The 1995 Pontiac Firebird, Formula & Trans Am


Black Ram Air Trans Am

Black Trans Am & White Camaro face off!!!
Jeff Goodell is the proud owner of this beautiful black Trans Am. Don't let the hood fool you, this is a '95 Trans Am. Jeff added the Ram Air option himself after the purchase using all factory WS6 parts. Jeff has also performed the following modifications to it:

K&N Filter
Edelbrock Headers
Flowmaster Catback Exhaust
Auto Specialties Crank Pulley
Hypertech Air Foil
Hypertech Power Programmer
GM 4.10 Gears with LPW Rear End Cover
Crane Gold 1.6 Rockers with Crane Double Valve Springs
Hurst Shifter
BFG Drag Radials on an extra set of Factory Wheels

These mods have provided impressive results. Jeff writes:

     "So far, it has run 8.43 @ 83 mph in the eighth mile, which should be around a 12.97 @ 105 mph in the quarter. My goal was to prove that an LT1 f-body can hit 12's without internal engine work (heads, cam etc) or power adders (supercharger or NO2). I think I have reached the goal, but will verify it when I visit a quarter mile track. We have two local eighth mile tracks in the area I live."

E-mail: Jeff Goodell



95ta20.1.jpg (54813 bytes)

95ta20.2.jpg (65907 bytes)

95ta20.3.jpg (67749 bytes)

95_and_84.jpg (88159 bytes)
This black Trans Am is owned by Brendon Vetusky. He recently sent me some new information. Brendon writes:

     "My 1995 , I have owned for 3 years now I have since moved from NJ to CA and have 111,000 miles on it now and it still looks as good as the day I bought it.  I had the trans rebuilt when the synchros went south, and had a Centerforce clutch installed as well as a polyurethane trans mount.  it grabs hard!  I chirp third gear at the drag strip! I have also upgraded the engine with the Hypertech power programmer/ 160 degree thermostat, Airflow Research heads (best mod yet), SLP underdrive pulley, an SLP cat back exhaust, a home made cold air induction kit with a K&N air filter (much cheaper than spending $150 for an aftermarket kit).  I have relocated the air temp sensor (a cool trick from as well as installed a 50 cent resistor to fool the "CAGS" (another cool, cost saving tip from  
i have installed a Hurst shifter and the SLP/ Hurst shifter knob. Other mods include the coolant temp bypass and I have upgraded the springs and front sway bar to genuine WS-6 items.  The car runs and drives great ,and is every bit as fast as the new Ram Air LS1 babies (stock, of course) Ask the guy on the 405 with one who couldn't get away from me the other night...  My next series of mods include headers - it's time to complete the exhaust and 3:73 gears with an LS1 aluminum driveshaft.  Not bad for a daily driver..."

Brendon also owns a 1984 Trans Am, depicted in the fourth picture, that can be seen at '84 Lot#1 and is currently working on restoring a 1968 Firebird that can be seen in the Firebird Projects Lot#3.



Black Trans Am (60411 bytes)

Black Trans Am (74931 bytes)
Rodney Alexander owns this midnight black Trans Am. 
Current setup:
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) Black
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) PiAA 910 - 110Watt ion Crystal Driving lights
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) Budnik - Helix 17X9.5 Wrap with Goodyear GSC
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) Sony Head & CD CHG
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) (50x4 ch) (2x300 ch) PPi Amps
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) MB Quartz RSB 6 1/2 component Front, RSB 6 1/2
     coaxial Mid Panel and Factory Rear (2) Polk Audio
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) Bell Radar
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) Nokia Cell Phone
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) Clifford Security intelli guard 800
Future Upgrades:
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) 2000 Trans Am
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) Navy blue, Bright Silver or Black
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) 18X9.5 Budnik Pentacle or Kahn designs
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) Eibach Springs
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) PiAA 910 Clear 135 Watt Driving lights! DAM!
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) Suncoast Ram Air Hood
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) Soundstream Amps
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) MB Quartz Components
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) JL Audio Sub (3) 8W6 yeah 8 inchers! Do the math    
 8X3=24, 2X12=24 the 8's are moving the same amount of  
 air as two 12"
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) Deep Cycle Battery
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) 200 Amp Alternator
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) Clifford G4 or Avital Security w/remote start
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) Nokia Mobile/Portable Cell Phone
bb_bk.gif (1012 bytes) My Guardian Angel "Bell Electronics" Radar detector :)



Red Trans Am (50347 bytes)

Red Trans Am (55694 bytes)

Red Trans Am (41753 bytes)

Red Trans Am (48918 bytes)

Engine (38874 bytes)
These racing stripes are not delivering false promises of performance as with so many of today's production cars. James Adams owns this Trans Am. Here's the specs:
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Bored .30 over
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Moroso pan
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Lunati crank
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Oliver rods
9push.gif (1016 bytes)JE pistons
9push.gif (1016 bytes)CNC LT4 ported heads
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Manley stainless valves
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Crane 1.6 lifters
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Lingenfelter cam
9push.gif (1016 bytes)LT4 intake manifold, port matched
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Accel 36 lb/hr injectors
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Paxton AFPR
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Arizona speed & marine 58mm Throttle body
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Crane ignition system
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Mac headers
9push.gif (1016 bytes)McCleod twin-disc clutch w/ aluminum flywheel
9push.gif (1016 bytes)6-spd manual w/ Hurst shifter
9push.gif (1016 bytes)1LE drive shaft
9push.gif (1016 bytes)12 bolt rear w/ 3.73 gears, ABS functional
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Hurst line-lock (roll control

9push.gif (1016 bytes)Hotchkiss sway bars
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Hotchkiss pan hard rod
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Eibach coils (2" drop)
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Billinstien shocks
9push.gif (1016 bytes)iRS torque arm
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Poly bushings
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Custom 1 1/4" steel bracing on undercarriage
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Baer 13" kit
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Carbon pads
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Stainless braided line

9push.gif (1016 bytes)Stock T/A wheels
9push.gif (1016 bytes)BFG's ZR T/A's
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Mac headers
9push.gif (1016 bytes)-=no cats=-
9push.gif (1016 bytes)4" pipe
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Hooker aero-chamber muffler
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Dual-quad 3" chrome outs.
9push.gif (1016 bytes)12 coats GM bright red, 10 clears.
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Dual white stripes added, nose to tail.
9push.gif (1016 bytes)White "Trans Am" logo's added
9push.gif (1016 bytes)"Pontiac" filled in with white.
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Wood-dash inlays
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Radar detector (very hand

James writes:

    "This car is amazing. it was originally supercharged with an ATi blower, making a heart-stopping 650hp! Enough to rocket to 60mph in under 4 seconds. it is running naturally aspirated now, but still turning out a good 450 horse to the rear. The suspension makes it a blast to take country roads at insane speeds, without the slightest hint of breaking the tires loose! She sounds like a NASCAR stock car, and that ultra-shiny paint makes it a real head turner! This is my 4th F-body, my second T/A. The car currently is 5 years old, with about 22,750 loving-miles on it.

Future plans/awaiting install:
9push.gif (1016 bytes)ZR-1 11" wheels
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Alpine CD & speaker system
9push.gif (1016 bytes)N.O.S system (up to 300hp adj.) w/ Jacobs mastermind controller
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Scanmaster LT1 monitor unit
9push.gif (1016 bytes)5pt (just the rear) roll bar system w/ Simpson harnesses
9push.gif (1016 bytes)Ram-Air style (or "Predator" style) hood

Well, that's about it. What can I say, I love my T/A! it has outrun many a C5, totally killed a Venom 550 Viper on the drag strip, and I have actually gone up against a few F355 Ferrari's. For all the power it makes, it is still very easy to drive, and actually makes traffic enjoyable! Was a easy 10-second car in full trim, full interior. Drive it down, race and drive home!"




Mike Gonzalez owns this white Firebird. Mike writes:

     "Hello, i'm a really big big fan of your site and I wanted to see if I could get my Firebird up there =). i'm an 18 year old community College student in Hialeah, Florida, going to the Police academy and am a GiANT Firebird/Trans Am fan, heck I love every form of Firebird there ever was, from the Daytona Pace car to the Fire Am. My dad owned 2 Trans Ams in his teenage years, a '72 Boss Bird and a '79 Trans Am which where both plain white with a blue stripe. I begged my dad to let me have one just like his, but since gas is terrible and money is tight, I had to settle for my 1995 Firebird. Don't get me wrong, it may only have 165 Horse Power but I toast anyone and everyone I get near with it! How? That's for me to know ;D. Thanks again, I attached a picture of my car, which I named Roxy."

Thanks dad!!!



Robert Meidam owns this highly modified '95 Trans Am. Robert writes:

     "I bought this car 5 years ago with only 47,000 miles on it. At the time, it was a completely stock, fully loaded T/A including leather, T-Tops and a 6spd. The following year I had the car repainted and installed a Ram Air hood and air box along with '99 style taillights and the rear center piece from an '02 T/A. If you're wondering if my car was in wreck because of the upgrades it was not. These were upgrades I wanted to add to give it the look I desired. After these few upgrades I decided on some graphics so I installed a set of 30th Anniversary graphics. I then decided on a cam upgrade so I had the LT4 HotCam installed along with a short throw shifter. Finally I decided on a wheel upgrade as well. I decided to go with 18" TorqueThrust II wheels wrapped in BFG SuperSport's. I also installed a 3" stainless steel catback Magnaflow Exhaust system. My car only has 56,000 on it at this point and next for it is the Hurst stripe from the '97 Hurst Firebird Formula. My car is only driven on warm sunny days and doesn't see any rain or the brutal Wisconsin winters we have. When I have the stripe on I will send an updated pic of it."

Robert recently added a custom center stripe to the TA (pics 4 & 5).



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