The 1984 Pontiac Firebird, Firebird S/E & Trans Am


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This pristine example of an '84 Trans Am is owned by Ronald. It has only 31,000 original miles on the odometer. Quite an achievement for a 14 year old car. Ron is the original owner and retains the original bill of sale and invoices. Its optioned heavily with every option available for the '84 model year including a set of factory installed dual low frequency subwoofer speakers, an AM/FM ETR stereo with cassette and auto reverse, an integral 5-band graphic equalizer, an integral digit clock, electronic seek and scan tuning, a set of dual front and rear acoustically matched speakers and a power antenna. 

E-mail: Ronald



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Chad Hollis owns this early 3rd gen Trans Am. Chad writes:

    "I bought this 1984 Trans Am last year for only $200!   When I found it, it was sitting under a shade tree with half flat tires and a dead battery.  I asked the guy what he wanted for it, and I coughed up the $200 we was willing to take for it.  I then put a quart of oil and transmission fluid in it and a fresh battery, and drove off with it!  It had an idle problem, which was solved by a new fuel filter.  I really didn't know exactly how good of a car I had, even though the overdrive was slipping, brakes squealing, and the exhaust was leaking.  After checking it over I found:

4 wheel disc brakes
305 was a High Output
Power windows, locks, steering, hatch release, and air conditioning all
worked (after I replaced some fuses)

     I have since then replaced the exhaust and brakes, and installed a 700R4 overdrive with a shift kit, and a Edelbrock 4 bbl carb and a few other chrome accessories.  A nice Kenwood and Pioneer system rocks my T/A down the road, too.   Overall, I have under $1,000 invested in this car, and it is still my dependable daily driver.  The only thing I have in mind for this car in the future is a new paint job."



Red Trans Am

Red Trans Am

Red Trans Am

Red Trans Am
Brendon Vetusky is the proud owner of this bright red Trans Am. Brendon writes:

    "I've had the '84 since I was in HS back in 1991. I basically sat while I went to college, and during that time I replaced the lg4 305 with a 1975 Chevy 350 .030 over. It is 9:1 comp, it has an Edelbrock carb, intake and full exhaust. The spark comes from an Accel HEI super coil through Accel plugs and wires. The spark is controlled by an MSD ignition module and re-curve kit. Further mods include a reduced crank pulley and 3 row radiator. cold air is fed in through a (quickly built) box to re-utilize the factory air induction. The factory set up will not fit anymore. Exterior mods include an aero wing and taillights form an '86 Trans Am. Future mods will be the suspension and body."

Brendon also owns a stunning black '95 Trans Am, depicted in the fourth pic on the left, that can be seen at the '95 Lot#2 and is currently attempting to restore a '68 Firebird that can be seen in the Firebird Projects Lot#3.



Brown Trans Am

Brown Trans Am

Brown Trans Am

Brown Trans Am
Bill Loughlin cruises the Florida coastline in this cool Trans Am. Bill writes:

     "Finding and buying this 1984 Trans Am was the culmination of a dream of mine that I have had since Knight Rider first began airing. I found the car on my way home one December night in 1997 just after graduating college. It looked so lonely sitting on a used car lot, I decided immediately that it needed a good home and picked it up a couple of days later. It is still as I bought it, completely bone stock. It came equipped with the LG-4 motor, 700R4, power steering, brakes, windows and air conditioning. Unfortunately it does not have the WS-6 package. As funds permit, I intend to fully restore the body from the bare metal up, repainting it 96 Camaro dark green with the original gold wheels, graphics and pin striping. The engine will be replaced in favor of a MFI 350 (ohc if I can find one), and I plan to upgrade the suspension and brakes to something nicer. As soon as I make these changes, I will send updates along with the pictures to prove it."    

E-mail: Bill Loughlin



Red HO Trans Am

Red HO Trans Am

Red HO Trans Am

Red HO Trans Am
This incredible Trans Am is owned by Dennis Jurkiw. Dennis bought it brand new with every available option and its only got 2,700 miles on the odometer. Amazing!! Dennis writes:

    "I ordered this car in 1984 with every available option. It is a HO with posi-rear end, 4-speed automatic with functional ram air hood scoop. It was also the last year Pontiac titled the car as a Trans Am. Now they are titled as a Firebird with the Trans Am option. The car only has 2,700 miles on it. Its a long story why it only has that many miles on it."

                                          Dennis J. Jurkiw



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This Trans Am is owned by Daniel Griffiths. Daniel writes:

     "I bought a 1984 Trans Am last fall as a project car for my sons and I. It had been black with gold stripes originally but someone had painted it dark green by the time I found it. The body was in good shape but desperately in need of a paint job since the green was peeling off. The car has a 5.0 HO engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. It runs out really nice and handles like a dream (after all, it is a T/A) After fixing a few small problems with the front end we sanded it down, fixed the parking-lot dings and got it ready to paint. It has 3 coats of primer which I sanded down smooth. Then the upper body was painted with 2 coats of metal flake silver. That was covered with 3 coats of candy-apple red with sequins in the paint. The lower body was painted black, then ghost flamed with silver pearl, and covered with 3 coats of clear with sequins in it. The whole car was then sprayed with 3 coats of clear epoxy so I could color sand it to a mirror finish. The rear window louver was painted to match the lower body. It looks really nice on cloudy days, but bursts into color in the sunshine."



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Trace Manning owns this gray Firebird SE. Trace writes:

     "I got this car about 5 months ago for $1,400 and it only had a few minor problems, such as the headlight motors had died and the Carbon Canister was gone. Still a very good deal in my opinion, since I have always wanted an '82 - '86 Firebird. But the true joy of this car didn't come until I looked under the hood a realized this engine wasn't the V-6 the VIN said it should have been, it had a 350 ci V-8 from a 70's vette which really gives this car some punch. The quarter mile time for this beauty is 11.95 seconds (that's when you start the clock after the car has stopped squealing). All in all I'm an 18 year old with his dream car. You just gotta love the Firebird."



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Lee Katz owns this metallic gray Trans Am. Lee writes:

     "From the time I was 16 years old and saw "Smokey and the Bandit" in the theater for the first time, I knew I had to have a Trans Am. I bought my T/A new in 1984. Other than a few modifications, the car is basically stock. The paint, engine and drive train are all, basically original. I have installed a burlwood dash, replaced the stock rims with a set of aftermarket American racing wheels with the knockoffs, modified the exhaust by replacing the stock catalytic converter with a free flow one, then straight pipes back to a set of Ansa resonators. We also modified the rear by installing a posi unit, and replaced the stock gears with a set of 3:42 gears. After 18 years she still gets up and goes and still turns quite a few heads."



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Carl Cartwright owns this cool looking Trans Am. Carl writes:

     "My name is Carl Cartwright. I have a 1984 Silver Trans Am. I purchased it in 1985 with 15,000 miles on it. Just recently I had the custom front end added for a more futuristic look. Also, the Hi-Tech wheels have been re-manufactured and look like new. My Trans Am has power mirrors, power windows, power door locks, power driver's seats, electronic trunk release, air conditioner, Clarion Am/Fm CD player. The engine was replaced with a brand new factory 5.0 liter high output engine in 1995. It has 50,000 miles on it. It has a 5 speed manual transmission. I still drive it everyday but will be purchasing a new car in a year or so and will retire this one to the car show circuit once I have the interior in pristine shape. Thanks for taking the time to read..."




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Bill Rittichier shares his first High School transportation with us. Bill writes:

     "Hello there,

I'm sending you some pictures of my car in hopes of you putting it on your awesome site. You have my former gray 301 V8 T-top '81 Trans Am on the site but I sold it a while ago. You may take it down if you wish. Anyway, here's a little about my somewhat unique firebird.
Its a 1984 Firebird with factory LQ9 2.5L 151 cu. in. inline 4 cylinder and a 5 speed manual transmission. I purchased this car as a senior in high school for only $500! It needed a new fuel pump and battery to get it running again. I have replaced a great deal of parts on it but have maintained it stock.
I didn't even know that the Firebird recieved a four cylinder and to tell you the truth I didn't care. I was 18, naive, and needing some wheels and it was only $500!. This car had style and the Firebird looks I was wanting. We towed it home and started to clean it up. This car has been an ongoing project and I have contemplated pulling the 4 and dropping in an 8. I have yet to do that and as I continue to drive and own this car I feel I will leave it alone. Having a 4 cylinder firebird is somewhat of a disgrace but this car and I have been through a lot together and I have grown attached to the little engine that could.  I am currently on the lookout for some performance mods for the IRON DUKE motor and hope to boost some numbers out of it.  I plan on going over the car front to back and fix the problem areas and get it to a respectable show quality.
I love popping the hood at a show and seeing the responses of people passing by. This car is unique and I don't want to make it into just another v8 firebird that gets lost in the mix. I have added 93 Camaro bucket seats, WS6 sway bars, 87 Formula rims, and other little odds and ends. Love the site! Keep up the great work."

Bill R.



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