computer chip and a K&N Filter are just some of the goodies in store for this bad bird in the near future...



White Trans Am This pic of a cool looking Trans Am was sent in by Jim Scialabba.



Purple Trans Am A convertible version of the purple Trans Am. The actual name for this color is Bright Purple Metallic. Either way you call it this is a good looking car. If your gonna have a convertible I think this is the one to have no matter what color you pick.



Blue Ram Air Formula

Blue Ram Air Formula

A blue Formula with the WS6 package installed. With a base price of only $19,464 the Formula proved to be an excellent option for performance enthusiasts. With this car would could easily afford to add the $2995 WS6 Ram Air package along with a host of interior and exterior goodies. How can you beat a car with 305 horsepower and a 500 watt 10 speaker stereo system with a trunk mounted 10 CD disk changer right off the assembly line. How's that for excitement?!

I currently have no way to corroborate the following information so it is presented here as potentially interesting information, not factual information. If someone can verify this for me let me know. I'm about 98% sure this picture was taken at the Trans Am Nationals and given that Pontiac usually brings a few Firebirds every year I am inclined to believe the information provided. A site visitor, David Ryan, recently sent me the following information about this car:

     "The car shown in the 1997 Firebirds, lot 1 section, 6th car down (blue WS6 Formula) is actually a very rare factory experimental car. It was called the Mongoose, and was a stripper WS6 Formula (hardtop, no stereo, no A/C- used a blockoff plate on the console, no power accessories, plain rubber steering wheel, etc.). It was designed to be the ultimate performance Firebird, getting the weight down as low as possible. 1 or 2 of them were made, but GM decided the limited amount that would be ordered didn't justify offering it as an option. The cars were eventually destroyed.

You can see in the second picture the "Mongoose" lettering on the filler panel between the taillights, as well as the manufacturer's license plate.

The car was featured maybe 2 or 3 years ago in either GM High Tech Performance magazine or High Performance Pontiac, I can't remember which. The knowledge I have of the car came from that article (although I haven't read it in some time). I'll try to find it later on. If you are interested, let me know and I'll give you more accurate information when I can. Just thought you might want to know that those were pictures of a very rare piece of Firebird history. Great website by the way!"



Green Firebird (111718 bytes)

Green Firebird (161388 bytes)

Green Firebird (188780 bytes)

Green Firebird (126242 bytes)

Green Firebird (116201 bytes)
This dark green Firebird is owned by Chad McEvoy. He's got a real Firebird oriented family, his dad owns a red 2002 WS6 Trans Am. Tom sent in the pics and info of his son's car. Tom writes:

Here are some pictures of my son Chad McEvoy's 1997 Firebird. Information as follows:

1997 Firebird
V-6, Automatic Trans
Emerald Green Exterior - new clear coat/base coat paint
Sand cloth interior
17" Crager SS mag wheels on Goodyear 275/60 ZR F1
JVC Sound system w/ 800 W amp and 2-10" subs
Wings West Body Kit
K&N Air Filter

He is adding Flowmaster 80's with quad tips and tailight blackout kit this month. These two cars look awesome together as well.

Best regards,
Tom McEvoy

You can see Tom's Trans Am at the 2002 Firebirds Lot#1.



White Convertible Trans Am (92006 bytes)

White Convertible Trans Am (130360 bytes)

White Convertible Trans Am (73859 bytes)

White Convertible Trans Am (135753 bytes)
This incredible looking Trans Am convertible is owned by Joe Hartley. Joe writes:

     "1997 Trans Am Convertible 
Borla Catback adjustable exhaust
K&N fipk cold air induction
Hypertech Power Programmer w/160 degree thermostat 

Mods soon to come: 
17" wheels
Eibach springs 

Hope these pics are ok. GOD bless you !"

Joe Hartley



Purple Firebird A purple T-Top firebird. I still say this is the coolest color.




This Trans Am was just recently purchased by Paul Mundt. Paul writes:

     "This is a car I just picked up. It is a bone stock/non-molested 97 triple white WS6 Vert w/ 60,000 on it. I love this car, These are the only pics I have of it so far ( I'm sure I'll be getting more later! )."





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