The 1984 Pontiac Firebird, Firebird S/E & Trans Am


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Matt Whiteley owns this modified HO Trans Am. Matt writes:

Just wondering if you would like to add mine to your gallery. I figured I'd supply you with what I have:

2nd owner of vehicle
Year: 1984
Make: Pontiac
Model: Trans Am
Motor: 305 L-69 H.O.
Transmission: TH-700R4
Rear end gear: 3.73

Current Mods
Hooker cat-back exhaust
K&N air filter
Gutted catalytic converter
B&M megashifter
5% tint all the way around
Black light interior accent lights
Fog lights installed in grille
Sony Xplod head unit
Sony Xplod 760watt amp
2 12" MTX 4000 series subwoofers
2 Polk 6x9's

1/4 mile times: 14.7 @ 92mph (with mods previously mentioned)



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This Trans Am is owned by Lee Edgar. Lee writes:

     "Hello! Your Firebird Gallery website is GREAT!! There is no question that you are THE internet authority on firebirds! Thank you for your time in putting together such a great resource. In a separate email to your "webmaster" address, I included some good Firebird links for you. It would be a pleasure if you would include my Trans Am on your webpage (1982-1992 listing). I have attached some recent pictures (much clearer when loaded at 100%) and a description below:
Though my Trans Am doesn’t have amazingly low miles or other incredible features as many of the beautiful Firebirds on this website, it has been cherished by its owners and well-maintained in its original condition. What makes this car stand out is that after 187,000 miles and a lifetime as a daily driver, it still looks and drives great…it has aged with grace! I purchased my 1984 Trans Am as a sophomore in college in 1997 from a middle aged woman who had owned the car since 1987. There were two previous owners in the car’s first three years. With 110,000 miles, I knew it was a risk...but it looked sharp and the price was right at $1,500. It has a 305 ci LG4 V8, ram air, T-tops, nearly every option offered and an immaculate two-tone grey interior. The white/black trim retains a beautiful luster despite some rust on the lower portions of the body. Since buying the car 6 years ago, I have driven it rain/snow/shine and 75,000 still looks just as sharp as always. This Trans Am stands as a testament to the practicality and versatility of Pontiac Firebirds that are well-maintained and loved by their owners. Though I recently graduated with my civil engineering degree and bought the Corvette I have dreamed of since childhood…I still have my Trans Am and will only let it go to a Firebird enthusiast who has the sincere desire and capability to preserve this Trans Am that has truly experienced life on the freeway."




Joe Frankowski owns this VERY nice NOT so low-mileage original '84 Trans Am and the beautiful black '98 Trans Am. Joe writes:

     "My Name is Joe Frankowski. I am currently the president of the Trans Am Club of America Bucks County Chapter. I have more pics of my Trans Ams but can't locate them right now. The '84 has over 180,000 miles with the '98 at 94,000 miles."




Artie Vincent owns this great looking Trans Am. Artie writes:

     "I  found this 1984 Trans Am on the roadside in February of 2001 with a 4 sale sign on it and no price. There was snow still on the ground from a previous snowstorm. The owner happened to see me and approached me and asked if  I  was interested.  I  said yes. When  I  asked how much, he said a grand. I remarked that I had $800 dollars cash available. He replied okay. I gave him 20 bucks to hold it and said I would be back within the hour. Returning home, I told my wife that I had found another Trans Am and I bought it. We drove back to the T/A with cash in hand and plates to drive it home. The owner told me he had bought it for his wife back in 1992. She loved the car but was always getting speeding tickets. Her license was suspended therefore the car had to go. The vehicle inspection sticker was dated 4/95. He tried to sell in the six years but no bites. It was a 5-spd and nobody wanted it.
So it kept being put in the backyard and then put out front. He finally got tired of moving it and just left out front through the winter. The tires were up and the battery was strong enough to start it. Off we went. It drove great except for a frozen caliper. Once home, in the weeks to come I began to take care of business, mainly getting it to be mechanically sound. The paint was kind of bad, had no rust and the interior needed a little TLC. I've had Firebirds and Trans Ams' ever since I was 21 yrs old. I'm now 60 and this is the last one, I love it. It came with no T-Tops, A/C, pwr windows/locks, 5.0HO, 5-spd, cruise, 4 wheel disc, and 3:73 gears, split rear seat, the list goes on. It had a repaint code 27 but it's more Navy Blue Metallic than the original Royal Blue Metallic. Eventually,  I  plan to do the interior over and pull the 5.0 out for a rebuild. Mileage to
date is just over 150,000 miles. At some point, I plan to do a PHS. Being a member of the Little Rhody Pontiac Chapter of POCI, it has gone to weekly cruise nights and has taken second and third place trophies at Pontiac and GMC car shows. Hope others enjoy viewing my T/A as much as  I  enjoy driving it every day."



Leah Keeney owns this black and gold Trans Am. Leah writes:

      "I purchased this beautiful 1984 Trans Am from an older couple of which the elderly gentleman passed away and the wife had to sell the car. This car only has 70,000 original miles on her!!!!! What a find. It smells new, drives like new, and almost looks like new- showroom quality! I love this car so much it just sits in the garage. I am afraid of anyone hitting her or scratching it. I get it out occasionally in the good weather. The people who had it bought it new in Portland, OR. She is black and gold and absolutely fully loaded as they come! The interior still smells new. This car is worth a considerable more than I paid for it I know, by checking the nada old car book."

Leah Keeney



This nicely restored '84 Trans Am belongs to Brad Rivera. Brad writes:

     "Purchased the car in 2006. Found it in a field dirty and neglected. The rear spoiler came from a Lamborghini concept. Added the rear louvers, rims and tires and Flowmaster exhaust. 1984 trans am really turns a lot of heads its a joy to drive."



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