The 1979 Pontiac Firebird, Formula & Trans Am


A blue Trans Am with T-Tops and some great looking chrome rims. For the first time since its introduction a non-Pontiac motor served as the standard power plant for the Trans Am. The Oldsmobile 403 that had been offered in previous years and had been mandatory for California cars was now the standard engine installed in the Trans Am. However Pontiac held on and offered two Poncho motors as options. The first was the anemic and ill-fated 4.9L (301) V-8. The second was the 6.6L W72 (400). The W72 motors were actually leftovers blocks manufactured during the '78 model year expressly for this purpose.



Charlotte Cydrus owns this light blue Formula. Charlotte writes:

     "My name is Charlotte Cydrus and this is my 1979 Pontiac Firebird Formula. Its my first car that I bought by putting a note on the cars windshield and hoping the owner would sell it. At first he called and said he wasn't selling but a couple months later he called out of nowhere and said he was needing to sell the car and was I interested?? Of course I bought it and it was my first car!! I was 18 and I always wanted a Firebird because my mom had two when I was little. She had a Smoky and The Bandit edition and a 1978 yellow Formula. My car has the original 301 motor in it. She has been ran hard but someday I hope to get her totally restored. I never have any problems though. There isn't anything special about the car to normal people but it is my dream car because I LOVE Firebirds like everyone else on this site!!"



James Myers own this Formula. James writes:

     "Hello I'm James Myers and this is my 1979 Firebird Formula. I bought this car in 1996 for $350.00 it was very tired and very trashed. Originally this car was purchased new in North Carolina and was black on black with the yellow and orange W50 formula striping. The idea was to strip it, and build it for fun on the round track, but during the stripping I seen that it was actually in better shape than it looked, so the project went a completely different direction. After 12 years of working on it, here she is. I drive the car on the weekends and of course I baby her. Adding a little new to the outside I tinted the windows, and used the 1998 Formula fender emblems, and the five spoke rims. The inside is all brand new. I rebuilt the 1975 400 block that was in the car when I bought it, bored out .30 w/ flat-tops, rebuilt and ported / polished the heads, added headers and dual exhaust, high rise intake and a 780cfm carb, MSD ignition, 4 row radiator and transmission cooler, tricked out and redone the turbo 350 tranny, rebuilt the rear-end keeping the same 3:73 gear ratio for my weekend driving, every now and then I'll put a mini spool in the rear for some great Saturday night hole shots. I hope everyone enjoys seeing my car as much as I have enjoyed seeing theirs in this gallery."



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